The DaZ Dranz level cave
  The DaZ Dranz level cave  


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Sojourner - Doom 3 mapping project

I, along with fellow mappers "Biff" and "Gom Jabbar" have started work on a Doom 3 episode titled "Sojourner". The episode is set on-board a UAC space craft, the UMC-Sojourner, orbiting mars at the same time the events on the surface take place. More information and some screenshots can be seen on the new "Sojourner" page right here.

News by DaZ on the 9th October 2004

Doom 3

What a game! I enjoyed it from start to finish, and have a renewed interrest in mapping because of this new engine. I think its probably pretty safe to say that I wont be working on any new Quake maps from now on, while I still love the game it just doesn't grip me like it used to and all the new possibilities with the doom3 tech are just driving me nuts at the moment. I have removed all my Quake 1 & Quake 3 maps in progress from this site and will be updating at a later date with some info and possibly screenshots of a doom3 single player episoide I am working on with a few others.

News by DaZ on the 30th August 2004

Industrial decay images

I have put up a gallery of images of an abandoned cement works near where I live, strong decaying industrial buildings which I find very inspirational for mapping. You can check out the full gallery with thumbnails here. I will add more pictures to this as I take them.

News by DaZ on the 8th June 2004

CRDM3 - Mechanical Storm update

Its going slow, but I have completed enough of my latest dm map to warrant some more screenshots, take a look at the Crdm3 - Mechanical Storm page for three new shots! Cant say when the map will be finished... :)

News by DaZ on the 7th April 2004

Sphinx & The Cursed Mummy!

One of the many reasons why this place has been somewhat dead for last 6-8 months is that I've been working at Eurocom Software finishing off this dazzling new action / adventure title : Sphinx & The Cursed Mummy.

Its been one hell of a ride, but every second was worth it, the game is already out in the USA and it will be out in Europe very soon (if not already).

Sphinx & The Cursed Mummy
News by DaZ on the 2nd March 2004


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