The DaZ Dranz level cave
  The DaZ Dranz level cave  


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The DaZ Dranz level cave

The DaZ Dranz level cave first opened its doors in 1999 (I think...) using some very small webspace provided by my first Dial-up host After a few months the DDLC moved to a crazy new url - where remains of the site can still be found today! Then, finally in 2000 we moved here to PlanetQuake and have been happy ever since, well after 3 or 4 re-designs anyway :)


DaZ, real name Darren Weekes lives in the center of the United Kingdom and is currently working for the lovely Eurocom Entertainment Software ltd. DaZ also loves film and music, as most of his neighbours know when he cranks up the volume.


Aside from people calling him "Dranz" instead of his proper alias "Drannerz", Drannerz is a quite happy man, currently at University studying english. Drannerz is also into music and film, but is also prone to going out and getting very, very drunk.


Many people often confuse DaZ with Drannerz, and many people online even think we are the same person even after all this time. Crakas! DaZ and Drannerz met around 6 years ago at school, both of us liked PC games and we both got into editing at around the same time for Quake. Rather than having a seperate site for each of us, we thought a site for both would work better as it would be more frequently updated (lol) than most single author sites and we would be able to get more content in one place, not to mention a crapload of maps. Also us two also do PlanetQuake's level of the week feature for Quake, where we can promote great maps and authors into stardom.




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Latest release!

Q1DM : BSP by DaZ

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