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D-Day Normandy is a Quake2 Total Conversion that brings the sting of battle to you from World War II. You do NOT need to own Quake2 to play, there is a free standalone version on the files page. D-Day development began in 1998 and provided the first gameplay of this type in this now popular genre. D-Day modifies the engine to the point where you do not even realize it is quake2 anymore.

  • Class based tactical teamplay combat
  • Locational damage - head, chest, stomache, and legs
  • No crosshair for added realism
  • True-Sight - pulls gun up to center of screen to let you aim down the sights for improved accuracy
  • Ability to go prone and crawl around
  • Jump stamina
  • Class limits
  • Officers can call in an airstrike to clear out enemies
  • You can drop any weapon and ammo and pick up weapons off the ground
  • Easy Voice shouts using F-keys
  • Objective system
  • Players bleed and limp
  • Inventory weight system
  • No individual scores, kills go to team score
  • 5 maps included in the full install and tons of community made maps
  • High res skins and immersive sound effects
  • Immersive details such as, helmet deflections, guns bieng shot out of hands, brains flying out of headshots, bloodsprays, and dud grenades
  • Fast action, an active community, fast loading levels, all of this for FREE :)

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