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FRIDAY, JAN. 30, 1998

whoa! driving in the snowstorm when you can't see farther than couple of yards is certainly my kind of fun. but fear must you not, yours truly managed to get back safe and sound as you might have noticed.

currently working with my dapak level, figuring out where it leaks. i'm using worldcraft, and if you're into level editing, you know that finding the leak could be pain in the arse :)

hey! thanks to all of you who e-mailed me and told me that you liked the painkiller. you know, this kind of stuff keeps us going. ok, i don't know about others but coffee keeps me going also. a big wet kiss to the guy who invented the coffee. uh, what the hell i'm talking about...

THURSDAY, JAN. 29, 1998

hello, its ztn here. it is thursday and that means one thing: i will update dapak page! so expect some heavy mis-spellings, crap, nonsense, and links to free pr0n from now on thursdays and fridays. well ok, maybe not pr0n :)

as danimal yesterday mentioned, he played a bit some ol' game. seems like we are currently in nostalgic mood because couple of days ago i played through an old game named "space quest: the sarien encounter". i remember when i first played this game back in '90 (or was it '91?) on my olivetti xt and was amazed by this game's interactivity and music and graphics. but what really grounded me, was that there (in the game that is) was a little bar on some distant planet where all the scum from space gathered. and in the bar played zz top! i'm a big fan of the little 'ol band from texas so you might guess how amazed i was. but seems like the story of space quest has become to an end since i've heard that sierra is no longer interested to release space quest 7. well, lets hope they'll turn their minds about it because it would be a shame to see an end of this fine game. after all, it is a cult game also :)

and now about level editing: i've started my 1st and 2nd dapak (hopefully ;) map, so if i have something to show, i'll post some screeshots. i have now 5 levels in works and i have no idea when i will complete 'em =) . among the dapak and other levels there is 1 rocket arena level also but this is so raw that it might be called "a room with the walls and sky." looks like i'll have an another busy weekend.
ok, signing off now. seeya all tomorrow!

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 28, 1998

well, i downloaded that old epic game jill of the jungle the other day. i remember way back when i had a i386 i used to get a big kick out of the noisemaker. it still rocks. i seriously think it may be the inspiration behind the song "we have explosive" by future sound of london. ok, maybe not ;)

anyway, not much in the way of quake editing [or playing, for that matter] due to the nearly illegal amount of school work i have to do. it seems i bit off about a seven-course meal more than i could chew, trying to make an interactive 3D modeler for my graphics class. i decided to can it, opting for the less ingenious 3D box making program ;) instead of making a 3D alarm clock, i am now going to just make mr. box man ©. maybe i'll even post some pictures when he's done...stay tuned! maybe i'll release the box maker and renderer and run a mr. box man contest! whoo hoo ;)

ok, that's enough out of me. until next time...actually by next time, i'll hopefully be doing this update from my new PII-233...i still am waiting for my motherboard to arrive...

TUESDAY, JAN. 27, 1998

Hello! After a long time being offline I'm back and updating the site again. I had some very serious, nearly absurd, hardware problems with my new system (including but not limited to: graphics board, main board(!), hd-drive and possibly even the processor, since everything, even the memory is replaced now but I still get the blue screen of death, 0x0000000A IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR EQUAL (that's Windows NT), anyone knows what the hell's going on?) ACK!

The one thing that IS working now is our ISDN card. Meaning that for the first time since the invention of the wheel I can kick people's ass over the net now. Needless to say that I did exactly that non-stop the last couple days :)

Anyway, back to business: first I want to bring the Eraser Bot from the Impact Development Team to your attention which now features support for Kick the P.A. I tried it and it rocked! Much more fun and working better than any Q1 bot I've seen. Head over there and download it now!

Expect more regular updates here from now on. The four of us agreed to update this site on a regular basis so you will know all you have to know about DAPAK2. Also some of the broken links on this site have been fixed and the download section has been updated. Thanks to everybody who wrote to let me know about the problems.

Speaking of DAPAK2: the pack is well underway. I'm busy working on my first map for the pack and will post a couple screenshots here soon. The first design ideas are coming together and we even received an offer from a professional musician to do a title track for DAPAK2! Now that would be cool...

