Lake Rune (NEW)
Lake has a special grappling hook which can pull objects to you. This includes enemy players, their flag and runes. The hook also functions as a remote pickup, and be used to grab items by firing the hook to them. This also works for returning the flag, and even for capping. The strangest power of the lake rune is if you grapple the enemy flag carrier, it will pull the flag a way from them. (This rune it not completed)
Eye Rune (NEW)
The rune eye is immune to being telefraged, but its main power is to create a small spinning eyeball. The eye is created by firing the hook, but releasing the fire button before it hits a wall. The eyeball has two main powers, the most obvious is that it acts as a protector. The eye once ever second targets a player in range and zaps them. If its a teammate, the zap heals and regens like a portable king arthur. If its an enemy to does damage, it can even turn off/cancel quads, pents and rings of shadow on enemy players. Knocking out quads and pents requires that the eye be charged up. To charge an eye, it needs to be near you or your team. You can tell what the charge is by the status bar. Eye means its at a normal charge, EYe means it can neutalize quads, EYE means it can cancel pents, and eye means its been shutdown by enemy rocket fire. The eyeball's second function, is that it acts as a portal. If you pass through a teleporter while you have the hook selected, you will be sent back to your eyeball.
I'll make the real pic later
Energy Rune (NEW VARIANT)
Energy rune has an unlimited power thunderbolt, which is easily noticed by its wider beam that reflects off walls. Energy is also immune to discharge, and can not discharge in water. Additional the Energy rune gives water breathing. If the energy beam is turned on a teammate, it energizes them. Currently, energizing just means giving that player quad. With two exceptions: Banshee gains double scream range, and werewolf gets 4xregen and 200 armor. Energizing only last about 30 seconds, and requires that the beam be on the teammate for about 6 seconds.
Chess Peice (Pawn)
Pawn Rune (updated)
Pawn has no special abilities. The only thing pawn gets is 2 point for each frag instead of 1. But if Pawn captures the flag, the player is promoted to a knight. Knights gain the following powers, permanent 200 armor, quad immunity, water breathing, and a medium range axe that does 75 damage pre hit. Also Knight's max health will be set to a number from 100 to 250, depending how hard it was to capture. Knight has to be earned, and pawn most be held from the time you take the flag till when you capture. If you promote to knight and you are on the team with the lower score, then all other player on your team get 200 normal armor (if they don't have permanent armor), 250 health, and full ammo. Pawn can only promote once. Pawn also regens when near a teammate with the enemy flag. And if that carrier dies with a pawn'ed teammate near by, the carrier is teleported to the pawn position and the pawn'ed player is sent to a random location.
Sky Rune (Revised)
Sky now functions more like the old Samurai rune. It has the thunder axe, but armor and health are like samurai. Rocket deflection has been moved to the monk rune. Sky gains permanent 190 armor, which can not be damaged. Sky's axe does 60 points of damage per hit and its range has been greatly extended. When using the axe, it can be seen as a lightning bolt. Sky also takes reduced damage from rocket and grenade splash.
Sun Disk
Sun Rune
Sun is immune to lava. Sun's primary power is the extra damage done by its superheated shells and nails. Both of which leave yellow burning embers when hitting a wall. These embers will do damage if touched, and more damage if they fall on someone. Lastly sun's nails cause small explosions if they shatter against a wall.
Aiming Rune
The aiming will automatically target the nearest visible enemy, when you are using the shotgun or double shotgun. The damage done when a shotgun auto-aims varies depending on the weapon the target is using. More damage is done to targets using a rocket launcher, and less to targets using axe, grappling hook, or shotguns. Also each time you fire a shotgun, the aiming rune attempts to deflect a nearby enemy rocket. Unlike shotgun aiming, deflection works in all directions, not just where you are looking. Deflected rockets will appear to bank upwards.
Broken Circle
Ally Rune
The user of the ally rune can't be killed when near a teammate. Your health will not be reduced below 1. The ally also shares (gives copies) of items picked up to nearby teammates. There are ways to defeat the ally. One is that the witches curse has a chance of making the ally drop its rune. This rune is currently under development.
Screaming Mouth
Banshee Rune
The Banshee has a special Scream attack that replaces weapon 8. The scream does damage equal to the current number of cells to all near by enemies. You can not add to your cell amount by picking up ammo boxes. Instead the cells slowly build untill maxing out at 999. Firing weapon 8 also does some damage to you, so a heavy charge will likely kill you to. Banshee also has a special death scream. If there are over 50 unused cells when you are killed, and your killer is in line of sight, then banshee does two times the number of cells in damage to your killer.
Throwing Star
Ninja Rune
The Ninja has a fast grappling hook. The hook immediately attaches to whatever you're aiming at, without any delay. This can make for very fast movement, and if there's enough room you can even remain airborne indefinitely. Ninja also has a sniper mode, if you stands still the status bar should read NINQuad. Ninja gains quad damage while in this mode. Note, sniper mode does not work when moving or hanging from a hook. Being shoot will also knock you out of sniper mode.
Ram Horns
Ramming Rune
Ramming only takes 1/2 damage. Ramming also has a long jump. This jump is also a charge attack, which can inflict considerable damage. During a long jump the damage reduction goes from 1/2 to 3/4 (user only takes 1/4 damage while doing a long jump). The user of the ramming rune can also push other players out of the way, just by running into them.
Moon Eclipsing the Sun
Shadow Rune
The shadow rune can make you completely invisible, no eyes, no glow, not even a flag (if you have one). This power can at times take a few seconds to activate, and only works if you are using the axe or grappling hook. You can also be momentary made visible by taking damage or if any player bumps into you. You can tell what level invisiblity you're at by the status bar. If it says Shadow, you are visible. If it says ShdEyes, you appear as a pair of eyes. If it says ShdInvis, you are totally invisible. Doing a flag status (impulse 23) will tell you if an invisible enemy has your flag.

