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BULOWAD (Quake 1 .WAD)
BuloWAD is quite a poor Quake I texture set that contains far too many textures of a poor quality to be counted as serious, but at least it's a bit better than my 'BlueGreen' wad. You can see screenshots of a map I was making with it here and here.

Download - (Fileplanet)
Download - (TeamFern)
TXT file

BULOWNIA 2 (32 bit TGAs/JPGs 0.5 scale - E.g. Quake III)
If you've ever played my map "Bulownian Fortresses", you'll recognise similarities in the textures used in that map and these. The difference is that these are designed to be 'inspired' by those textures, while looking a lot more realistic. See what you can do with them. RavenOus of WFAMAPS.COM has created a Sample Page. Check it out if you'd like to see what's in this texture set. Thanks Rav!

JPG textures download (1.73mb)
TGA (uncompressed) textures download (5.41mb)
PSP (Paintshop Pro) Miscellaneous Layered Source Files (2.83mb)



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