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July 15th, 2001 (18:53 EST)
Things are moving a little slower than expected, but they are progressing. I've fixed several of the bigger bugs (GL and multiweapon problems) and I'm about 50 percent done with the new Coordinator program which will be needed for some of the newer features that are being developed into CTFBot+.

June 6th, 2001 (21:41 EST)
I am looking into fixing some of the long standing bugs with the 3.0 beta 1 release. Hopefully those out there who have hacked in their own fixes can send them in, my limited QuakeC skills are even more limited now that I have forgotten it all. :)

I apologize for not replying to the hundreds of people who have emailed in the past two years. My excuse was always that I was too busy. But to be honest I was never too busy to reply to the emails, I'm not sure why I didn't reply. I'm sorry.

March 23rd, 1999
Version 3.0 beta 1 of CTFBot+ is available on the downloads page.

It is a beta release so when you find bugs (and you will), please report them promptly.

I recently lost my entire email archive and had some trouble getting my mail. If you were in contact with me over the past month or so and I haven't responded lately, please send me a message.

I'm looking for some In Game screenshots for the screenshots page. If you would like to submit a couple, please use GL and convert them to .gif before sending.

Here's a list of fixes and additions:

  • Female player model added.
  • Support for other player models also included. Use impulse 13 to cycle through the models and enable the new models with the appropriate "temp1" bit.
  • New impulse will switch from grappling hook to previous weapon and vice versa. This was previously done with a .cfg alias that didn't work all the time. The new impulse is 14. It is guaranteed to work everytime.
  • Bot names will appear in orange text when a bot talks.
  • Added option for regular quake's "teamplay 1". With this enabled, players and bots will not be able to hurt themselves. The bots really like this.
  • Fixed the dedicated server problem hopefully.
  • Rocket Jump setting similar to quakeworld's "rj" setting added. The "registered" variable is used for this.
  • No more "Gl Skins". The regular skins have been touched up a bit. The shirt and pants are now solid blue or red and the shoulder pads and helmet are now the "armor" color.
  • Includes mini-CTF pak file. The pak file contains the minimum files from threewave ctf3 and ctf4. Grappling hook sounds and models, flag sounds and models, and rune sounds are included.
  • Split the "Play Settings" window up into "CTFBot+ Settings" and "Quake Settings". - Fraglimit, timelimit, samelevel, etc are in "CTFBot+ Settings". - -condebug, -nojoy, -listen, etc are in "Quake Settings".
  • Priority of the quake executable can be set.
  • Option of closing, minimizing, or minimizing to sytem tray after running Quake.
  • Fixed that annoying clipboard bug.
  • Added description bar to Select Maps window. It will display a brief description of the currently selected map.
  • Added description bar to Bind Keys window. It will display the impulse and a brief description of the currently selected binding.
  • There is also a description bar on the CTFBot+ Settings window.
  • The Map Playlist has been combined with the Map Selection window.
  • New file, maplist.qc created before compile. It will contain a QuakeC version of the list of maps from the Map Selection window.

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