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Jason 'Abaris' Mohr - Project Leader, Author, Animator, Modeler
The founder of the D-Day project, Abaris has seen many come and go. He has stuck with the D-Day mod, always making it better. He is from Minnesota, USA.

Peter 'Castrator' Lipman - Lead Mapper, Textures
Inventing a new genre of mapping for the D-Day style of play isn't easy, but Castrator took the first steps towards showing the community what can be done in D-Day with his maps. Castrator is currently working for Mythic Entertainment.

Darwin Allen - Skins, Textures, Sounds, Animation
Darwin is a freelance Illustrator and web artist, who shows oil paintings where he lives in San Francisco, CA as well. He is attending the Academy of Art College part time and works on mods as a hobby.

Phil Bowens - Lead Programmer
Always willing to make the mod better, Phil has been coding many of the new features in the D-Day mod. He is always willing to 'look into it' as he would say and you could say that he has the virtue of a true programmer: hubris.

Adam 'RezMoth' Sherburne - Programmer
Bugs which were previously thought of as unfixable have been dealt with quickly and efficently by RezMoth. A very valuable addition to Vipersoft, and now a coder for Raven Software.

Patrick 'Wheaty' Krauter - Programmer & Webmaster
Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman... wait a minute, Spiderman SUCKS!

Luc 'Col.Piron' Vandael - Historian & Conceptualist
Enigmatic man of mystery and master of the ancient alchemical black arts. Founding father of the golden apple club for inter-dimensional para sciences.

Additional Help

Dan 'Spearhead' Reedy - Forums Moderator

Ben 'Species' Cass - Programmer

...additional credits are in the game manual.

Some of the descriptive content of this site was written by the previous webmaster, Jackson.

Also, a big 'thanks' to all the previous dev-team members for their support and contributions!

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