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Part 2 - Gamespy Introduction

So far I’ve discussed what deathmatch is and how it works (on Quake 2 servers). However I have not told you how to actually connect to a Quake 2 server. If you read the information that is included with Quake 2 they give you some rudimentary information on how to connect. To do it their way you first have to find some IP addresses of Quake 2 servers (e.g. 145.453.234.23), enter them in, connect, and pray that you’re connection is fast enough to play. There has to be an easier way to do that though, and lucky for us there is.

Click me for a full screen shot of Gamespy Gamespy (previously called "Qspy") is a Windows 95 program that goes out and automatically searches for as many Quake 2 (and other 3D shooter game) servers it can find and then returns with a list of them. The servers are sorted by fastest to slowest relative to your location. Simply locate a fast server, double click on it, and Gamespy automatically runs Quake 2, connects to that server, and launches your game! Now that is easy!!

Even better, the program is shareware which means you can use it for free!!! The makers do accept registration of the program however (for a nominal fee), and registration lets you use some of the more powerful features of Gamespy like chat. However if you just want to use it for locating servers and launching games then you can do that for free.

Before you download Gamepsy make sure that you have the latest version of Quake 2. I discussed this in Part 1. After that you’re ready to go get Gamespy. The links for downloading the most current version of Gamespy are on my Download Central page.

Once you’ve downloaded Gamespy run the program and it will install itself. The installation and setup program is very easy to use. They walk you through it nice and easy so you shouldn’t have any trouble. When the program is finished installing, run it. The first time you run Gamespy it will have you setup a few things. Don’t worry, it leads you through this part as well as it lead you through the installation process.

Now that you’ve got Gamespy, let’s figure out how to use it! Click the "Next" link below to go to the next page.

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