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D-Day: Normandy Files

D-Day: Normandy 4.1 - Full Standalone File
[ FULL Install ] [ Released: 10/15/2002 ] [ DOWNLOAD: exe | zip ]
For people who do not own quake2 or want to save space this is a complete free full standalone dday install, this includes the full game and scource code. You may connect to games using the servers page, DSB, Gamespy, The All-Seeing Eye, etc. Please visit the dday forums for any questions. Note: many community maps use files from the original game, so you may need to connect to a server that allows auto-download of these files.

D-Day: Normandy 4.0 - Full Quake2 MOD File
[ FULL Install ] [ Released: 4/28/2002 ] [ DOWNLOAD: zip | exe ]
Unzip to your Quake2 directory. It is highly recommended that you delete or rename your old dday directory on your computer so that this is a fresh installation. The new features include:
  • New player models/Skins
  • New weapon models
  • TNT for Engineer
  • Enhanced explosion effects
  • New voice shouts
  • Scoreboards and point system redesigned
  • New HUD featuring weapon and clip images
  • Material based footsteps
  • Hitbox code rewritten
  • Complete redesign of weapon firing system
  • Hundreds of bug fixes/graphical changes/gameplay tweaks
D-Day: Normandy 4.1 - Full Quake2 MOD File Patch
[ PATCH ] [ Released: 7/24/2002 ] [ DOWNLOAD: win32 | linux ]
This is a server patch. Just unzip into your dday/ directory, read the READMEs. This patch addresses the following issues:
  • Linux support(!)
  • No more last-kill overflows
  • Sniper gib shots occur less frequently
  • New Auto Select code
  • Random spawn points
  • Numerous trivial bug fixes

Extra Files

British Team Expansion
This is an expansion pack for dday that adds a British team and includes 3 levels.

Russian Team Expansion
This is an expansion pack for dday that adds a Russian team, itís a set of models, skins, pics, sounds, and code. Grab the new map as well, unzip both into dday folder.

Created by psychospaz. Quake2maX is an OpenGL only Quake2 engine modification wich is used as an optional .exe instead of the standard Quake2.exe. Quake2maX adds many dday code specific enhanced graphics such as a cool particle effects, bloodstains, and much more. note: does not work with the launcher

D-Day Server Browser
[ Server Browser ] [ DOWNLOAD ]
DSB (D-Day Server Browser), will download an up to date list of D-Day servers, query them, and allow you to simply double click on one to join. NOTE: DOES NOT WORK WITH D-DAY STANDALONE! [ SCREENSHOT ]

D-Day Black & White Patch
A .pak file that changes D-Day into totally black & white, like watching an old war film.

Christmas Pak
Created by Fafner. Want to replace your knife with a candy cane and get into some christmas spirit?

D-Day Logo
This is a layered photoshop file of the dday logo seen on the site, this file is for fan sites and is copyright Vipersoft Entertainment.

Weather Effects File
Created by NiceAss. This weather DLL is much like an addon for Quake 2. It enables you to cycle through three different types of weather effects (rain, fog, snow or none), both visual and audio.

Editing Tools

QuArK is short for "Quake Army Knife" and is used for creating levels among other things. Check out the D-Day Mapper's FAQ over in the dday mapping forum for more information on level creation.

D-Day Map Makers Help File
An html document made by Castrator that explains entity usage in D-Day.

D-Day Sample Map
A sample .map file for all you mappers. A simple area with all the spawn entities and other things only found in D-Day. A Must for the D-Day mapper.

[ Pak Files ] [ DOWNLOAD ]
PakScape is a PAK/PK3 explorer/creator. Since PK3 files are really ZIP files it can also be used as a ZIP explorer/creator. PakScape supports long filenames and has an easy explorer like interface. Use PakScape to build your own custom dday pak files.

[ Texture Tool ] [ LINK ]
Wally is a freeware texture editing program that imports/exports almost any format into a Quake2 WAL file for designing textures.

Photoshop WAL Plug In
[ PLUG IN ] [ LINK ]
Photoshop plugin that allows you to save images directly to a Q2 .wal texture.

Older D-Day Releases

First Build - ddaybeta0.5
[ Old File ] [ DOWNLOAD ]
Containing old maps and half finished work, this is the earliest copy of dday you can get, this version was never released publicly and is unstable.

First Release - ddaybeta1
[ Old File ] [ DOWNLOAD ]
The first build released for public play.

Patch - ddaybeta1.2 - server
[ Old File ] [ DOWNLOAD ]
A patch to beta1.

[ Old File ] [ DOWNLOAD ]
D-day beta2, lots of improvements from beta1, the first popular release.

Patch - ddaybeta2.1
[ Old File ] [ DOWNLOAD ]
Fixes to beta2.

[ Old File ] [ DOWNLOAD ]
Major 3.0 release featuring upgrades in virtually every area.

Patch - ddaybeta3.2
[ Old File ] [ DOWNLOAD ]
Various fixes and upgrades to the 3.0 release.

Source Code

D-Day: Normandy 4.1 - all platforms
[ CODE ] [ Released: 7/25/2002 ] [ DOWNLOAD: zip | tarball ]
Included is the full source code to the main game and team libraries of D-Day: Normandy. It currently compiles in Win32, Linux, and Amiga. Please read the enclosed READMEs for more information.

D-Day Launcher Source Code
The full source code to the D-Day Launcher program (distributed with D-Day: Normandy 4.0). Fully tested and compiles in MSVC++.

D-Day Server Browsers:

D-Day Forums

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