And finally: before we really start working on DAPAK2 we're going to contribute a multi-arena map to the Rocket Arena 2 mod. Stay tuned!
(...couple minutes later...)
OH MY! Those ftp-links are case sensitive! NOW they work. Sorry once more...

SATURDAY, JAN. 24, 1998

Hello, its Ztn here. Well, my first Q2 map has hit the public over at Ramshackle. It is a conversion of my recent Q1 map "Painkiller" which some of you might know. So, go grab it and have a good match. Also, i'd like to thank Jeff Yost and his crew for playtesting this map and providing me a valuable feedback. And of course, big thanks goes to my fellow teammates Headshot, Copy and Danimal...

...which brings us to the another point: one of my ICQ friends told me that DaPak team is like Mötley Crue of Quake community (i wonder why?)...well, if this is the case, who's got Pamela?

SATURDAY, JAN. 17, 1998

well, i said a couple days until my level was available, but i like to lie ;)   i'm glad to announce that "guns and ammo" is now available along with headshot's "Kick The P.A"...so head on over to Ramshackle, and check these bad boys out.
as usual, jeff yost and company did a terrific job of playtesting these maps and providing valuable feedback/insight to dennis and myself, so as to make YOUR deathmatch experience that much better. thanks again, jeff.

TUESDAY, JAN. 13, 1998

Ok, the new web site is up. It isn't tested with Netscape at all so if you're experienceing any difficulties, broken links or things that are looking awkward, just let me know.

You can still reach the old DAPAK web site at www.planetquake.com/dapak/dapak1 and it's also linked from our cool sites section ;)

In other news: we're proud to announce that Sten Uusvali has joined the DAPAK team and that he will contribute to DAPAK2. Be sure to see some astonishing Q2 maps made by him. How about droping him a line?

MONDAY, JAN. 12, 1998

well, qrad3 is now chugging away at my first q2 map...entitled 'guns and ammo', which for the most part is a pretty accurate name. this level is a change for me, since i've done something i always wanted to do...limit the type of weapons available but still make it a fair and fun game for everyone. this was sort of impossible in quake, since the rl was so nasty and a level without it tended to suffer from the nobody-will-play-me curse. check back in a couple days...it should be ready to be unleashed on the public by then.

dan1s.jpg (22244 Byte)dan2s.jpg (18712 Byte)dan3s.jpg (21189 Byte)

oh yeah, i also made a utility called 'voila' a little while ago which provides some more flexibility to those of you using an editor without full q2 support [namely, worldcraft]. it allows you to edit the surface and contents properties of .wal files, and has a pretty spiffy viewer also :) anyway, you can read the .txt file here and see if it interests you before downloading it here.

THURSDAY, JAN. 8, 1998

I've been busy working on my first real, from scratch q2 map (after deleting one which grew out of size) and it's getting close to completion. One more area and it's ready for testing. Here are a couple first shots (the door frame in the second one leads to that unfinished area):

dp2_2_1.jpg (26902 Byte)dp2_2_2.jpg (24135 Byte)dp2_2_3.jpg (23603 Byte)

Same as Danimals map it doesn't have a name yet and I'm always thankful for usable suggestions.


hello, people. not to be outdone, i will also update the page ;). i intended to finish my first q2 level today, but high surface counts became quite a burden as i reached the home stretch. i figured out a way around it however, but it's still going to take a few more hours of work before it's ready for public consumption. in the meantime, here are two screenshots to whet your appetite...


if you can think of a good name for this level, tell me, because i have yet to think of one.

Yeah, the site is now maintained by all three of us which should result in more frequent and more interesting updates. A site redesign is underway as well.

Hi folks, its Copy here, I guess you could say that I am pretty new to updating the DAPAK web page, and I'm sure this will come as a suprise to Headshot and Danimal =). Anyway, Im working on a new DM map for Quake2 (arent we all?) so I thought I'd get ahead of myself and give you all some funky screenshots to have a look at, as for Worldcraft 1.6 which we are all so desperately waiting for...well lets just hope Ben gets inspirational.