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New (Yet again): Competition Weapons and Site Updates
3-06-2003 3:20PM
Hey all... I'm gearing up to make some updates and changes on the site (I tried to a month ago. lol.) Anyhow, I've made some contacts and have been informed that there is indeed a newer version v1.20. Apparently it slip'd through the cracks and I was never informed about it so the changes never got updated on the site. :)

Im sure thats good news to all that are currently running Comp Wod servers. I'll be updating the site and files with the newest v1.20 files. I'll have them up by friday hopefully.

Over and Out,
I brought bacon.
What did you bring?

New: Competition Weapons and Site Updates
1-28-2003 7:20PM
Well, after 3 years I've finally had the chance of updating some news here. The mod, Competition Weapons, is currently well out of commission. No one is working on it. v1.0 is the newest one out there. However, their have been many of you who have emailed me asking for these files. I see some links are no longer valid and need to be updated. Because of the recent "interest" in this mod again, I will go and make some updates to the site and also bring in a few files that have been lost and not many had to begin with.

Give me a few days... I'll update whatever I can on this site. I'll also add a few files that I had backed up and are not available on the site. These files include v1.0 and a server tool to generate .cfg files to your linking. Works great and designed for Comp Wod.

As for myself, I've moved on to other projects. One of them includes a modification of Unreal2k3 named "No Mans Land". Its going to be pretty sweet and based of WW1. Think of it more as a total conversion. The site is still being developed and I cannot devulge and further info. I am also in a unit that runs servers and will be running tournaments soon. You can check out our website at

Again, if their is anything that is missing and you want to see it... let me know, I'll try to help however I can.

Over and Out,
I brought bacon.
What did you bring?

Having a problem running a Linux server?
7-13-00 7:20PM
I know that many have been having a problem trying to run servers on Linux. Well, here is the deal if you plan on running a server on Linux. With the newest version (v1.00) you'll need the glibc version of Quake2 for Unix. It can be found at:

This should fix any errors that might arise... feel free to email Zot or me with any other questions you may have.

Happy Fraggin,

Btw, thanks to Llama and Brian for pointing this out.

Files have been uploaded
7-12-00 11:00PM
I've uploaded the files to a temporay location and made the links live.

Donwload them now!!

Happy Fraggin,

I know, I know... sheesh!!
7-12-00 10:49PM
It's about time I updated the darn site!! :o) Sorry, but just like every major webmaster that hasn't gotten updated their site updated for the same reason... I had a life to attend to also. hehe

I'm back on track now.. and even started working a new job this month!! :o) I work for a very big company called RCN. ( I'm what they call a "Commercial Universal Agent". Or what I call a CUA. I deal with the commercial (business, not residential...) side of RCN's customer service.

The company is really an awesome company to work for... trust me, the people, enviorment, co-workers, atmosphere... everthing is just awesome.:o)

But, anyhow.. enough about me. Let's talk about Competition Weapons. For those of you who hadn't noticed and have been hidding under a rock for the last century or so... CW (Competition Weapons) is now at version 1.00. I'll try and upload those tonight. Once I do... I'll make sure to post something here.. so if you don't see anything else posted here then its probably not uploaded yet. I'm just letting you all know I will be in the proccess of doing that tonight. :o)

The new files include:

  • New - Linux Server V1.00
  • New - Window Server V1.00
  • New - Server Tool V1.00

Look for them uploade sometime tonight.. (Hopefully!!)

I would like to creat a server page and have all Competition Weapons server listed on that page. If you would like your server (or know of a good server) that you would like posted here. Please email me and send me the following: Server IP, Server Name, Description (Optional). If I get enough I will gladly create that server page so you can all have a place to look for good and new servers. Thanks..

Happy Fraggin,


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