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Competition Weapons "Comp" is built upon the Weapons of Destruction (WOD) mod, but offers new weapons, features and gametypes. This mod is designed to be well balanced and reward skilled gameplay while also offering maximum "kickass enjoyment" for skilled and new players alike. The signature weapon of this mod is the new "Ultra Railgun", a weapon that is strong enough to punch through walls and set players on fire from close grazing shots!

Many new features and gametypes have been included (or are on the way) including a rail-only "Insta-Gib" configuration that has to be played to be fully appreciated. Imagine the OSP and DM Insta-Gib classic revamped so that players explode when gibbed or set on fire via close grazing shots. Exposure is the name of the game when playing with a railgun capable of penetrating solid objects. The rail slug loses 2/3rds of it's damage after penetration, but still delivers a nasty knockback.

This mod is intended to be a server side-only mod for current WOD v6.08 players. For new players or current WOD players that need to get the teamplay skins, a client .zip file is required (available in the download page).

Design goals:
Build upon WOD v6.08 by preserving the essence of WOD, but add new weapons, features and gametypes to bring back new life to one of the most kickass fun Q2 mods. Drastically reduce lag that earlier versions of WOD (v6.08 and below) were known for.

Why Comp?
The theme, vision and development of Competition Weapons is a grass roots effort involving many in the WOD community. The game developers, website developers, play testers and all those providing suggestions for the mod come from not just one source but the entire WOD community. It is for these reasons that this mod will always belong to the community and not the developers. We who have developed this mod vow to keep it FREE and to always recognize that the purpose of the mod is to serve the community.


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