DDE2 Update (( 11.27.02 )) def
Right off the bat, I would like to welcome our latest addition to the DDE crew, iBh|123. He has proven to be very resourceful in the past and once again he shows off his intellectual prowess. After rigorous research of digital media compression, we now have one of the premier experts in the field aboard. As a result he has brought to my attention the need for lower quality and hence in size smaller versions of DDE2, by people with constrained bandwidths, ISDN'ers, and dialup'ers.

123 has compressed the original 370mb behemoth video without losing any quality down to 237MB. Additionally, there are 3 new versions of DDE2, medium quality (117MB), low quality (65MB), and super low quality (35MB). I checked out all of the versions and i was quite impressed with size to quality ratios. If indeed you are unable to get the high quality (237MB) version, one of the lower quality presentations will suit you well. Lastly, we will incorporate these compression techniques in all of our future projects. All of the versions can be obtained in the updated download section.

DDE2 MVD content released (( 11.25.02 )) def
We have released the original MVD content of the movie, you can snatch it in the download section. The movie has recieved just over 4000 downloads from the fileplanet mirror, resulting in over 1.5 Terrabytes in download traffic. We are very pleased with the way the movie has been deemed a success. On another note, we have begun collecting material for DDE3, and hope to have it out of the door in a couple of months time.

DDE2 Press (( 11.04.02 )) def
I'm pleased to say that roughly 95% of the comments that we have recieved about the movie are positive so I thought I would link some of the press. Besmella-Quake.com, Challenge-Smackdown.com, Challenge-TV.com, Challenge-USA.com, Daily-Rush.dk, ESReality.com, FuhQuake.net, PlanetQuake.com, Slackers.dk, NQR.nu, Stronger.org, Cached.net, FPS Gaming Network, FPP Quake, Quake-FR.com, ShackES. Last but not least I would like to apologize to Delirium from the FDE crew and acknowledge him to the credits of this movie, as he provided me with crucial technical details and helpful tutorials.

DDE2 Released (( 10.30.02 )) def
After weeks of problems and delays, it is finally here. Dag put in an extra
hard effort to get this baby to see the light of day. I've been plagued by all kinds of
problems lately, system specific, and dating hardware which attributed to the delays.
This is by far our best work, and I hope all of you enjoy it. Please head over to the
download section and snatch this puppy.

Update: We are getting rave reviews everywhere, and I plan to post some press links later on. Thus far the site has generated in excess of 400 gigabytes of traffic, and this movie is beign hailed as one of the best movies for FPS games ever. On another note, for some people the movie seems to dark, for others its perfect, and others too bright. It is impossible to anticipate every possible gfx card and monitor setting, therefore we suggest you adjust your gamma/contrast/brightness within your media player to ensure nice quality. We have created a video that possess rich colors not washed faded tones.

PlanetQuake Hosting (( 10.29.02 )) def
I want to extend a special thx to Planet Quake and the GameSpy network dudes which
provided us with a permanent and stable web home, with an unlimited ftp space and
traffic. We plan to expand the site in the near future with a message board and possible tutorials.

DDE2 Announced (( 10.01.02 )) def
Due to huge popular demand and improving technology the sequel to one of the
most kickass quake movies ever made is in its processing stages. We are bringing
you again, over 40 new amazing frags that hold up the highest quality standards,
and once again 40 new ground breaking and astonishing tricks.
We are going to
push the envelope again by rendering the movie at 2500kpbs bringing an
unprecedent 2.5x the quality of DVD for fast motion video. The quake engine being
used is an unrealesed dev version of More Quakeworld that I (one of a few) have
access to as I am on the More QuakeWorld design team. The video is rendered
at 80% playing speed making it one fast adrenalin rush. On the design side, we
have obtained a copy of Discreet Combustion 2.0 (industry standard video editing
suite) which we plan to use to bring together this great project. This video will
set a new benchmark for all other Quake Movies. Look for it very soon...

DDE Released
(( 02.24.02 )) def

Over the past week you have witnessed the release of our little in house production
of our QuakeWorld Movie done to the Extreme. I'm fairly happy with the result, as
the link got plugged on four of the five major gaming sites I emailed, Challenge-TV,
ShackES, XSReality, and Besmella-Quake. The overall response seems to be
positive but there are some negative points outlined as well by the community,
which I hope to remedy in DDE2 when the technology of making this type of movie is
rehashed. I thought the smoothness of the video was excellent, as well as the
image quality compared to FDE 1 and 2. What I would like to improve upon
is including r_drawviewmodel 1, which was not possible without hacking
the surmo client (which we tried, but failed to compile under win32
:~( maybe dellirium can help!), and up'ing the playing speed to 100% while
retaining this type of smoothness (should be possible with coming versions
of More QuakeWorld). I'd also like to obtain a version of Adobe Premier full
, and learn it so I could do some transitions, effects, pov names, and tailor the
music more to onscreen action.

DDE Announced (( 02.14.02 )) def

I'm working on Frags Done Extreme type project with the one and only dag
from Sweden. It is colorfully entitled DDE - Dag Def Extreme and is about
90% finished. It contains some of the most inovative and never before seen
tricks done in QW, side by side. The finnished product will indeed convince
people that one can push the ceiling of this great game even after this many
years. It also contains about 30 amazing frags that are compilation of some
of the most exciting material the two of us had gathered over the years. I'm
putting the finnishing touches upon it right now, and I can say the hardest
part of making a video like this is selecting the appropriate music to go along
with it. I have also encountered many technological problems with making
a video of this type, which I might discuss once the final product is out.
Look for it here first, and later on shackes, challenge-tv, and other
european gaming relating sites. Ok... back to work now...