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D-Day: Normandy has a new campaign system integrated into it. If the Allies lose a map, then they are pushed back and if the Axis lose a map, then they are pushed back.

Normandy Campaign
This campaign takes you from the beaches of Omaha into the heart of France.

In the first map, Omaha Beach, by Castrator, the Allies must move up the beach and secure Axis strong points. The Axis forces must destroy the Allied force to survive.

In the second map, Sainte Mere Eglise, by Castrator, the Axis forces must wipe out the incoming Allies. The Allies must destroy the Axis forces. All in all, it's an exciting fight.

If the Allies win Sainte Mere Eglise, they press on further into The Hedgerows, also from Castrator. The thick hedges provide a lot of cover for the German forces to repel the Allies as they push on.

During their advancement forward, Allies invade Dinant, by The Sarge. Allied soldiers must take out German defensive positions and destroy the Dinant river bridge so that Axis reinforcements cannot pass.

After they pass Dinant, Allied forces help to hold one of the last remnants of the French Maginot Line. Simserhof Bunker, by Castrator, pits Allies in a desperate struggle to defend critical bunker systems against Axis attack.

Visit the maps page and dday map sites for other campaigns created by the community!

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