Variants of Suck Mod Runes

Chess Piece 'King'
Rune of King Arthur
The rune of king arthur regenerates your health, armor, and ammo. This effect is also extended to any nearby teammates. Also all damage you take is halved. Unlike regening, the damage resistance is NOT shared with other players.
Open Hand
Monk Rune (Updated)
With the monk rune you are invulnerable when standing still. You can not move or shot, but you can turn without losing your invulnerable. You should be able to tell when you can't be hurt the appearance of the letters INVL next to the word monk on the status bar. The invulneriblity does not take effect immediately, but may take a second or two to kick in. The More active you've been, the longer it takes before invulneribility activates. Invulnerability does not work if you have the enemies flag. Monk also can breath under water, and is not knocked about by rockets or grenades. KungFu Mode: Power punch that does 120 damage, and knocks your opponent backwards. SuperLeap: jump higher and when you land the shock will knock people around that you land near. Direct rocket hits are bounced harmlessly aside.
Rabbit Ears
Samurai Rune (Retrired)
Samurai gains permanent 175 armor, which can not be damaged. Samurai's axe not only does more damage (60 points), its range has been greatly extended. Samurai also takes reduced damage from rocket and grenade splash. Samurai has been merged with sky, see sky rune.
Thor Rune (Retired)
Thor has been given additional powers and renamed the energy rune. The thor rune gives you a thunderbolt that does not require ammo. You can also use the thunderbolt under water, and become immune to other players discharge damage.
Vampire Rune
Vampire gains health for damaging other players. Vampires max health is also extended from 100 to 135. Although health gained from doing damage can go as high as 200. Vampire also gains a fixed permanent armor of 135, which reduces damage by 50%. Vampire is also forced to kill, because your health will continuously decrease (VAMPIRE NEEDS BLOOD). You can drop the vampire rune at any time, up till your first kill as a vampire. At which point you become a vampire till you die. You can tell if you've taken a kill when the word vampire on the status bar turns red.
Horned Helmet
Viking Rune
Viking does not need to touch items to pick them up, you only have to be near them. This effect will even work through walls. Its a great way to find out where quads and 666's are hidden on a level. Viking will NOT help you grab an enemy flag, or with a capture, but it will assist you with a flag return.
Razor Blade
Werewolf Rune
Werewolf gains a fixed permanant armor of 125 (45%), and the max health is extended to 125. The werewolf gains a special attack power of doing damage by touching or running into an enemy. This can be amazingly deadly in combination with the grappling hook. Werewolf also has a special form of regeneration, which grows stronger the longer you go without being damaged.
Witch's Hat
Witch Rune
The witch rune makes any enemy you shoot, jump and shoot. They jump and shoot for 2 seconds, followed by 2 more seconds of just jumping. This curse will effect even an invulnerable monk, as it requires only hitting a target, not damaging it. Witch can also breath under water.

Changes Made to Standard CTF Runes

No Idea What This Is
Regen Rune
Now regens health up to 200. Will also repair armor and upgrade armor, up to full red armor. May even start regening ammo given enogh time. Also the max health for mega health boxes is changes from 250 to 999.
Got Me
Haste Rune
Now has ammo regeneration similar to king arthur but alittle slower. Also blast damage from rockets and grenades have more pushing force.
Resistance Rune
Is now immune to lava acid and quad. The immunity to quad means the player does not take the extra damage generated by a quad hit, but take the hit as if to is done without quad. Also the rate at which armor is lost is lower, and no armor is lost from a quad hit.

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