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Part 1 - Cheat Codes & Demos

Practice makes perfect. A golden rule that applies just as much to Quake 2 as anything else in life. If you're going to be a success at deathmatch then you'll need to practice the skills I teach you in this tutorial. The best way, besides actually playing deathmatch, is to practice these skills in the single player missions of Quake 2.

Of course when you're practicing in the single player levels, or deathmatch levels, by yourself you aren't going to want to spend time running around, picking up items or worrying about accidentally killing yourself. This is where cheat codes come in handy. With cheat codes you can get all the weapons at once or make yourself invincible.

To enter the cheat codes first bring down the console by pressing the tilde key (that's the little squiggle (~) to the left of the 1 key). The console then slides down and you are given a prompt at which you can type commands to Quake 2. Enter all the cheat codes you want, pressing enter after each cheat code. When you're done press the tilde key again and the cheats will be enabled. To turn them off enter the codes again. Here are the basic cheat codes:

cheat effect
god invincibility
give all gives you all the weapons and max health
map <mapname> warps you to a specific map (e.g. map base2)


We will be learning much more about the console later in this tutorial. For right now however you can just use it for cheating.

It's great to have a concise, written explanation of how to do something (which is what I hope this tutorial is). Written instructions can only go so far though. Some topics can be better illustrated with visual aids. Quake 2 provides a great resource for making and distributing these visual aids: demos.

A demo is essentially just a recording, a movie if you will, of a players action during the game. Every time you start Quake 2 you see demos of some of the levels. You can record and play your own or someone else's demos from within Quake 2.

For this tutorial I have recorded a few demos that can be helpful in illustrating certain points or strategies I talk about. You can download them all in one file from my download central page. The filename to download is The instructions for installing and using these demos are included with the demos (readme.txt), but they bear repeating here. Note that in these instructions I assume you are using WinZip.

If you don't know how to unzip "zip" files then I reccomend you go download and install WinZip ( WinZip is a great shareware program that lets you easily unzip zipped files in a friendly windows interface.
  1. Start Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder you downloaded the file to.
  2. Double click on the zip file ( and extract its contents to your Quake 2 directory, as shown below:
    WinZip screenshot
    Make sure that the option "Use Folder Names" is checked before you click "Extract"
  3. Make note of the names of each demo. You may want to write them down on a scratch piece of paper.
  4. Start Quake 2
  5. At the console type this command to play the demo:
    demomap demoname.dm2 (so to run the demo rjump.dm2 we would type "demomap rjump.dm2")

That's the basics of cheating and demos. Use them all to practice the skills you'll be learning in the rest of this tutorial. Speaking of skills, let's cover the basic tactics of Quake 2 deathmatch. Click the "Next" link below to continue.

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