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Quake3Runner - Version 1.90
3. Part of CrazyLaunch

The Quake3Runner is a Multi Mod Launcher, which is able to manage and start all Mods on your PC. But that's not all. ;) It's also able to identify the name of the Mods and its settings like Client- and Serversettings. You can also add in other programs, for example PakScape. You don't have to do anything! And, the best thing is the Quake3 Arena Tweaker!

Here are some of the its best features:

  • Launch a dedicated or listen server
  • Configure many in-game settings
  • Configure Player model
  • Demo Player with Playlist
  • Setup automatic rotation of maps
  • Add custom maps to rotation
  • Add specific Bots to game
  • Make your own Bots with the Bot Maker
  • Quak3 Arena Tweaker, now people with older and slower PCs are able to have fun with Quake3 Arena
  • AddIn manager for other programs

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  Version History
Version 1.90:
  • Quake3 1.29h Support
  • displays all Mapshots (also shots in *.tga format)
  • Mapshots will be shown in original size when clicked on
  • all items, powerups and weapons can be removed from a map seperately
  • team play options (team_model / team_headmodel, autoteam, join team ...)
  • demorecorder with start / stop record (with one bind)
  • recording of multiple demos is possible; demos are consecutively numbered
  • installed mods will be detected automatically
  • at the first start, the most important Client data (name, model etc.) will be loaded out of the q3config.cfg
  • faster autoscan at start
  • Display Usermaps to filter out the Standard Quake3 Maps
  • Headmodel can be selected
  • Interface a bit bigger with a few changes
  • improved custom playermodel detection
  • Add / Remove mod - buttons removed
  • Rename Mod button added
  • solved many Bugs
Version 1.80:
  • can show mapshots (jpg only)
  • Pakfiles on / off
  • can create colored names (funnames)
  • bugs fixed
Version 1.70:
  • Warm up time on / off
  • Setup Warm up time
  • Allow vote on / off
  • Sync Clients on / off
  • Message of the Day
  • Lagometer on / off
  • Draw Attacker on / off
  • Display Framerate "and" Gametime
  • Recognizes all Player models/skins and extracts their Icons
  • Icons are shown when chosing model/skin
  • Model / Skin Counter in Client Tab
  • Allow Download on / off
  • Integrated "Bot Maker", for your own bots
  • Autoscan all Bots
  • Display Icon from selected Bot
  • Random Botlist with Auto-Team function
  • Set Min and Max Skill for random Bots
  • Different bot options adjustable (no chat, fast chat, jump, Rocket jump)
  • Now also recognizes maps outside .pk3-file
  • Gets the level´s longname out of the *.arena and arena.txt-files
  • Integrated Arena.txt Maker
  • Move Maps up & down
  • Demo Player with Playlist
  • Recognizes all available demos
  • Loop Playlist on / off for Demo Player
  • Timedemo on / off for Demo Player
Version 1.60:
  • Bot Skill bug fixed
  • "Remove All" Button in "Add Bots Tab" added
  • Autodetect all installed Playermodels and Bots
Version 1.51a:
  • Open mod directory from launcher and Mod Browser added
  • Modlist.txt contains mod informations (Dirname, Realname, Homepage)
Version 1.50:
  • Select new games with the "Mod Browser" (Screenshots)
  • Gametype 5 added (used by Domination, Capture & Hold and other mods)
  • MapCycle: for mods without maps QR3 load baseq3 maps
  • Show Crosshair removed
  • Import Settings available
  • Import / export now without Winzip
  • Identify modification realnames from directory (e.g. wfa=Weapons Factory Arena)
  • New AddIn Manager
  • Auto-Save function rewritten
Version 1.40:
  • List all maps in pakfiles
  • Map Cycle Bug fixed
  • Add in other Programs (e.g. PakScape) with "Addin Manager"
  • Addin Manager can manage up to 9 different programs
  • "Delete Settings" added
Version 1.30:
  • Program translated to VB
  • Tweaker in Quake3Runner.exe compiled
  • Add Bots added
  • All "Apply buttons" removed
  • "Import Settings" removed, conflict with WinZip 8.0
  • Helpfile replaced with Tooltips
Version 1.0.2:
  • Start Bug fixed (+set game replaced with +set fs_game)
  • Dedicated Server Bugs fixed
  • Gibs / Blood enable Bug fixed
  • Tweaker settings also loading in client modus
Version 1.0.1:
  • Tweaker preferences: "High Speed", "Medium" and "High Quality"
  • Program sounds disable / enable in Setup
  • Autodetect Threewave CTF maps
  • "New Map" Button (for custom maps) added
  • "Clear All" Button (for deleting all selected maps) added
  • Weapon detail Bug in Tweaker fixed
  • 1024*768 Resoltution Bug in Tweaker fixed
  • Mapcycle apply Bug fixed
Version 1.0.0:
  • "Disable Bot chat" added
  • "Start Dedicated Server" added
  • Quake3Tweaker with this features:
    • Dynamic Lightning (on/off)
    • FullBright (on/off)
    • Portals (on/off)
    • High Quality Sky (on/off)
    • Marks on Walls (on/off)
    • Light Flares (on/off)
    • Compress Textures (on/off)
    • Simple Items (on/off)
    • Sync every Frame (on/off)
    • Shadows (on/off)
    • Change Texture Mode
    • Select Vertex- or Lightmap Lightning
    • Change Weapon Detail, Texture Quality, Texture Detail, Color Depth, Resolution, Curve Detail, Gamma, Intensity
    • Set Sound Quallity
    • Footsteps (on/off)

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