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· Posted 4/15/2003 · Author: Darwin ·

Welcome to D-Day Normandy, the original WWII modification of First Person Shooters. You do not need to own Quake2 to play this mod. If this is your first time visiting you can get more information from the features, classes, and weapons links to the left. Visit the download section for the Quake2 mod file or the free stand-alone version.

D-Day Normandy is no longer being officially worked on, however the community continues to grow and expand upon what the ViperSoft team created. Information on the teamís next game will be available here in the future. The community now keeps D-Day alive, for the latest community maps, modifications, and links, please visit the official forums.

Inland Released
· Posted 1/3/2003 · Author: Darwin ·

The Inland Campaign has been released! This is an official dday campaign and includes 7 maps. Here is the link, as usual unzip to your dday folder!

Download from FilePlanet

This campaign has been over a year in development and a lot of work has gone into them. I would like to thank H-Hour, Fafner and Perez for their contributions. For screenshots of these new maps click HERE.

British Team Released!
· Posted 1/2/2003 · Author: Darwin ·

The first beta of the British Team has been released to kick off the new year! This release includes 3 maps, British player models, all new weapons and sounds. Hosted here on our site is one zip file containing everything you need. Simply unzip it to your dday folder, hit the servers and give them bloody hell boys!

Download from FilePlanet

Here is a quick page with screenshots and here is a link to the forum thread where you can find additional info and file mirrors.

Invade Maps Updated
· Posted 11/30/2002 · Author: Darwin ·

All of the Invade maps have been updated! This update should fix a lot of the gameplay problems from the last version and crashing bugs. Grab the full campaign file Here. Unzip to your dday folder, strap on your helmet and hit the servers!

Also the dday standalone is official, it loads up in software mode by default just change it to opengl. Please report any errors you may have with it over on the help forum. This means that you can play dday without quake2, so get your friends hooked :) It's on the files page.

RezMoth Goes Pro
· Posted 9/14/2002 · Author: Darwin ·

A big congratulations goes out to Vipersoft programmer RezMoth!
Rez has been hired by Raven Software, creators of the Soldier of Fortune series, Jedi Knight II, and the upcoming Quake4!

In other news, a handy server browser was made just for dday games, check out this forum thread for the scoop.

Russian Team Released
· Posted 8/13/2002 · Author: Darwin ·

The first release of the Russian team is ready! Members of the dday community have been developing British and a Russian teams. This is an expansion pack for dday, itís a set of models, skins, pics, sounds, and code. This is why dday uses separate team code, so the community can grab the source and create their own add-on teams; mappers simply have to point to the Russian team dll. This is the Russian team primarily developed by Fafner, the British is still in production by the team.

Download the main add-on files and the map. Just extract them into your dday folder!

Russian Expansion Download Link

While you download you can check out a weapons preview Here.

As usual, check the servers page for active servers to play on or drop by the forums to hang out, eat some cheese, and sing a song or something.

D-Day: Normandy v 4.1 Released
· Posted 7/24/2002 · Author: Phil ·

Version 4.1 of D-Day: Normandy is a server patch only! If you do not run a server, you do not have to download this update. This patch addresses the following issues:

  • Linux support(!)

  • No more last-kill overflows

  • Sniper gib shots occur less frequently

  • New Auto Select code

  • Random spawn points

  • Numerous trivial bug fixes

Additionally, the source code to D-Day: Normandy has been released. Check out the files section for more information!

Navarone Released
· Posted 7/18/2002 · Author: Darwin ·

A new 3 map campaign based on The Guns of Navarone created by (29th)LooseBob has been released! Go get it in the maps section HERE or at the Art of War site.

Then hit the Servers page and go Play!

Inland Campaign pics
· Posted 7/9/2002 · Author: Castrator ·

Darwin recently posted some pictures of the upcoming inland campaign on the mapping forum. The campaign is nearly finished, so keep your eyes peeled.

· Posted 7/2/2002 · Author: Castrator ·

Darwin updated the screenshots page over the weekend. I'm not sure if he is actually done with it ATM, but there are 8 new shots from 4.0 now.

Also, for those of you who may have forgotten, Darwin is also working on the inland campaign. Progress has been going pretty slow on it though since I think the dev team is still in a burnout after releasing 4.0. However, there has been lots of internal discussion for the next project, Squads. "No soup for you" regarding that though.

And, oh hey, look, the news got updated. Yay!

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