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Some sections are still being written, and some editing still needs to be done. The guide will work in its current form. Thanks for your patience!


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Part I - Installing Quake III And Getting It Running
I know, I know. You were probably so excited when you got Quake III that you've already ripped off the shrink wrap, installed the game, and actually started her up a couple of times. If that's the case - and you're confident you've got things working okay - then you can probably skip this page.

If you haven't gotten that far yet we'll get you there in no time. Beside covering the basic install procedure (which is a piece of cake) we'll discuss a few technical issues that may prevent you from running Quake III at all or correctly.

Installing Quake III Arena
Installing Quake III Arena on your PC is a snap. Once you insert the Quake III CD into your CD or DVD drive a window should automatically popup. Click on "Install" to begin the installation process. One choice you will have to make during the install process is whether or not to install the Maximum version or the Minimum version.

Choose the maximum install option if you've got a lot of hard drive space to spare (500 megabytes or more). In addition to this you will need 45 megabytes of free space for the install program to swap files from the CD to your computer.

The minimum option should only be chosen if you don't have enough space on your hard drive to store the maximum install. Minimum requires only 25 megabytes of disk space, but still needs the additional 45 megabytes to swap files. Also, if you choose minimum install the Quake III CD must be in your CD/DVD drive to be played.

Don't worry about the install location, you can just leave that as the install program suggests (Program Files\Quake III Arena). If the install program recommends you also install DirectX and/or GLSetup say yes. Once the install program has finished copying files to your hard drive you have the option to electronically register your copy of Quake III, but you must be connected to the Internet for this to work.

Configuring Quake III Arena
Now that Quake III is installed let's try and fire it up. Click Start / Programs / Quake III Arena / Play Quake III Arena to launch the game. If you're lucky then Quake III should begin to launch - you know you're in business when you see the id logo slam onto the screen. However, you may run into some problems loading Quake III.

Problems Loading Quake III
If all you get is a small window with a blue background and a lot of weird looking lines of text when you try to run Quake III, that's when you know you've got a problem. Look at the top of the screen. Do you see a flashing red message? This line of text gives you the details of the error Quake III encountered. Most likely your problem is video related.

During the install of Quake III the install program may have installed either or both DirectX and GLSetup. DirectX is a Microsoft product that many games use these days (don't worry, it's free). GLSetup is a program that will attempt to detect your graphics card and install what are called OpenGL drivers. Quake III Arena needs those OpenGL drivers to run. If GLSetup failed to, or couldn't, install the correct drivers for your card you will have to locate drivers yourself.

Your best bet is to go to the website of the company that manufactured your video card. If you bought a PC from a vendor like Gateway, Dell, or Compaq and you don't know what kind of card you have consult the manuals that came with your PC. If you're still confused visit your PC manufacturer's website or give them a call.

Once you've located your video card maker's website look for the most recent drivers for your card, download them, and install them (the website should provide instructions for installing them). If you're still having problems, or your problem isn't video related, consult the Quake III help files. They can be accessed through Start / Programs / Quake III Arena / Help System

CD Key
The first time Quake III runs it will ask you enter a CD Key. This number can be found on the back of the Quake III CD case. It should be on a sticker. It's a long number so type it in character for character. Once that's done click the "Accept" icon in the lower right corner to proceed.

The First Screen
After the opening cinematic sequence, which you can bypass by hitting the Esc key, you will be presented with a main menu, as pictured below:

Just to make sure the game is working all right we'll start a quick game. Move your mouse around and you will notice a cursor in the shape of a crosshair appear. Click on "Single Player". On the next screen click the "Fight" icon in the lower right hand corner. Click the "Fight" icon once again on the next screen. A game of Quake III will then load (don't worry, you're not playing real people over the Internet at this point).

When the game loads you can move around, grab weapons, and shoot at any computer-controlled opponents who attack you. Play around as much as you want then quit and return to this guide.

End Of Part I
That just about wraps up part I. In part II we will be diving right into the world of Quake III Arena, and getting in some practice before we take on the big boys/girls over the Internet!

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