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Your Path of Destruction (YPOD) is the coolest and most complete DoomTC around.. We've been working on it in secret for a while, mainly because we didn't want any nagging for our slow release because we had so much schoolwork. We are now starting to fully devote our time to it, so progress is going MUCH faster. Therefore, we put this up, and you can nag us all you want :)

It will be a combination of Doom1/2+ with new levels, original levels, and mixed levels from the games. We will have all the original weapons + some new ones that we think will add to the gameplay, and work off the plot. We will also have most of your favorite monsters from Doom1/2!


For the past year and a half you haven’t gotten one good night of sleep. You are still worried about the evil forces of Space and Hell. You know that it was much too easy to defeat them, and you worry about the fate of Earth and the galaxy. Will you be able to defeat the forces of evil again if you need to? Hopefully you won’t have to find out.

-----------3:43am you get a call from your commander at UAC.------------

Commander: DoomGuy!! They’ve returned and are back for vengeance, they want you!!

DG: Huh..? (just waking up)

Com: My home is surrounded by Hell Knights, my guards are holding them off.

DG: No! That’s impossible, I killed everyone last one of those bastards!

C: We’ve just received information from the MoXill space station, we believe The Forces of Evil are cloning! DoomGuy please, Earth needs your help again, you’re the only one that can fight these things!

DG: Stay right there commander, I’ll be over in no time.

C: DoomGuy, one last thing, they want more than Earth this time, they want AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Gurgle, choak, CRUNCH, thud, growl.


Demonic Voice: DoomGuy, We’re coming after YOU!!!!!

DG: <censored> you, you festering piece of mutated snail <censored>!

-----------------------Phone slammed onto the hook.-----------------------

You’re house starts to rumble with the deep sound of a shuttle hovering above the roof, after gathering some weapons from your closet, you head upstairs and board the shuttle craft from your attic window. You are informed that you are headed for the alien planet where the cloning station is. It seems that The Forces of Evil have begun repopulating their old domains in an attempt to regain their power in the galaxy for a full scale attack on Earth. As an added distraction The Forces of Evil have disrupted the space/time continuum, so that all of the remaining Domains of Evil are now on the one central alien planet. In the heart of the Evil Domain there is no distinction between Space and Hell.

You arrive in a high tech cloning facility. All around are stasis tubes full of monsters and demons being built from scratch. It seems peaceful except for a few guards that you waste, so you begin looking for something big to kill. As you explore the plant you find a loading bay that leads to the outside, where you see a very familiar building. As you step towards it you are sucked into a teleporter and are teleported into The Hangar!

You progress through pure nostalgia. Some levels are destroyed from your last visit, and some are combined due to the space manipulation of The Forces of Evil. As you progress through the levels you start to wonder how you are going to get back, but you are quickly ridding the galaxy of The Forces of Evil’s ugly minions.

You end up teleporting back to the cloning station after killing everything else on the planet. The station is completely overrun by monsters and demons of all sizes. The battle is magnificent, it nearly kills you. You walk amongst your piles of bodies. Pieces of CyberDemons are scattered about.

You hear a rumbling voice over the intercom, "Excellent, you only have one more clone to fight, DoomGuy."

You are teleported into a large battle arena where you see a very familiar face. The Forces of Evil have cloned the ultimate warrior, and YOU must defeat him…GOOD LUCK!!!

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