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Some sections are still being written, and some editing still needs to be done. The guide will work in its current form. Thanks for your patience!


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Part II - The Game Environment
Quake III Arena has a very distinct atmosphere and environment. We will now take the opportunity to cover some of the aspects of this environment.

The Main Readouts
Pictured below is what your screen will look like while you're playing a game of Deathmatch in Quake III. You're probably wondering what all the numbers and symbols along the bottom mean, so we'll explain them now.

Ammo Indicator: The number in the lower left corner of the game screen indicates how much ammunition is left for the weapon you're currently using.

Health Indicator: The number at the bottom center of your screen indicates your health. When this is low you better find some health replenishment pronto!

Armor Indicator: To the left of the health indicator is your armor indicator. It is only visible if you actually have armor. Armor helps dampen the effects of weapons fire on you.

Frag Indicator: In the lower left hand region of your screen you will see two numbers. The number with a shaded background is your current number of frags. The number to the left of that is the number of frags the first place player in the arena has.

Messages: At the top of the screen several text messages will scroll by as you play a Deathmatch. They can be messages from other players or reports by the computer about the action (e.g. "Fred was just fragged by Jane's rocket launcher").

There are, of course, other things that will popup on the screen from time to time. But right now let's just concentrate on the basics.

Acceleration Pads And Jump Pads
These are really fun. When you move over a jump pad it shoots you up into the air. If the jump pad is slanted it will shoot you in a certain direction. If it's on the floor it will shoot you straight up. Acceleration pads shoot you in a vertical direction to another location in the arena (kind of like a human canon ball)

Gates And Teleporters
Just like in Star Trek, the teleporters and gates instantly transport you to another location within the arena. The only difference between the two is that gates allow you to see where you'll go before you step in. Be careful, as you can be killed if you are standing on a spot someone is transporting in to.

Lifts And Platforms
Lifts are like elevators. You get onto one and they take you up or down to another location. Platforms are in constant motion. You can ride platforms to another destination in the arena (typically platforms transport you safely over hazards like lava).

Lava And Slime
Yuk! It's best to avoid moving over these obstacles, as they quickly drain your health and can kill you. This is especially true with deep pools of lava and slime. If you fall into one of these you've got problems!

Fog And Water
These are atmospheric effects. Fog can limit your vision so be careful when moving through thick layers of it. Deep pools of water can be swum in. To swim down, look in the direction you want to go and press your move forward button/key (W). To swim up, press the jump button/key (space bar).

Triggers can be activated by either buttons you press by walking up to them, or floor plates you walk over. Triggers simply cause something to happen (like a door opening or a bridge extending). The trigger's effect is usually nearby and very obvious.

Voids and The Fog Of Death
The fog of death looks like fog but it's actually radioactive vapors that will kill you if you're exposed to it too long. Voids look a lot like black holes. If you fall into a void you're dead, and you loose a frag on top of that as a penalty!

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