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Changes from v0.03 to v1.00:

v1.00 is a big release and is geared towards adding weapons and changing the gameplay. Here is a list of all the changes:

  • New weapon, the "Slug Cannon" aka "The BBG or Big Blue Gun"! This weap is the alternate to the railgun and has all new graphics. It fires two rail slugs instead of one and has blast damage and a strong concussive effect when it hits. Does the same direct damage as the rail (150) but also does a small amount of splash damage. Does not penetrate walls or light peeps on fire like the ultra-rail. This weapon brings back alot of the chaos that was missing in Comp vs WoD.
  • New weapon, the "Disruptor"! This weapon is the alternate to the hyperblaster and fires a particle charge that will dissolve an opponent into molecules. The reload time is the same as the Sniper (long) and a close miss will disorient the player and force him to crouch and puke... the ultimate way to insult an opponent during a deathmatch! Force them to crouch and puke and then rail them in the ass lol!
  • The rocket was modified: It was sped up, but blast radius was reduced allowing for more challenging rocket on rocket battles.
  • The hyperblaster was changed to be similar to the old plasmarifle but it was reworked to be much more interesting. Press the trigger and hang on as this weapon will take you for a ride.
  • The lowly blaster was modified to fire rocket machine gun "mini rockets".
  • New increased bounce physics was added for blast damage from the rocket, bazooka, handgrenade and Slug Cannon. The net effect is more players flying across the map from explosions and more chaos.
  • Fast Weapon Switching.
  • Decoy damage was reduced.
  • Reduced the # of sparks from the ultra-rail by 2/3rds as this was the probable source of some of the connection problems players were having.
  • For insta-gib games removed the dropped weapons after a frag.
  • Changed highscorer annunciator sound so that it won't be confused w/ player chat and also made it less likely to be heard in the map.
  • Unlimmited ammo is now supported as is a new ultra generous ammo_given "spam" setting.

Changes from v0.02 to v0.03:

  • Any weapon can now be used as the one the player is respawned with. The weapon used along w/ the ammo generosity can also be specified on a per map basis. When used w/ the OSP EH maps (see the d/l page) which have no weapon spawn, a server admin running a regular DM server can throw in an occassional rail only map, or rocket only map, or freezer only map, etc. This offers huge flexibility to the server admin for creating some interesting variations that were never possible before. The default weapon can also be picked randomly on every respawn (total chaos) or randomly picked at the beginning of the map.

    Two server parameters were added in the server.cfg file to support this option: "set default_weapon x" where x = 0-19, the desired weapon (0=blaster, ultra-rail =19). "set randomize_weapon x" where x=0,1,2 (0=disabled, 1=randomize once per map 2=randomize on each respawn).

    In addition to those server parameters an optional set of parameters can be added to specific map entries in the maplist to override the global parameters above (which normally apply to all maps).

  • We recognized that this sounds a bit complicated for most people, so we are also releasing a slick Windows program with a built-in wizard to help autogenerate a sophisticated server config file.
  • New text Highscorer annunciator which notifies a player in a innocuous way when they have taken the lead, are tied for the lead or lost the lead. (ala Q3).
  • A server option (set highscorer 1) which will highlight the leading scorer in the game in bright green. This is the HPB's dream come true. An opportunity for everyone to gang up on the leader in the game, in a variation of "catch the chicken" lol.
  • Improvements to the Ultra-Rail: The exploding gibs were made much less laggy and the grazing rail shot algorithm was improved.
  • The power armor was totally reworked. Instead of being another form of invulnerability, it was changed so that it will only save at most 50 damage points on each shot. It also drains energy cells much more rapidly (2 to 1 ratio, so 50 damage point savings will use up 100 energy cells). The graphics were also reworked to give it a totally different effect that some people may remember from the single player games :-)
  • Dimmona's Sniper was further refined. Di's changes were: Total # of richochets 5. Each richochet drops the total damage by 1/2 so the damage is (300, 150, 75, 37, 18). The Sniper still can't kill the shooter although this may change in later releases. New bullet splash effect each time it richochets off of a wall. Sniper won't richochet off of water anymore. On the 5th bounce the sniper explodes and does a small amount of splash damage.

