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Version 1.3 Beta 12
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Changes in Version 1.3
Added two new runes, Lake and Eye.
Monk now has a close range combat mode.
Thor renamed to Energy and can energize teammates.
Samurai merged with Sky, combined rune just called sky.
Merged with TWCreeper, TW features are turned on with a serverinfo command.
Optimized the CPU usage by the runes.
Fixed problem with thor/energy aiming.
Pawn has been given special powers for escorting a flag carrier.
'chelp' turns on help info on the status bar.
Added an oxygen meter to the status bar.

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Version 1.2
Changes in Version 1.2
Added three new runes, Pawn, Sky and Sun.
Haste now has ammo regeneration, and has double the pushing force from rocket and grenade blast.
Thor now operates at full power.
Samurai and Ram have been slightly weakened.
Death messages have been grouped together so they take up fewer lines.
Added some of Zarjazz's bandwidth optimizing code.
Fixed (or hope to have fixed) the more common bugs causing crashes and lock up.
Added a time out to kick off players who remain dead for more than 5 minutes.
Added a level vote (impulse 100). If a majority votes yes, the game skips to the next level.

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