Thursday December 14, 2000  
  Final Status Update

As many of you already know, I haven't played Q2 for close to a year now. Hell, I barely even play Q3 anymore. Further development of DeathMon is pretty much dead at this point (actually, it has been for some time). I sincerely appreciate all of the support, suggestions and comments. And thanks especially to the guy who informed me that my long neglected feedback forum had 'morphed' into a porn site in my absence - not even a very good one at that... :(

For those of you who still use DeathMon and/or wish to contact me, the address is still valid and will be indefinitely.


Wednesday October 20, 1999  
  Overview of new trigger features

DeathMon 0.99.20 will support a new event/trigger model. The idea is: when certain 'noteworthy' events occur while you are playing, you'll be able to automatically execute cmds (or 'triggers') as a result of those events. The types of triggers that will be supported (unless I add more) are:

Time triggers - associated with a specific (absolute) time; when it becomes that time, the trigger fires/executes

Timer triggers - associated with a specific timer (also a new feature) and a specific time remaining value on that timer

Say triggers - associated with a string or substring; when a chat message is received that equals/contains (configurable) that string/substring, the trigger executes

Spawn triggers - associated with a specific item (or type); when the item respawns, the trigger executes

Pickup triggers - associated with a specific item; when you pickup the item, the trigger executes

The following new commands have been added to support these features:

dm_settimetrigger [time-in-24-hour-fmt],[cmd]
dm_createtimer [timer-name],[duration-seconds],[optional-visible]
dm_settimertrigger [timer-name],[time-remaining],[cmd]
dm_starttimer [timer-name],[optional-duration-override]
dm_stoptimer [timer-name]
dm_setsaytrigger [say-string],[flags],[cmd]
dm_setspawntrigger [item-name],[optional-max-range],[cmd]
dm_setpickuptrigger [item-name],[cmd]

Everything listed here is currently fully functional, and will go into private beta within the next day or two.


Thursday October 14, 1999  
  I'm back!

Whew! That was a long week... ;-) Seriously though, I apologize for the lack of updates over the past few months. The next release of DeathMon is currently under development and should be released before Halloween. The new DeathMon will have a couple of bug fixes, namely the 'admin' bug that has undoubtedly plagued many of you, as well as the persistent settings bug that has affected some of you. But more importantly, the new version will have a slew of new [and useful] features that will begin to morph DeathMon into an 'intelligent agent', rather than just a 'monitor'. Details to follow in the next few days... Stay tuned!


Sunday May 16, 1999  
  Out of town for the week...

I'll be out of town until Friday, so email responses may be a slower than normal... For those of you who are patiently waiting for the next release, I had hoped to post it before I left, but due to time constraints (and too much fraggin this week ;-), I wasn't able to. It *should* be available the week after I get back...


Monday May 10, 1999  
  Attention DeathMon Newcomers! Please read this before installing!

I've received a few emails which indicate some confusion about what DeathMon is and how to use it. First of all, DeathMon is not a server-side mod, so there is no need to 'set game dm'. Second, DeathMon functionality is only available after you are connected to a server. If you are not connected to a server, DeathMon commands will not work. Third, the last step of the installation will prompt you to edit the DM.CFG file... please look at the binds that this important file sets up and change them for your configuration, if appropriate. There is no need to 'exec DM.CFG', it will automatically be executed upon connecting to the first server in a Q2 session. Also, remember which key you bound to the DeathMon menu (F10 is the default key in DM.CFG)... it will make configuring DeathMon much easier the first time you use it. I would also encourage you to read (or at least scan) the Features page before using the DeathMon for the first time so that you can get an idea of what to expect. A future version of DeathMon will make all of this easier, I promise! :-)


Monday May 3, 1999  
  DeathMon has a new home!

Mucho Gracias to PlanetQuake for [very] quickly responding to a request to host DeathMon! The staff has been knowledgeable, patient with my many questions and prompt to boot... These are some class act folks! PlanetQuake rocks! In other news, I've switched to Hostboard for the Feedback Forum, so check it out! Much quicker and easier to use than Delphi...


Sunday May 2, 1999  
  DeathMon 0.99.010 released!

This version includes a new statistic called 'Effective Ping'. Check out the Release Notes for a description of what it is and why it's useful in determining your real ping! Also in this version: Some more display problems were cleaned up, and for those of you who actually still use the arrow keys (you know who you are ;-), you won't have to use your workaround aliases anymore when dealing with the menu! I also killed the bug that sometimes caused bogus packet loss numbers when switching between different servers.


Wednesday April 28, 1999  
  DeathMon Feedback Forum available!

The forum is where you can post bug reports, questions, comments, suggestions... all that kinda stuff. I'll be checking the messages daily, so fire away! For those of you who haven't used Delphi Forums before, it's pretty similiar to hostboard's format and others. Although the format may seem a little confusing (or busy) at first, Delphi provides *alot* of functionality, so I'd highly encourage you to explore and play with the options. I've enabled Guest access, so you don't have to register with Delphi (although it only takes 2-3 seconds;) to read messages, but you will have to register to post messages.


Monday April 26, 1999  
  DeathMon 0.99.009 has been released!

WooHoo! The new release is available for download... lots 'o bug fixes and a new, 'longer' HUD is now supported, which means you no longer have to switch back and forth between stats! Now it's just a matter of how much screen real estate you want to give up. :-) The new version should be much more stable than 008, but be sure to let me know of any problems ASAP! The releases may be fast and furious for a little while, so make sure you check back here often!


Sunday April 25, 1999  
  The feedback has been awesome!

I've fixed most of the issues that some of you have encountered and reported... version 0.99.009 will be posted either tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm also working on a way to allow all of the stats to be shown at once, without getting chopped off. Keep that feedback rolling - the more feedback I get, the better DeathMon will be! Check back here periodically - 0.99.009 will be posted soon!


Saturday April 24, 1999  
  DeathMon 0.99.008 released!

What the hell is DeathMon? DeathMon is a client-side mod that enhances the Quake2 client by displaying various connection- and play-related statistics on the HUD in real-time. Check out the Features section for more info.

DeathMon started life as a better netgraph, or 'netgraph+', if you will. My connection, although dual isdn, suffers from fairly frequent suckage, due to circumstances beyond my control (can't complain too much, though: someone else picks up the tab;). I wanted a way to be able to *monitor and measure* that suckage, with more detailed and useful methods than those provided by the Quake2 client.

The connection-related stats will, admittedly, be more useful to those of us who don't yet have the option of cable modem and still have to worry about things like wildly fluctuating ping, high packet loss, etc. That's why DeathMon also monitors play-related statistics. The beta feature set is fairly small in comparison to the features that are planned for 1.0, but don't let that stop you from checking out DeathMon now!

Special thanks to [21+]Elvis who patiently assisted in solving some obscure Win95 issues, and who shamelessly promoted DeathMon on (which, btw, has both a T3 pipe *and* the most finely tuned Lithium hook in existence - don't take my word for it, go see for yourself!)

Enjoy - b00l (aka John Renaud)