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Part 1 - Deathmatch Introduction

So far I’ve been referring to playing Quake 2 over the Internet as "Quake 2 multiplayer." There are several different modes for playing Quake 2 multiplayer, but the most popular is known as "deathmatch."

The premise of deathmatch is simplicity at its finest. You and one or more other players run around Quake 2 levels trying to kill each other. Each time you kill another player you get one kill (a kill in Quake 2 is called a "frag"). The more frags you get the higher you are ranked in the group. The goal is to get as many frags as you can. Easy, huh? It’s basically paintball or laser tag on a cyber level (but lots funner!).

There are several other variations of Quake 2 multiplayer out there. Cooperative play for example has players working together as teams either trying to kill another team or trying to finish a level. Capture the Flag (CTF) is another team based variation that has two teams trying to capture the other teams flag and return it to their base (just like in grade school!). Although we will be covering some of these other multiplayer modes later, I will be focusing mainly on deathmatch. It’s the most popular mode of play, and basic deathmatch skills translate to every other kind of Quake 2 multiplay.

Our next objective is to get you comfortable with the most popular method of game control in deathmatch (the keyboard & mouse). Click the link below to go to the next page

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