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Some sections are still being written, and some editing still needs to be done. The guide will work in its current form. Thanks for your patience!


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Part II - Weapons And Items
This section presents a brief overview of all the weapons and items in Quake III Arena. Note that the manual and help system that comes with Quake III can server as a quick reference if you forget something. In the manual consult pages 9-14. In the help system, information about weapons and items can be accessed by clicking "Game Manual" and then "The Arena Eternal."

The table below lists out each weapon in Quake III Arena, the keyboard key to activate it, and a brief description. Note: When you start out a game you only have two weapons with you - the gauntlet and a machine gun.

Weapon Keyboard Key Description
The Gauntlet


 Basically it's just a small rotating blade attached to your hand! While it looks and sounds deadly it's only a weapon of last resort. If you have to use this you're in big trouble!
Machine Gun


Ahh, the good old reliable machine gun. It packs a good punch but it takes several hits with this to bring opponents down. Use this weapon when you're in close proximity to an opponent.


An excellent close up weapon, the shotgun delivers one power punch. There is a short delay between shots for reloading, so don't use it for rapid firing. This is one of my personal favorites.
Grenade Launcher


This gun fires a grenade that detonates when it either hits someone or a few seconds after it lands on the ground. Fire this puppy into a crowded room and watch players scatter!
Rocket Launcher 5 One of the most popular Deathmatch weapons of all time. The rockert launcher has range and power. But since rockets move slowly they can take a while to hit targets, and it's not easy to hit them at long range unless they're standing still. Don't fire this when you're close to other players or obstacles - you're just as likely to kill yourself as them!
Lightning Gun 6 This gun delivers a bolt of lightning that's useful for lighting your opponents up. Use it at close ranges.
Rail Gun 7 Rail guns fire depleted uranium slugs at super fast speeds. Anyone who gets hit with this bad boy is almost guaranteed to be obliterated. However, it takes a fine aim to hit targets and reloading between shots takes time. Good for long range or extreme close up kills.
Plasma Gun 8 Kind of like a laser gun, the plasma gun fires pulses of plasma energy. This is a very good rapid fire weapon, but I've found it's easy to miss targets because the large pulses obscure targets from view. Still, not a bad weapon to have on hand.
BFG 10k 9 As the name implies, this is a big freaking gun! It fires powerful bursts of energy and has a good reload time (unlike the old BFG in Quake II). Use this when everyone in the room has to be fragged right now!

Besides ammunation, you can pick up armor, health spheres, and special powerups.

The red armor is the strongest armor and provides 100 points of protection (up to 200 points). Its power decreases by 1 point as every second goes by though. The yellow armor gives you 50 points of protection and like the red armor it can reach a maximum of 200 points and it also decreases by 1 point each second. Finally, the green armor units give you 5 armor points each.

Health Spheres
There are 4 different kinds of health spheres. The green health sphere gives you 5 health points. If you get a green sphere and you're already at 100 health or more you will get the 5 points but any increase above 100 will decrease by 1 point every second.

Gold health spheres give you 25 points of health. A good solid value! Orange health spheres provide 50 health points. Nice! Finally, the Blue health spheres (also called Mega health spheres) give you 100 health points, but your health will gradually decrease down to 100 at 1 point per second.

Special Powerups
There are several nice littler bonus powerups that are available through out multiplayer games. Here they are:

Battle Suit: This sphere of protection will guard you against damage from everything but the fog of death and endless voids (which are discussed later). So don't get too cocky.

Flight: When you have this powerup you can quickly shoot yourself through the error with little effort simply by pressing the crouch (C) or jump (space bar) commands.

Haste: Think of this as the speed powerup. When you've got it you can move very fast.

Invisibility: This powerup, quite obviously, renders its owner invisible. Neato!

Quad Damage: A common powerup that gives you weapons double the damage power when you've got it. Make use of it quickly, because its power fades fast.

Regneration: The regeneration powerup steadily increase your health to 200 points or to whatever level it can reach before it wears out.

Personal Items
No, this isn't your toothbrush or favorite pillow. Personal items, also called carried items, are things you can pick up and carry with you to be used later. There are only two carried items in Quake III so it's easy to remember them. Items are used by pressing the Enter key.

Basically a shot of health that can be used anytime. Save this until you need that little extra boost to get back to full health.

Personal Transporter
When you activate this item it will transport you to a random point in the arena. Only use this when you need to quickly get out of sticky jams. Of course there is a chance it could teleport you into an even worse situation!

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