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Wednesday, July, 8, 1998
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The last addition to the original DaPak is done and posted. Here's the map: - "The Vomitorium" (194K) There's a lengthy review up on the Ramshackle, go have a look.

On the subject of this site: we, all the 4 members of the DaPak team, have decided that we won't be updating this page anymore. We won't shut it completely down, it shall remain as a "monument" to the original DaPak.

DaPak2: the problem child. Its future is unknown, but we don't have exact plans to flush the whole project either. It'll be "done when it's done." Meanwhile you can always enjoy quality maps from Headshot, Retinal and all the others who have shown their mad skillz =)

For those who still might not know, Headshot and I have now our own personal pages:

Headshot's Tiny Deathmatch Map Depot

ztn's recycler

Have mercy,



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