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What's This??

xardion | 1.10.07 | 2:55 PM

Over two years with nary a peep, and BAM! Xardion's been given the keys to the kingdom!

I've been getting bored with today's games, and feel the need to breathe new life into this old dog. So that's what I'm gonna do! Agrikk's messageboard is still alive and kicking, so anything important will be announced there as well.

Which reminds me: a server update is in the works. Long ago, in the golden-era of the Devastation League, I added a stat logging feature to make putting together tournament standings easier, but it was buggy. I seek to remedy that, and to also bring the Linux version in-line with the icculus.org port of the Quake 2 source, which added some long needed bug fixes. That much is done, but the Windows version needs to be compiled and tested. Once that's done, v2.0.4 will be available. This is a server upgrade only, so the vast majority of you won't need to bother.

New Messageboard

section8 | 9.7.04 | 10:36 PM

And almost a year later there's news...

Agrikk has a replacement messageboard for the late Apehaus. Check out the new one here.

Regarding the next installment of the Devastation mod, we still look to HL2 to be the bringer of mod worthy material. We're still waiting for a release date on that. Once that day comes, check back here every now and then, hopefully we'll get rolling on Devastation shortly thereafter.

Swing and a miss for Valve

section8 | 9.30.03 | 1:21 PM

Half-Life 2 has missed its targeted September 30th release, so we'll have to wait a bit longer. My guess is not until the holidays. We are still looking into getting the development kit for HL2 prior to release so we can get a jump on Devastation. I'll keep you all posted.

In the mean time there's plenty for you to do. Jump on Agrikk's permanent Devastation server here:


Or try out Systemic UT 2003 for newer and cleaner ways to stomp some grunts.

Systemic 1.0.0 released for UT2003

section8 | 8.23.03 | 3:46 PM

It's finally complete, Systemic UT2003 v1.0.0 can be downloaded

There are 2 servers currently available for you death-dealing pleasure:

Crash's GriffinRUN = (password = winston) [Running CTF]
Agrikk's Plague = [Running DM]

Systemic has been officially hosted by PlanetUnreal and is now has a new home at http://www.planetunreal.com/systemic. Go check it out, and then go play!

Also, Systemic will be entered into the Make Something Unreal Contest so be sure to show your support for Systemic and Devastation alike!

Dedicated DevQ2 Server

section8 | 8.1.03 | 2:16 AM

Agrikk has volunteered to host a dedicated DevQ2 server at the follwing address:


It's on a 45Mb ATM circuit, and now holds up to 8 people, so what are you waiting for? Go bust some caps! Also be sure to check out Agrikk's website dedicated to DevQ2 here.

The download links on the Downloads Page have been fixed. For a while they hadn't been working, but they're good to go now.

Finally, Systemic UT2003 is nearing release time. It will offer many of the existing game modes such as Capture the Flag (CTF), Team DM, Bombing Run, and Double Domination. So those of you wondering what Devastation would be like with CTF, this'll give you a pretty good taste.

Be on the look out for Systemic on PlanetUnreal in the next week or so! Wish us luck, and put in a good word for us on the PlanetUnreal Forums, because we are entering it into the "Make Something Unreal" Mod Contest.

Systemic BETA released

section8 | 7.12.03 | 12:24 AM

Systemic UT2003 is finally at a playable beta test stage. Right now it's very similar to Devastation (minus the Desecrator), so go have a look see if you have Unreal Tournament 2003 handy. This beta simply tests the playability and stability of the mechs, or Cygens, within the deathmatch. Systemic will be expanded to include several other new things, such as CTF and Bombing Run modes, as well as new units. Download from one of the following:

Systemic BETA (Mirror 1)
Systemic BETA (Mirror 2) [thanks Agrikk!]

Extract the zip into your UT2003 directory and read the Systemic_Readme.txt located in that directory for instructions on how to setup and play.



Devastation to move to Half-Life 2

section8 | 6.4.03 | 11:14 AM

After 3 long years of waiting, Devastation will make its return in Half-Life 2. HL2 is set to be released September 30th 2003. Right now team Devastation is trying to arrange an early look at HL2 with Valve, so that we can get to developing as soon as possible.

In the mean time, a side project I (section8) am working on is an Unreal Tournament 2003 mod called Systemic. There will be probably a playable test of Systemic soon. Have a look at the screenshots here, and don't forget to post your thoughts on the messageboard.


Latest Server Readout

section8 | 1.31.03 | 9:20 PM

Here's another quick list of servers I've seen out there, so all you maniacs can get your holiday DevQ2 lovin'. = Crash Boom Bang (thanks to Crash) = QuakeNZ (thanks to sgtrock) = Headcrash Devastation (thanks to Agrikk) = Devworld (thanks to Jemie)

Happy Holidays everyone!!!