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Friday, Mar. 27, 1998
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Hello folks and folkettes its me again (yes the Dapak2 team member who rarely updates the page). As ztn said yesterday I've been hard working on a map for crt over at Rocket Arena 2. Ive been inspired by the Strogg base style, and have created some kind of Inner CourtyardTM. I would also like to thank ztn on some very useful and constructive comments that he voiced during its beta stages that helped me cut some r_speeds and increase its realism and style. And now for a screenshot...

I would like to express my sadness for Headshot leaving the Dapak2 team. Considering that he was the co-father of the whole venture, the original dapak, and was the guy who let me join the team, I have a lot to thank him for. So I wish good luck to Dennis in RealifeTM and hope that not before long, after a well deserved break, he can return to his levels and make some maps that truely Kick The P.A.



Thursday, Mar. 26, 1998
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Hello, it's ztn here. There's a mapping competition going on at GibCon '98 with the several good prizes for you mapping types. Grrr...I wish I could enter but I have no time for starting a new map right now. Bummer.

Saw a glimpse of Copy's latest RocketArena 2 map, looks pretty impressive. I haven't played RA for ages, so I decided that I won't make any maps for RA2. Sorry about that, but I think if you want to make a good map for a certain mod, you have to know the style of playing involved. And I don't want to produce any half-assed levels nobody would ever play. Anyway, RA2 is going to rock, I know many talented mappers are building their maps for that certain mod.

Oh yeah, thanks to everyone who mailed me and told that they liked my newest map. Thank you and take care, seeya tomorrow.



Wednesday, Mar. 25, 1998
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As I promised, here's my new map: "The Killing Machine"
There's also a full review posted at Ramshackle

I'd like to send a big thanks to Jeff Yost and the whole Ramshackle crew for testing and releasing my map. And same goes to my fellow teammates Headshot, Danimal and Copy. Thanks guys, you rock! :)



Tuesday, Mar. 24, 1998
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Well, what can I say...yet another victim of RealLife(tm). What's up with everybody leaving and being "let go" must be El Nino. Ok, enuff whining...

Here's how Danimal, Copy and myself decided to proceed:

  1. DaPak will be postponed. It'll be done "when it's done". The three of us are pretty busy at the moment with the RL, uni and stuff like that
  2. We will use this page to showcase our future maps, programs, whatever. In other words, this page will not be dead. We'll try to update on a regular basis.
This being said, I'd also like to thank Dennis for allowing me to work with him and with the DaPak team. We learned many things from him and I'm extremely sad that he had to resign. So, we wish him the very best and hope he'll stay in touch with us.



Monday (late), Mar. 23, 1998
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Ugh, this update is not going to be an easy one... Ok, today is the day. I've been carrying this decision with me for quite some time now. I knew that it would happen and now I've reached that point: I'm leaving the dapak2 team.

Just to get this out of the way right now: this move is not based on any negative experiences I made while being part of the team, nor have I run out of ideas for maps. I enjoyed being here until the very last minute and I still enjoy making maps. It's just that I can't keep up the pace at which I've been doing it. During the last months I neglected my RealLife duties to an insane degree and I just can't continue this. I tried to cut down on the time I spent with editing/updating/mailing etc. several times, but to no avail. I really feel that I have to take this drastic step in order to get my act together. I'm running a little advertisment agency together with a friend of mine and have responsibilities there. I'm also planning to finish my studies in this life time, but being part of dapak2 I didn't see that happening anytime soon.

Looking back I feel that my time involved with this quake thing has been very successful and rewarding. I counted them today and I released 16 maps all together over the last 1 1/2 years, Dan and I put the original DAPAK together and we got tons of usually very kind and supportive email for which I'm very grateful. But the most important thing is that I met some awfully talented and inspiring people and made a few very good friends. I want to take the time and thank Dan, Sten, Copy, Jeff, Meanstryk, Joel and all those other fabulous people I got to know over the time for simply being there, doing a great job and making this community happen.

Fear not, this is not the end of dapak. The remaining three paksters decided to continue this web site for now. It will be used as a forum to release upcoming maps and to keep you informed on the progress of their work. The release of a real second pack is not decided yet, but my best guess is that with a tightly outlined concept and ideas for a server mod it *could* happen again. We'll have to wait and see, I wish them luck!

