Here you'll find textures I've made for my levels plus links to very useful tex editing tools

A few samples...

D_Black2.gif D_BlFloor1.gif D_Arch.gif D_BlLite1.gif D_BlYel1.gif D_HerBlGr.gif
All right, all right, so some of these textures look familiar? You're right, I've taken up some Heretic tex, redone them, and then inspired me from them to make more. BTW, I've always thought it a shame that Heretic (1, of course) never had the success it deserved: it's a very cool game that I often play still; it's got atmosphere, looks, fun, everything. If you've missed it when it was first released, go grab it; buy it, filch it, steal it, but get it, damn!

Download DilTex1.wad (129k zipped)


  • Wally (texture editor)
  • TexMex (wad manager)
  • AdQuedit (wad manager; also lets you extract textures from any .bsp file. The URL I had seems to be down the toilet, so this is the version that I've got). 479k zipped.