"Quake looks like no other game and perfectly displays id's trademark fusion of nightmarish art and advanced technology." - Wired

Quake Demo To Video Converter

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 Usage is pretty simple. You can simply run:
# dem2video -i mydemo.dem
to produce video demo.mpg(default name) with default parameters.

 Also, you can specify next options:
  -i filename  - demo input file (default: ./demo.dem)
  -o filename  - video output file (defailt: ./demo.mpg)
  -fps N  - frames per seconds [5..40] (default: 24)
  -bright N  - brightness correction [-100..100] (default: 20)
  -basedir dir  - specify quake dir (default: see below)
  -quiet  - supress any output (default: no)
  -vidmode N - set video mode (0 - 320x240, 1 - 640x480, 2 - 800x600, 3 - 1024x768, 4 - 1280x1024) (default: 0)
  -width N - set own screen width [320-1280]
  -height N - set own screen height [200-1024]

 and standart Quake commands. It allows you to convert battles with various bots, mods etc.

 Run dem2video -h to see a list of available options.

 The dem2mpg needs to get all quake game data. It's mainly pak files or unpakked files. Usually it is quake/id1 directory. You can specify it by -basedir switch. Default value is /usr/games/quake. The default value can be changed in compilation stage by make -DMAINDIR=\"/usr/somewhere\" switch.


$ dem2video -i ./demo1.dem -vidmode 2 Will convert ./demo1.dem into 800x600 sized ./demo.mpg

$ dem2video -i ks_vs_divan_ztndm4.dem -o /tmp/cool.mpeg -fps 24 Will convert ks_vs_divan_ztndm4.dem to /tmp/cool.mpeg with 24 frame rate.

$ dem2video -i ~/rally.dem -bright 50 -basedir /usr/q1 -game rally Will convert demo ~/rally.dem with rally mod and alt quake dir into pretty bright ./demo.mpg file