Here are my newer (and, I think, better) maps

Please, gimme feedback!

Moriannon1.gif Moriannon: Return to Forever

Small map with new textures in the black style, still derived from my Heretic1 tex pak, but better. Peej rather likes the map, but hates the textures. I like them - does that mean I hate Peej? No, Peej, I still love you, don't cry like that, please, we can still be happy together.
4FFA is real fun - so thinks Skorpion.

Read Moriannon.txt
Grab approx. 256k.
Omi route

Orthanc4.gif Orthanc: Rent-A-Fortress

A rather big (too big?) map in the Heretic1 texture style, with a few ground and wood addings of my own; suitable only for Middle-Ages addicts. Tell me what you think...

6 to 8 players.
Read Orthanc.txt
Grab approx. 660k.
Omi route

Kinny1.gif Kinny: Meat Doesn't Really Need A Name

My latest map, entirely textured by me with my own hands and a lot of help from very useful progs (see my Textures page).

4 to 6 players.
Read Kinny.txt
Grab approx. 453k.
Omi route

Bolot1.gif Bolot: Death On Three Legs

A map at once rounded and symmetric; you could call it a stylistic exercise; pretty original, imho.

4 players.
Read Bolot.txt .
Grab (approx. 429k) .
Omi route

Grabutch1.gif Grabutch: Apotropaic Isolation

Runic/medieval looking level. Maybe my best map till now, as far as playability is concerned - well, at least, I rather like it ;)

6 to 8 players.
Read Grabutch.txt .
Grab (approx. 388k) .
Omi route

Karagee1.gif Karagee

A completely curvy level, rather big, where I tried to keep r_speeds as low as possible (sweat! sweat!) - they only go over 1000 in one place - but the ms shoot frequently up to 40/50 (on my computer, a K6-300 with 64 Mb RAM and a Voodoo1). Nevertheless, I could easily play with 5 Omibots, so if you've got a better system than me, go ahead!

4 to 8 players.
Read Karagee.txt .
Grab (approx. 411k) .
Omi route