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  Sun, September 09, 2001
CrazyLaunch 1.90 posted by Biohazard

CrazyLaunch 1.90 is available. Most of the changes concern the Quake3Runner. From this version on, CrazyLaunch has a different Interface and tons of new features. The most important changes :
  • Quake3 1.29h Support
  • displays all Mapshots (also shots in *.tga format)
  • Mapshots will be shown in original size when clicked on
  • all items, powerups and weapons can be removed from a map seperately
  • team play options (team_model / team_headmodel, autoteam, join team ...)
  • demorecorder with start / stop record (with one bind)
  • recording of multiple demos is possible; demos are consecutively numbered
  • installed mods will be detected automatically
  • at the first start, the most important Client data (name, model etc.) will be loaded out of the q3config.cfg
  • faster autoscan at start
  • Display Usermaps to filter out the Standard Quake3 Maps
  • Headmodel can be selected
  • Interface a bit bigger with a few changes (see the Screenshots)
  • improved custom playermodel detection
  • Add / Remove mod - buttons removed
  • Rename Mod button added
  • solved many Bugs
Attention: The Program ist not compatible to Quake3 Version 1.27 and lower, this is caused by the changes in the commands and the demofiles format of the version 1.29h
  Wed, August 22, 2001
CrazyLaunch 1.80 posted by Jense

Let's go on. After a break of more than one year, I have begun working on CrazyLaunch again and finished version 1.80. Quite the only aspect of the program that has changed is the Quake3Runner. Now it can show mapshots (jpg shots only) and you can create colored names with it. Single pak-files can be deactivated, and I fixed some bugs.

You can find more nice programs I've coded on my German homepage: Crazy.web.onlinE.

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