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Special CreatorsDream Edition for Quake 1

I figured I'd give the Quake 1 version one last version. It's mainly a version to mess around with, but you can have a serious game as well if you wish. As for the Quake 3 version, I haven't had enough time to work on it. Here are some of the new features of the special edition:

  • Velocity gibs - splatter your enemy's gibs against the wall!
  • Tfcivs - fun little bot to axe fight with.
  • Unlimited tripmines, and timed mines - yeah, spam!
  • Better sentry gun (target detection) - just what it says.
  • localinfo bhealth value - the health of builder objects, if set builder objects can be destroyed... and have a cool effect when they are.
  • localinfo tfciv_teleport - turn off or on the tfciv's ability to teleport to you.
  • localinfo tfciv_pickupchance <0.0 - 1.0> - the chance he will pick you up instead of hitting you with his axe.
  • localinfo sentry_noammo - sentry guns do not need ammo to fire with this turned on.
  • Fixed the deploying floor's origin to be exactly under your feet. - better looking bases!
  • New builder ability to deploy a series of floors perfectly aligned - even better looking bases!
  • Added new deployable tfsoldier bot - bot that will give his life to protect your team.
  • Added a 1/2 wall in the builder list - peek over that wall in your base!
  • Builder wall preview <+preview_wall> - preview the wall before you build it.
  • Gibs are now BodyQues and will not crash the server with a lot spawning - exactly what it says.
  • Dead bodies, Gibs, etc. are now kickable - kick your enemy's gibs in their face!
  • New values for vehicle_ai_attributes - more map making abilities.
  • By The-Gizmo at Friday, October 21, 2005 @ 7:17PM CST

    Update and Quake 3 CreatorsDream (Q3CD) News

    CreatorsDream is still alive, well the part about me working on it. I have a lot of other projects that I am working on also, so I don't have as much time as I used to have to work on it. But I hope to be able to release a beta of Q3CD soon. I'll let you know when it is released.
    By The-Gizmo at Sunday, February 27, 2005 @ 5:07PM CST

    More Quake 3 CreatorsDream (Q3CD) News

    A lot of the Quake 3 code for jetpacks, picking up, and building has already been done. Right now I'm trying to make the visuals for the menus, like transparent backgrounds... but I'm trying to find a TGA capable editor that can do that. Anyways it shouldn't be a hell of a lot longer, I'm planning on releasing it as soon as the menus are done.
    By The-Gizmo at Tuesday, December 7, 2004 @ 4:58AM CST

    Quake 3 CreatorsDream (Q3CD) News

    Ok, it's confirmed that there is going to be a Quake 3 version. But it may take a little longer than it should (I could've had it done a long time ago) because of personal things. In the meantime if you want you can goto an IRC server: irc.majistic.net and join channel #creatorsdream you can maybe get a preview of a beta if you care enough to :P.
    By The-Gizmo at Sunday, September 26, 2004 @ 4:19PM CST

    Good and Bad News

    Well, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to make a Quake 3 version of CreatorsDream. Which is the good news, for the bad news it wont have the ability to create weapons for a while at least, and the Quake 1 version of CreatorsDream may not be updated for a while so I can work on the Quake 3 version. The Quake 3 version will consist of 2 other things that were really popular in the Quake 1 version, including: Ability to create your own base, and ability to pick up other people/things. I have no Idea when a beta version will be available but, it shouldn't be too long of time from now.
    By The-Gizmo at Sunday, August 08, 2004 @ 5:13PM CST


    I know its been a while since I've updated, I am currently working on 2 other projects. One isnt related to Quake and one is, I am still working on CreatorsDream tho. I plan on sometime making a new site design for creatorsdream, and to release a new version sometime around the same time. I might add some more maps in the meantime. Happy Fragging!
    By The-Gizmo at Thursday, May 27, 2004 @ 1:54PM CST


    I've made a small map for CD. It is like assault, but a bit different. The so called attackers have to get a key and get in a vehicle to get to the end, they cannot walk there themselves. And the defenders have to destroy their vehicle, when it is destroyed they get sent back to the start. Get it in the downloads section, under maps... it is called CDAssault.
    By The-Gizmo at Thursday, March 11, 2004 @ 1:20PM CST

    1.10 Released

    I have released version 1.10 of CreatorsDream. It has quite a few interesting additions, etc. Like Vehicle AI, and of course improved vehicles, tripmines and new timedmines stick to moving targets like players, primary weapon is customizable by map, teamnames show up in menu, and quite a few more.

    View the changelog of Version 1.10 here
    Download it here
    By The-Gizmo at Thursday, February 19, 2004 @ 2:23AM CST

    1.09 Released!

    The new version, 1.09 of CreatorsDream has been released! It has many new features, including Custom Vehicles spawned in map, Startup Config on Teamplay mode, Dropweapon command to drop a custom weapon, custom damage amounts on every projectile type, Tenebrae compatible version included... and it looks really nice to turn on builder mode and build on Tenebrae, you can hardly tell the difference between real walls and walls you built (new builder .bsp objects by Orome), and the shadows just make it, anyways, and a lot more! This version also included a program to help you calculate the number for modes to turn on, using localinfo emulation on QW or temp1 on NetQuake.. I wrote in C++. If you find any errors, crashes, glitches, etc (Heavens forbid!) please feel free to use the page on the menu above to report it.

    View the changelog of Version 1.09 here
    By The-Gizmo at Monday, January 12, 2004 @ 6:44AM CST

    Happy New Year

    Hope yall had a happy new year! On my birthday (January 2nd), just about perfectly when I was born, my Mobo/CPU died on my main comp, I am using my other computer which isnt to bad.. Production of the new version is still going. But I had planned on releasing the new version, but Im going to wait till I get my main computer fixed. Oh yeah and, you can now spawn custom vehicles in maps, in the new version ;).
    By The-Gizmo at Monday, January 05, 2004! @ 11:22AM CST

    Game Server Status

    The game server is back up! And its hooked up to a faster connection. Not like the other one was slow or anything, OC-12 was the old one I believe. Anyways the 1.09 will be released soon, after that release... I think me and a friend are going to work on a Quake3 version. If we get any progress on it, ill put a test version up.
    By The-Gizmo at Wednesday, December 17, 2003 @ 3:46PM CST

    Game Server Status

    The Game Server will be going down for a couple days (2-4 days) starting monday, sorry for any inconvenience.. dont think there is tho :). Also I added the old news on here to the old news section, felt it was time to cut off the old ones.
    By The-Gizmo at Saturday, December 13, 2003 @ 3:24AM CST
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