Two more things I'd like to mention: First, Steve Schlosnagle's server which shows up as Frog Labs in Game Spy is running grind along with a couple other maps now. You can download all the maps the server is running in a zip. Second there's still one more finished map I already made for the pack which is sitting on my hd. It needs some clip brushes here and there and a little face lifting, but when it's fit for release I think you'll read about it here.

Ok, that's it from me. Maybe you'll hear from me again in a distant future but for now all I can say is: it's been fun while it lasted.

Take care,


Sunday, Mar. 22, 1998
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Just finished playing at Terrafusion. We had some good fights, got my ass kicked as usual ;)

I started to recycle yet another old map of mine. I'm going to convert one of my Quake 1 map into Quake 2 CTF map. So far it looks promising, though, the converting process itself is one stinking job. We'll see what comes out.


Couple of quick updates:

I'm gonna release a new map on Wednesday. It was about time because my last map was released in January and that's a helluva long time ago.

Terrafusion is running my "Painkiller" Quake 2 map along with Headshot's "Kick the P.A." and ReTinaL's "Third degree". Both are kick-ass maps, so go have a frag and don't forget to vote for your favorite one [plug, plug] ;)

Also noticed that sCary has posted two of Beatdown tourney demos in his "Weekly demos" section, starring Kornelia and Reptile. Both demos were recored in my Quake1 "Painkiller" map. Anyways, you have to see it for yourself how Kornelia mops the floor with Reptile :)

And last but not least: expect an announcement in a few days concerning the DaPak2 team.



Friday, Mar. 20, 1998
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Here it is: download grind, a new Quake2 DM map. I want to thank Jeff Yost and the guys from the Ramshackle who helped me playtest this map and gave me valuable feedback. The same goes to ZTN and my inhouse testing crew. :)

As a result of the playtesting there's already a huge review up on the Ramshackle, head over there and read it.

Thanks to all the people who wrote in response to my question regarding merged maps. It's appreciated!

I added a link to Deconstruct to the cool sites section. There's a great tutorial on this site (how to section) on how to get started with modeling, highly recommended.



Wednesday, Mar. 18, 1998
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Just a short update to let you know that I added a lot of links to the cool sites section, making it a little more useful. It now features links to mods and bots related sites as well as a few to the most useful editing resources, namely r u s t and QuakeWorkshop. They're both excellent, if you're into Q2 editing, these are for you!

Also I want to turn sunday's "possibly" into a "definitely". It's underway, and I think it'll be here around friday or so, watch out!

While I'm at it: did anyone of you ever play dapak10 or dapak11 for Quake1, those merged dapak maps for 12-16 players? Did they work for 6-on-6? The reason I'm asking is: I've got two maps here which might fit together nicely and I just wondered if it's worth the effort (since I for one won't have the opportunity to ever play them over a LAN)...ah, just a thought...



Sunday, Mar. 15, 1998
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Uh, a couple things today... first: I thought about commenting on this for some time but then decided against it. And anyway, I couldn't have put it better than Mark Surfas did in his Open Letter to the Community on PQ.

Ok, this being said, I'd like to announce that hot on the heels of the recent release of spine you're possibly in for yet another release on this site soon. See, checking back regularly does pay off! To give you an idea what I'm talking's got something to do with Quake2, and here's a little illustration:

Next thing I wanted to mention is that the people at Terrafusion are doing a bang up job at getting custom DM maps actually played over the 'net and providing an invalubale service for DM mappers. You should really check out their server at, it's running Kick the P.A. along with two other maps this week. And from my experience there's very nice and talented folks playing there from time to time, so go check it out! Uh, and vote for your favorite map or something :)



Friday, Mar. 13, 1998
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"ztn has been let go from DaPak.

His past contributions include yesterday's update, one unfinished map, several sick jokes but we were not seeing what we wanted and he was a punk anyway."

Would you like to know more?

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Hi. That dork who did yesterday's update didn't know how to use tables in the html code. So I rewrote his update, looks much better now.

