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Part 3 - Play Smart

Being a successful deathmatcher isn't all about reflexes and who can click the fire button fastest. Strategy, using your mind, is just as important. In my opinion a player who can out think another player is just as deadly as one with killer aim, super accurate precision, and low ping.

It's how they got Lincoln…
Although there are unofficial rules in deathmatch against things like camping, they don't necessarily apply to "cheap" kills - like shooting someone in the back. In fact, you're top priority in any deathmatch should be to get in back of your opponents!

While it may not be very honorable it's a hell of a good way to rack up some frags. There are many different ways to get in back of someone. In many cases you'll just turn a corner and someone will be standing there with his back to you. Unload a railgun slug into that poor fellow pronto!

Another good technique is to jump over an opponent, whip around quickly, and deliver him a devastating barrage of backfire. Getting the timing and leverage you'll need to jump over someone can take practice, but it's worth the time and effort.

If you're going to jump off a ledge to meet an opponent who's below, be sure to jump behind him and not in front of him!

Stupid, but it works
Have you ever been watching a movie where the hero escapes a chase by quickly ducking into a side hall or behind a wall while his pursuers blindly run by? It sounds stupid and clichéd but in Quake 2 I've seen it work wonders.

Generally when people are chasing you they expect you to keep running. Turn the tables on them and don't run! Duck behind a wall, quickly wing around and start spraying them with machine-gun fire, or just run back the direction you came!

Fun with teleporters
This is another good tactic for out maneuvering any enemies chasing you. First make sure you have a second or two lead time ahead of them. Next, when you jump through a teleporter and reach the destination spot, quickly turn around so you're facing the teleport pad. If you're opponent follows he should quickly teleport in. Blast him when he appears!

Always be thinking
Keep your eyes out for possible escapes or traps you can lead opponents into. Brute force is only part of the game when it comes to good deathmatching. Be alert and smart, and you just might come out on top!

Now that you can play smart, it's time to look into getting some deathmatch practice, without a modem...

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