CustomDM was originally a Quake 1 mod. It never made it to Quake 2, because I never made it to Quake 2. Now that Quake 3 Arena has proven to be a damn fine game - I really had no choice but to convert it.

Originally the mod only enabled us (me and my small collection of Quake buddies) to lock out weapons - 'cos we hated how games degenerated into "nothing but rocket" affairs. Then we got sick of the bunny factor and decided we needed to start with more weapons. And then... well you get the idea - CustomDM is an eclectic collection of mods that made the game more fun, no coherent thread holds them together.

Download (version 0.3 - February 23rd 2000)

Find out more at the features page.

Go to the console commands page if you need to know how to do something with the mod.

Or just have a gander at some screen shots.



If you wish to contact me (the author) please send mail to - comments, complaints, suggestions and general feedback all are welcomed.