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CTFBot+ 3.0 beta 1 (03/23/99)
Readme for CTFBot+
Readme for CTF Bot Coordinator

FilePlanet MIRRORS
ctfbotp032399.zip 1600 kb

ctfbotp032399.zip 1600 kb

Basic Installation
  • 1. UNINSTALL any previous version of the CTFBot+ by removing the \quake\ctfbotp\ directory. Make sure to keep a copy of any maps you wish to hang on to.
  • 2. UNZIP the ctfbot+ zip file to your quake\ctfbotp\ directory. When you unzip, you must preserve the directory structure. This is the same as "Using Folders" in WinZip. Don't worry, I'm not making a mess in your quake folder, everything unzipped(files and subdirectories) will go into the \quake\ctfbotp\ folder.
  • 3. RUN the CTF Bot Coordinator.exe program in the \quake\ctfbotp\ directory.
  • 4. Follow the QUICKSTART instructions in ctfcoord.txt.

  • MultiWeapon(aka visible weapons) support file for CTFBot+ 3.0
  • This is being worked on. You can try the previous ctfbot+ multiweapons file, but it may not work correctly.

  • -- OLD FILES --

    CTFBot+ 2.1 upgrade (07/14/98)

    FilePlanet MIRRORS
    ctfbotp071498-upgrade.zip 220 kb

    CTFBot+ 2.0 (07/04/98)

    FilePlanet MIRRORS
    ctfbotp070498.zip 1.3 mb

    MultiWeapon support file for CTFBot+ 2.1

    Readme for CTFBot MW

    FilePlanet MIRRORS
    ctfbotmw21.zip 1.9 mb

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