Changes from WOD v6.08 in the Alpha Release (v0.02):

  • Introduction of the new "Ultra Railgun"! This weapon is designed to be the last word in railguns. This baby, shoots through walls! When a wall is penetrated the slug loses all but 1/3rd of its damage making ability but it carries a huge knockback ability. Only one wall is penetrated and not really thick ones at that. Rate of fire and damage (150) has not changed from v6.08 of WOD.
  • New graphics to go along w/ the Ultra Railgun. Players explode w/ sparks and a "Boom!" when they've been gibbed w/ the rail. When a slug hits a wall it showers the entry point in sparks.
  • Razer close misses w/ the railgun now catch the opposing player on fire!
  • Introduction of several new gametypes from within the mod:
    1. Comp Rail Only Insta-Gib! The DM and OSP classic now has a new "Ultra" Comp feel. All items and weapons save the "Ultra Railgun" are banned for minimal lag and rail ammo is unlimmited. Also falling damage is banned.
    2. Comp Rail Only Extinction! Two teams equipped w/ only the rail battle over control of spawn points.
  • Introduction of the new "High Explosive" (HE) grenade and rocket. These weapons do about the same damage as the old flame grenade and flame rocket but don't use flames and are drastically less laggy.
  • New graphics and effects to go along w/ the new HE explosives. The sound is louder, the explosions have been reworked to minimize lag and the sound underwater has been changed to sound like a depth charge (grenade only).
  • Default respawned weapon is the railgun. This makes players dangerous right out of the chute. No more cheap frags from players preying on defenseless fresh spawns. This also allows server admins to add maps w/o weapon spawn (like the OSP rail maps) into their rotation.
  • Respawned Invuln is changed to 1 second from 3 seconds because of the new respawned railgun.
  • Reworked Sniper gun now bounces slugs off of walls. Useful for hitting players around bends and doorways.
  • Modified weapon pickup code. When a weapon is picked up it favors the WoD version instead of the regular Q2 DM one.
  • Reworked Rocket Maching Gun. The new RMG fires at the same rate as the old RMG but the rockets travel 2x as fast resulting in less rockets airborne at any one time which results in less lag. The new velocity of the RMG mini rockets gives the weapon a "jacked up" feel and makes it easier to lead targets. This helps to balance the RMG better w/ respect to the other heavy weapons (bazooka and Rocket Launcher for example).
  • First iteration of weapon balancing: The bazooka was toned down slightly to make it better balanced w/ the other weapons.
  • First iteration of ammo balancing: Ammo given and ammo consumption has been completely redone. A new server settable option has been created which allows ammo given to be set by the admin. Current choices are 1,2,3 for: stingy, normal, and generous.
  • Map selection is now done based on the numbers of players in the game. A server admin can now put all of their maps into the mix and they will only be selected if the number of players connected fits within the proper range.
  • Weapons are no longer fragbanned (although weaponbanning may still be done). W/ the new emphasis on weapon and ammo balance, fragbanning is not needed.
  • All DM flags are supported except Unlimmited Ammo (UA). Removing UA was a difficult decision given the popularity of UA servers, but UA drastically unbalances the game. In a later release another ammo setting *may* be added (4=very generous) which will make the game more UA like but still attempt to keep things somewhat balanced.
  • Weapons removed (for now): BFG (too lame), Flamethrower (too laggy) most of the Dark Majick grenades.
  • Features removed (for now): jetpack (aerial camping), invulnerability, kamikaze, tripwires, scanner, push-pull.
  • New server gametype option. Server admin simply sets gametype to be 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 for:
    0 = Competition Weapons DM Free For All (FFA)
    1 = Competition Weapons Teamplay
    2 = Competition Weapons Extinction
    3 = Competition Weapons Rail Only Extinction
    4 = Competition Weapons Rail Only Insta-Gib Free for All (FFA)
    5 = Competition Weapons Rail Only Insta-Gib Teamplay

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