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Section: Site Info


Ok, for those of you who don't have a clue what this site or even that whole Quake thing is about here's some basic info. Quake, or for that matter Quake2, is an action game, a so called first person shooter. It's about running around in levels and killing things (mosters in single player mode or your friends in deathmatch). To get a comprehensive insight into Quake you should check out the excellent Gamer's Guide hosted by Blue's News.

This site is dedicated to an upcoming deathmatch level pack for Quake2 called DAPAK2. Four authors are responsible for creating these maps and updating the site: Dan "Danimal" Proietti, Stuart "Copy" Cam, Sten "Ztn" Uusvali and Dennis "Headshot" Kaltwasser


What the sections of this site are about:

News:        read all about the development of the levels,
             get a peek at new screenshots or read some random
             crap we think of.

Shots:       browse our screenshot archive.

Download:    download already released maps and DAPAK2 when
             it's done.

M.O.D.:      read about the specs of the dm mod that might
             come with DP2.

Contact:     obvious - contact the people behind DAPAK.

Cool Sites:  visit other cool sites.


Technical Stuff:

The site is optimized for resolutions 800x600 or higher and 16 bit color (but should look ok with 8 bit, too.) Also you should have the font "courier new" installed (which is very likely), otherwise things might look cheezy. That's it. Please feel free to report any html flaws or broken links you might find.

Alright, have fun browsing these pages and check back regularly, this site is updated almost daily.