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Quake Links

Below are some links to sites I have found to be of very high quality. They should be handy for doing your own further research into the worlds of Quake, Quake 2, and multiplay. Have fun, and if there's a link you think should be here and isn't send me an e-mail.

General Sites

Blues News - The best Quake news site out there, period.
Planet Quake - A huge site that has tons of affiliated sites under the Planet Quake alliance.
Redwood's 3D News - Another Quake news site that is well worth your visit.
id Software - The guys who make Quake 2! No link page would be complete without them. - Big all purpose Quake 2 site with tons of stuff.
Slipgate Central - A search engine for Quake and Quake 2 sites! - Keep up-to-date with Gamespy at their official site.
Frag dot com - A good, general, 3D gaming site.

CTF Sites - Good place for CTF news and hosted CTF sites.
CTF News - All CTF news, all the time.
Xenocide's Flag Academy - A good resource for those beginning at CTF as well as the advanced user.

Other Sites

Fahrenheit 176 - A great site for console info, as well as an excellent listing of Quake 2 console commands.
3 Fingers' Quake 2 Tweak Guide - Brian Jacob's tweak guide for Quake 2. Tons of great info for tweaking and optimizing your copy of Quake 2.
Pure DeathMatch! - Most mods seek to change the Quake 2 multiplayer model and do radically different things... but not Pure DM! They just want to make good old deathmatch - that we all know and love - a whole lot more fun to play. Check them out.
DM Strategy Demos - A site with walkthrus and strategies for some of the official DM maps, in demo format.
Quake II Matrix - A neat Quake II editing site that seems to have a little of everything.

Click the link below for some final words from Rogue1701.

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