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Part 1 - How Quake 2 Servers Work

When you’re working on your PC at the office, or in your favorite computer laboratory at school, you’re PC is most likely connected to a server. A server is just a computer that is dedicated to running applications across several terminals (or PC’s). Playing Quake 2 over the Internet works on the same principle. A server somewhere is running Quake 2 and is connected to the Internet (the server is called the host). Several players with PC’s are also running Quake 2 and are connected to the Internet (these players are called clients). The clients then connect to the host which gives them a central place to play Quake 2. The only real difference is that Quake 2 servers are usually some distance away from the clients. In a computer lab or office environment the server is usually in the same building. In Quake 2 it may be down the street or all the way in Fargo, North Dakota!

As a client (player) you don’t really have to get into all the details of running Quake 2 servers. Just know that other people run them and it’s a good thing they do because they provide a place for you and your buds to shoot it up!

We’re creeping ever closer to actually playing a game of deathmatch so bear with me as we cover a few last topics in Part 1. Click the "Next" link below to move closer to that goal.

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