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Some sections are still being written, and some editing still needs to be done. The guide will work in its current form. Thanks for your patience!


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Part I - What is Quake III Arena?
In this section you will be introduced to Quake III Arena - the latest 3D Shooter (as of this writing) from id Software, the makers of Doom, Quake, and Quake II.

A Brief History And Overview of "3D Shooters"
I'll assume that you already know Quake III Arena is a computer game. But just what kind of computer game is it exactly? Quake III Arena, and other games like it, are categorized as "3D shooters" or "first person shooters." Essentially this means you, the game player, assumes the role of a character who runs around an environment shooting bad guys, monsters, opponents, etc., gathering weapons and items, and (possibly) solving some sort of problem or watching a story progress. In a 3D shooter you see things through the eyes of the hero.

3D shooters have actually been around for quite a while. Wolfenstein 3D, by id Software, was one of the first widely popular first person shooters. It's follow-up, Doom, was a landmark game that defined the 3D shooter genre. Doom had remarkable technology for its day and for the first time allowed people to be immersed in a rich 3D environment that felt real. Doom did have multiplayer options which allowed humans to play each other over modems or networks, but not the Internet. Quake and Quake II changed all that.

Quake and Quake II, besides bringing the richness of 3D accelerate graphics to the PC, marked the arrival of Internet gaming to the masses. Now gamers could play anyone in the world, at anytime, via the Internet. Quake and Quake II have helped redefine gaming and shift its emphasis to the Internet. This is where Quake III Arena comes in.

What's So Special About Quake III Arena?
On its face Quake III Arena seems to be nothing more than an upgrade of Quake II. Same game with fancier graphics and gimmicks. It's actually much more than just that. Quake III Arena is one of the first "multiplayer-only" computer games. What does multiplayer-only mean then?

In Doom, Quake, and Quake II the player had the option to play through a large set of levels that were designed exclusively for singleplay. In other words, it was just you against the computer; no Internet, no modems, nothing like that. Quake III Arena takes the opposite approach. The whole premise of Quake III Arena is built around online gaming. There are no singleplayer levels or missions to solve, per se. Everything is done in the style of multiplayer gaming.

It should take a moment to note that this does not mean you have to be on the Internet to play Quake III. Quake III Arena has a nice little feature called "bots" which lets you fight computer simulated opponents while you're "offline." We'll discuss bots in more detail later, for now just realize that you don't always have to play other real people in Quake III.

There are certainly those who argue against removing the old singleplayer maps and stories from the game, but id Software is banking that the trend is distinctly shifting to online gaming. It's anyone's guess as to what the future holds, but right now all we care about is getting started with Quake III and having some fun. Our next section will briefly discuss what online gaming is.

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