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Mike(OBD) - An experienced programmer w/ 15 years of software development under his belt. His background includes helping to write Wizards Den for the radio shack CoCo in assembly!

(ASK)Dimmona - A Q2 player since it's introduction who always seems to be in the know in everything game related. His "scoops" have even been mentioned in

(ASK)ZOT----> - A Q2 player since it's introduction and a WOD junky for almost as long. ZOT has been developing software since the days of the original PC. His first introduction to game development came from writing the graphics driver for a space simulation game in assembler back in the days of the old EGA graphics adapter.

Server Config Utility:
(KYAG)Evil - A real maniac when it comes to VB code, his first sampling of WoD was given at the old LOF Battlefield, back in the day when nukes were "in". Turn-on's include: Long walks on the beach, fraggin, and coding.

Webpage Developer:
Ace [MAP] - A professional web & graphic designer who has been in the business for quite some time. He is also a UT/Q2 freak...whos been playing games since his first, "mama". As a profesional in his field, Ace will be a valuable accet to this team.
Check out: The MAP Clan Site

Researcher and playtester:
Dabassi[X] - known for leading one of the top WoD clans and for going from a cable modem to 56k. he cant read or write any code...but he can playtest the dll's and come up with concepts for the code monkeys.


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