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  Program of the Week #3
Misc Tool: AdvancedUI 1.3 for Quake III Arena
Autor: Spine Design

    This week´s "Program of the Week" comes from Spine Design, wich gave us for example "Third Person Perspective" for Quake II. AdvancedUI isn´t mainly a tool, more an addition to Quake III Arena. The tool changes some small things in the interface of Quake III, wich normally had to be integrated from id Software. You only have to put the .qvm-file in the baseq3-directory to install the additions.
Structure & functions
    As I already said, AdvancedUI integrates itself seamless into Quake III. The program consists of a .qvm-file in the Quake III-mod-format.


    For example, there´s now a changed player-setup, wich first shows only the different models, but all on one screen. A click on one of the models shows the available skins (see screenshot). That makes it much easier to browse through the models as in the original.


    Then, there´s a new map-interface wich can show more maps on one screen and even user-maps. You have the choice between two display-options: One with levelshots and a list-view. The list-view shows the levels without levelshots, so there can be much more shown. There´s even a possibility to create a map-cycle-list.


    The bot-management offers also new functions. See the screenshot to compare the old and the new one.
  • very easy installation
  • well-structured menus
  • works reliable
  • better than the original from id
  • nothing found till now
    A great, easy-to-use addition to Quake III Arena. If AdvancedUI will be futher developed that could be the end for launchers like CrazyLaunch. What do you need a launcher for, when you can change everything directly in the game without console-commands...?

    [ Homepage Spine Design ] [ Download AdvancedUI 1.3 (85k) ]

    Copyright © 2000 by Spine Design. All rights reserved.

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