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About DeathMatch 101

About the Author
Rogue1701 has been kicking around the Internet for a few years now and likes it so much he's decided to stay. He is the author of Home Brewed HTML and has been designing web sites for a few years now.

I currently live in the city of Spokane which is located in eastern Washington State (the sunny side of the state). The word "Spokane" is actually Indian for "Sun." Spokane itself is a city of roughly 190,000 people and 470,00 total living in surrounding Spokane County. The weather in Spokane is about as varied as you can get. I've seen summers with a 100+ degree days, and I've seen winters that went -30 with three feet of snow on the ground! Anyway, Spokane is a great place to visit if you're traveling through the Pacific Northwest.

I attend Gonzaga University which is a private college in Spokane with a student body of about 4500. I'm working towards degrees in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Human Resource Management (HRM) at the Gonzaga School of Business. Gonzaga is well known for it's schools of Law (our law graduates have the highest first time pass rate on the bar in Washington state), Education, Business, and Engineering.

When I'm not working or going to school I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite topics are politics, history, and technology. In terms of sports I enjoy Hockey (NHL and WHL), Football (pro isn't bad, but college ball is the best), and NASCAR racing. The only sport I can play reasonably good (well, almost reasonably good) is Tennis.

About Mr. Chekov
Mr. Chekov is a good buddy of Rogue1701, and a fellow webmaster. He designed some of the graphics on this site. This site would not have been possible without all the great help he gave. Mr Chekov is a very well known author of custom rosters for the NHL 9X series from Electronic Arts. Be sure to check out his site, the NHL Series Arena.

Currently Mr. Chekov is on hiatus from his site while her pursues his education in 3D Graphics Design.

Browsing This Site
This site is best viewed with the most recent versions of Netscape or Internet Explorer. Every effort is made to make the site as viewable as possible in older browsers, but the majority of Internet users are now using these two browsers so it's a very good idea to upgrade if you haven't. After all, they're both free so what's the excuse not to!

In terms of viewing resolution, 800x600 at 16 million colors is the recommended resolution. However I have tested the site at 600x480 and it works fine.

HTML Editing
The majority of this site was written with Frontpage 2000. Yes I've sold my soul by going with a WYSIWYG editor, but the everyone else is headed in that direction so it's time I did too. However that still doesn't let any aspiring web designer off the hook! You still must learn how to write raw HTML if you're going to be any good. 

This site is graciously hosted by the PlanetQuake network. PlanetQuake is an organization of programers, web designers, and artists who provide a home on the Internet for a multitude of Quake sites. It's their hard work and dedication that has helped make the Quake community what it is today. This site couldn't have made it without all their help and support. Thanks PlanetQuake!

Other Tools
For graphics, Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro were used to create original graphics and to take screenshots.



This site is copyright () 1999 by Rogue1701. Quake II, Quake III Arena and its logos are copyright () by id Software.
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