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Some sections are still being written, and some editing still needs to be done. The guide will work in its current form. Thanks for your patience!


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Part III - Deathmatch Strategy And Tactics
Ultimately practice is going to be the deciding factor in whether you turn into a good Quake III player or not. So remember to practice as much as you can. There are, however, some little tricks and tips that every "good" Deathmatch player should be aware of.

Keep Moving!
Try to avoid standing in one spot for prolonged periods of time. Standing still makes you an easy target for some lucky fellow who happens to round a corner just behind you! Also, when you're moving it makes it much more difficult for other players to hit you.

Jump Around
When you first start playing Deathmatches you will probably notice the other players jumping around like kangaroos all the time. Jumping is another way to throw off your opponent's aim. Jumping is also a good way to dodge weapons fire, like rockets.

Know The Arenas
If you're unfamiliar with the layout of an arena it will take longer to find the weapons, ammo, and powerups you need to survive and compete in a Deathmatch. Practice the arenas offline so you get a feel for how things are laid out.

Be Sneaky
Although it may seem cheap, shooting people in the back is the easiest way to get a kill. It takes skill, or luck, to get an opponent in that position though. If you're being chased by someone try ducking into a corner out of their sight. Once they run by step back out and blast em! Or, better yet, when you're being chased around a corner quickly spin around and unload on them once they come around the corner.

Be Careful
When you're going around a corner or entering a room do it carefully and slowly. You never know where an opponent is going to be and if you're caught off guard it's an easy kill for them.

Keep Your Ears Open
Listen to the sounds of the other players in the arena. You can often hear the footsteps of another player as they're approaching your position. If you hear them early enough you can position yourself to ambush them. Also, the sounds of a large firefight can warn you to stay away from a certain area.

Rocket Jumps
Rocket jumping is a classic Deathmatch technique. It's useful for jumping high distances to quickly escape opponents or getting onto difficult-to-reach ledges. You rocket jump by jumping and shooting a rocket at the ground all at the same time. It takes a bit of practice but once you've learned you won't forget how. Be aware that rocket jumps will deplete your health and armor!

Circle Strafing
A circle-strafe is used to run circles around an enemy while keeping a target on them so you can fire. It allows you to rapidly unload on them while at the same making yourself a difficult target to hit. You circle- strafe by turning left (move your mouse to the left) while at the same time sidestepping left (the A key). The reverse combination works as well. Practice is the only way to get good at this move.

End of Part III
Believe it or not you now have all the knowledge you really need to Deathmatch over the Internet. Of course the player who wants to get better we'll take the time to study more about the game and learn new tricks. Part IV presents some of this bonus information for players who want to learn more. It's not necessary to read this section, but it would be extremely beneficial.

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