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Wednesday, July, 8, 1998
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The last addition to the original DaPak is done and posted. Here's the map: - "The Vomitorium" (194K) There's a lenghty review up on the Ramshackle, go have a look.

On the subject of this site: we, all the 4 members of the DaPak team, have decided that we won't be updating this page anymore. We won't shut it completely down, it shall remain as a "monument" to the original DaPak.

DaPak2: the problem child. Its future is unknown, but we don't have exact plans to flush the whole project either. It's just "done when it's done." Meanwhile you can always enjoy quality maps from Headshot, Retinal, ztn and all the others who have shown their mad skillz =)

For those who still might not know, Headshot and I have now our own personal pages:

Headshot's Tiny Deathmatch Map Depot

ztn's recycler

Have mercy,



Wednesday, June. 18, 1998
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I've put together a little personal page of mine. Go check out, it's at:



Wednesday, June. 10, 1998
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It's out! No, not new map called "Recycler" - ztn2dm4. Jeff "El Presidente" Yost has done it again, go read the review at Ramshackle. And when you're done, grab the map, head to the Pro-Rocket page, get the Pro-Rocket mod and play the damn map with that mod! It'll be a blast...literally.

Eraser lovers will be happy too, there's also a mod called Pro-Eraser. And guess what, my new map is bundled with the route-table for that bot, thanks to Meanstryk.

So have fun and I'll be back later.



Sunday, June. 7, 1998
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I don't feel very well... X-(



Friday, June. 5, 1998
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New banner system is up and running. Click it and stuff...

I'll be out of town this weekend...gonna drink mucho beer and have a good time. Seeya on Sunday (if I'm still alive ;)...have mercy!



Saturday, May. 30, 1998
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Hello, ztn here (yea like anybody else updates DaPak2 site nowadays). I want to draw your attention to the TerraFusion which features Headshot's D-Lite and Jens Andreasson's Brutal Force among with other good maps in this week's map pack. Now go play dammit and don't forget to vote.

Seeya around, have mercy!



Wednesday, May. 27, 1998
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Hey, it's ztn here. Decided to post my Unreal review, here goes: haven't seen the game yet. Ok, now that off the way, check out those screenies from my new map (yet to be released):

shot1 (14K) shot2 (16K)

I have started yet another new map, this time for that little ol' game we all love so much: Quake 1. I just had to make one more classic Quake deathmatch map. Though, I'm sorta busy from businesswise right now so finishing that piece might take a while. Have to earn some money too you know.

'til next time. Have mercy!



Saturday, May. 16, 1998
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Hell0, ztn here. As promised, my new map has been released over at Ramshackle. This very page has recently rolled over its 100,000 visitors mark, so I'd like to wish to the guys over there the very best of luck and also express my deepest gratitude for their help and support for releasing our maps. Thanks and keep up the good work!

So, head over to the Ramshackle and check out the review... The map is called "Fury" and it also marks the beginning of the "out of the box" Eraser bot support for my maps. Ramshackle's very own Meanstryk, the "bot expert" over there was kind enough to agree to make the route-tables for my maps. So big thanks goes to him too :)

This map was my little experiment with the different layout and scaling, therefore I decided not to include it to the "ztn2dm" series. It has such a different background and it just didn't fit to the series...anyway, I'm open for any feedback.

Dammit, I wish I could be in the BeatDown instead of sitting here and picking my nose. I'm kinda bored you know...anyone out there who wants to buy me a Porshe? It could light up my day or know...wroom and stuff...



Thursday, May. 14, 1998
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ztn here again. My next huge-ass waste theme map will be out on Saturday. At least that's what Jeff "Das Spiffmeister" Yost says... we'll see about that on Saturday of course ;)

Bought myself a brand new USR 56K modem today. Within a nice green box...with headphones and ISP doesn't support 56K modems... <Insert your favorite profanity here>

Just thought you wanted to know...



Saturday, May. 09, 1998
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Hello there folks! Ive been having a great time sorting through some of my email. Thanks to everyone who emailed me about that little MP3 I uploaded, if all goes to plan then I should have a 'higher res' version available sometime soon. Itll be stereo and full length, so get your headphones on for full effect :)

Unluckily I managed to blow out my left channel completely on my amp by covering up the heatsink for too long (not recommended), and the right channel now only takes tuner input. This means I get some 'automatic' boosting on some frequencies :( Oh well, it only cost me 20 ($30) anyways, and it was around 20 years old!

On a more Quake2 related scale Ive been running into some difficulties with some programming in my custom gamex86.dll. I want to be able to add a whole new 'trigger_***' variable to use in a map of mine, and write some code for it. I have already sussed out that I have to add the relevant 'trigger_***' to the structure section in the g_spawn.c file, and Ive added a prototype for the function in g_trigger.c file. Now this is where my knowledge of programming runs out :(

What I want to do is kinda top-secret, but by no means very difficult to program. Indeed a lot of the code could be directly taken from existing functions and just chopped up together, but I dont know how to do it properly. If anybody out there thinks that they could help me out then I would be _really_ grateful if they emailed me. I would be able to supply what the code is supposed to do in 'pseudo-code' (i.e. the basics of the code would be there, but possibly incorrect). I know this sounds vague and all kind of 'why the feck would I wanna help this guy out?' but if you have any experience programming Quake2, or even are designing a mod yourself, and are interested to know what this crazy idea is then you know who to contact. Of course _full_ credit will goto youself, and I'll even pop your name in the credits at the end :)



Friday, May. 08, 1998
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Hi, my name is ztn. Some of the older readers may remember me and my ignorant and ill-infested updates a while back.

Anyway, I've been busy building maps and stuff, my next piece will be hopefully out sometime next week. Though, this time it won't be ztndm series map since it has quite a different background and it just don't fit to the series. My fourth "ztn2dm" is still under construction...damn, that waste theme is pain...

Hey, thanks to everyone who voted for "The Rage" at Terrafusion! Next week should be a bit more interesting though, along the other good maps there's also Headshot's excellent "Grind".

Speaking of DaMan, Headshot has put together his personal page to showcase his twenty (!) maps he have made. His site looks like an exact copy of this site, I wonder if he ripped the design from us? ;) Here's the url: Headshot's Tiny Deathmatch Depot

Foreign language lesson of the week: "Looken sie il screena-shotta from my uppacomingo el mapo di deathmazione"
I have no idea what that means...

what's the difference between a duck? (9K) definitely maybe. (11K)




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