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Some sections are still being written, and some editing still needs to be done. The guide will work in its current form. Thanks for your patience!


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Part II - Playing Your First Game Against The Computer
Phew… I've been rambling on for pages now and we have yet to really play a game of Quake III. Well I'm sick of all this preparation too, let's got have some fun!!

Singleplayer Games And Bots
Although Quake III is suppose to be a multiplayer game, id Software was kind enough to think of the people who have slow Internet connections. Thus they built into the game computer controlled opponents called "bots." Bots simulate real life players. So you can play a round of Deathmatch without having to connect to the Internet or any servers.

Bots are especially useful for getting good, solid practice time in (that's basically what we're going to do in a couple of minutes). Although no computer can ever replace the sheer cunning and unpredictability of a human opponent, bots provide a quick and convenient way of jumping into a game of Quake III Arena.

Playing Your First Deathmatch Against The Computer
To make this as easy as possible, I've listed step-by-step instructions for starting a Deathmatch game against the computer controlled opponents, called bots.

  1. Start Quake III.
  2. At the Main Menu click "Single Player."
  3. At the next screen click "Skirmish."
  4. Click the "Next" icon on the screen that pops up next.
  5. The next screen allows you to set the number of bots and their skill level. Leave the number of bots the same. Set the skill level to "I can win." Since you're new, or relatively new, to Quake III we'll want to start off easy.
  6. Finally, click "Fight."

The Deathmatch will then load and you will be fighting a computer opponent(s). Don't get frustrated if things seem difficult. It takes a while to get use to the mouse and keyboard controls. Play this arena until you become comfortable using the controls. Don't worry if you don't get many frags at first. It takes practice to get the feel of the game.

Setting Up Different Skirmishes
One neat thing about Quake III is that you can setup tons of different skirmishes with as many bots as you want, at any skill, and in any arena you want. Neat! Here's how you setup your own custom Quake III skirmishes.

Game Type
When you get bored with plain Deathmatches (Free For All) you can try your hand at Team Deathmatch, Tournament, or Capture The Flag. From the Main Menu select Single Player / Skirmish. On the first "Game Server" screen there is an option for "Game Type" near the bottom of the screen. Clicking on it will cycle between the different game types.

Playing In Different Arenas
From the Main Menu select Single Player / Skirmish. In the middle of the screen you will see four snapshots of the current set of arenas. Click on a snapshot to select that level. New snapshots can be viewed by clicking on the arrow icons at the bottom of the screen.

Adding/Deleting Bots
Each arena has a pre-defined number of bots in them, but if you want to add or subtract bots you can. To add a bot click on an "Open" slot in the bot list. The world "Bot" will then appear in its place. To set the bot's model (what it will look like) click on the "…….." A bot selection screen will now appear. Click on the bot you want to fight and click "Accept Bot."

To delete a bot click on its entry in the bot list until it reads "Open." You can also add and remove bots during the game by hitting Esc and then clicking either "Add Bots" or "Remove Bots."

Changing Your Player
You may have noticed that all the bots have different appearances and names when you're playing the game. You too can modify what you look like to other players in the game. From the Main Menu select "Setup" and then click "Player."

On the next screen you will be able to alter your player's name, appearance, and handicap.

Handicap is set to "none" by default. Setting a value lower than 100 will reduce the effectiveness of your weapons and armor, in addition to reducing your maximum health. Generally this is used by more experienced users to make games against lower skilled opponents more challenging.

You can set your Name by clicking on "Name" and typing it in. Choose a creative and unique name that's easy for people to type or shorten up if they want to talk to you.

Effects sets the color of your rail gun's trail when it's fired. This just adds a little more personalization to the game.

Clicking on Model will take you to the model selection screen where you can choose the character you wish to play as. This is how all other players will see you in the arena.

End Of Part II
Well that just about wraps up part II. Remember to keep practicing Deathmatches against bots. Although it's not entirely like the "real thing" it will give you a good idea of what to expect when you play and actual online game.

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