Ok, here's those screenshots I promised yesterday:

shot 1  (11K) shot 2 (10K)

And here's a screenshot from M$ Windoze. Don't we all love its little mischiefs?

an error dialog

On a more serious note, we all know that American "tokay" McGee has been "let go" from iD Software. While we certainly are not aware of the all facts that leaded to his resignation, I'm still pretty indignant about it. Anyways, we, Da Pak team, would like to wish him the best and we certainly hope that he will work his mountaintop on someplace else :)



Thursday, Mar. 12, 1998
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Hello, it's ztn here. RealLife (tm) has been kicking hard lately. I even haven't had a chance to update this site regularly. All my days are like this:

 8:45am - woke up
 9:10am - arrive at the office and stop people playing Quake
10.30am - go to some stupid meeting and see some stupid people. Go back to office and stop people playing Quake
12:00am - go to lunch break and get back to the office and stop people playing Quake
12:30pm - 02:00pm - receive some phonecalls from the client telling me there's something wrong with their computer because they cannot type "e" character in the M$ Word. After letting them verify that the computer is turned on, I tell them to press the "e" button and see what happens. That usually works.
Go to the local bar and buy some Coke. Go back to office and stop people playing Quake
02:00pm - 04:00pm - PaperWork(tm). This means I fill my office with the papers while I'm searching my missing documents. Genitals, as well as fecal products and are mentionad during the process.
04:00pm - 05:00pm - somebody has used my documents as the scratchpad. He has to die
05:00pm - 06:00pm - tell my buddies that we should play Quake for the end of the day. They aren't really interested because they just finished playing it
06:00pm - 02:00am - trying to connect to and read the latest news. Server seems to be down

A miracle happened today...I was at the Intel Distributor seminar this morning, which covered some topics about their upcoming products and so forth. At the end of the meeting there was a lottery with the prize as the Intel Pentium II motherboard. Yea, you guessed, I won it :D Could you imagine? I have never in my life won something in the, wait, I once won a bottle of Coke with their promotional campaign.

Seems like my first map for DaPak 2 is almost completed. It is medium-sized, best for 3 to 6 players. I'm currently tweaking the weapon placement, that's the part I hate most when building maps. But it's a rather important phase, so it takes some time (and playing) before the level could be considered done.

Ok, time to finish, I'll cook up some screenshots to ya for tomorrow's update. Have a pleasant evening/day/night/food/sex/quake/whatever.



Wednesday, Mar. 11, 1998
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22:00 [CET]
My f**kin' ass!! I've been playing the omicron bot 1-on-1 in spine today and it's totally unbelievable how convincingly human-like the bot behaves! It was so much fun that I decided to record and post a little demo. Here's the zip (460K), it may take a few minutes until it's mirrored though. Note how well the bot uses the architecture to his advantage for his 5th frag! Remember that you will need to have the omicron bot (953K) installed in order to watch the demo because it uses custom models for the shotgun shells.

15:30 [CET]
Recently I realized that it's still the old DAPAK banner that's being displayed at PQ. So I cooked up a new one which will hopefully rotate around the Planet soon:

11:00 [CET]
It's been coming a long way and has been delayed several times, but here it is: spine, the quake1 tourney map for the Qonference, ready for your consumption! There are two exclusive reviews up on the trusty old Ramshackle as well as on JVOX Boomstick, a superb MacQuake resource. Excellent reads as ususal, head over there and check them out!

I don't know much about macs, but the file is available in .sit format at the Boomstick, if that means anything... A big thank you to Jeff and Joel for having the reviews up so incredibly fast and making "wednesday" possible :)

On another cheery note: there's a server running Kick the P.A. and Gun for Q2. Steve Schlosnagle sent word that...

"PlanetQuake is having a few problems with their server list as they update to Q2 Master server. You can point GameSpy (or Qview!) at:

Go forth and kick some P.A., soldier! The maps can be found in our download section or as a one-file-zip at



Sunday, Mar. 8, 1998
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Well. it's been a rather long time of no updates. Not that there's nothing new, it's just so much stuff to do and only so little time to do it in. However, here's a short rundown on what's happening:

I just finished my second DAPAK2 map and it even got some testing already. After all the tweaking I'm pretty satisfied with the result. Just as the previous one it should be good for 2-8 players. I played it 1-on-1 and with up to 7 CRBots and the playing surface was supporting this range rather nicely.

the second dapak2 mapthe second dapak2 map

Together with Sten's map which is pretty far also that's almost 3/8 of the pack. I also started yet another map in the waste theme and one CTF map. I'll keep you updated on the progress with screenshots as soon as I have something worth posting.

Oh, yes, the Qonference map... I got word from the organizers that they were forced to find a new location recently and ran in all sorts of problems because of that. Unfortunately this delays the release of the map once again, but in the email it says that they definitely want to have it out by wednesday, so stay tuned.




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