"Quake overwhelms the senses." - USA Today

Quake Demo To Video Converter

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 NOTE: Project has been renamed to dem2video due to upcoming various codecs support.

 Dem2video is a console standalone hyperfast converter from Quake 1 demos into video stream. It uses quake sources to read demos and libavcodec to produce video. Currently, only MPEG PES codec is supported.
OpenGL version is under development. I'll release it as soon as possible.

 I'm looking for developers at the moment. Personally I can spent little time on this project, but there are a lot of features needed to be done. Many people asking about win32 porting. I have no Windows installed on my box, so it's almost impossible to me :) Next, OpenGL support, sound writing support, Quake2 demos support etc. If you can help, feel free to contact me.

 You can download source from downloads page or from dem2video SourceForge page.

 Also, take a look on similar project of Anthony Bailey, QuakeCapture . This is a patch for Quake I/II sources which adds a new commands for video exporting. So any Quake port maintainer can easily apply it on own engine. Now it has video support only for Win32, but we're working on cross-platform video out.

Ivan Daniluk