YPOD- Last update January 28, 1998 9:29 PM CST
YPOD Update 1

Requires YPOD Version 1 below.

179k Fixes many crashing bugs. Fixes QuakeWorld bug (you now have the console background of YPOD as soon as u connect to a QW server.
You still may crash between zoom6.bsp and map03.bsp with a progs/player.mdl precache problem. I'm trying to track this down, but this patch will make it a LOT more stable then it was! Make sure to save before exiting zoom6! Coming back with the savegame will work fine.
YPOD Version 1 13.3 megs Here's the first release of YPOD.
YPOD QuakeWorld Version2 80k This fixes a few minor bugs in QuakeWorld YPOD
Base.zip 15k Put this in your Quake/qw/skins directory. rename the old base.pcx for when you play Quake again. it fixes the player model's skin to look like the doomguy.

You must unzip this 1 directory before quake (ie ifquake is c:\quake,unzip to c:\. if quake is c:\games\quake unzip to c:\games.

YPOD requires -winmem 12! (it may require -winmem 16 for clone.bsp) Beware of the memory leak bug! Save before you exit any level! (i will fix this as soon as possible)


1)There are times when YPOD may crash Quake. These are bugs usually caused from YPOD taking up so much dammed ram. I'm running it with -winmem 24 and at times u STILL get hunc_alloc errors, or sometimes it'll just cause a map to give some weird server type error when it tries to load it. I'm not positive how to fix these, the best I can do is post the below map list, and if ur on a map that crashes, u'll know what to start on. The crashing usually comes between levels, especially between the levels zoom6->map03>radioact, map16-final. Sorry about this inconvenience, I am working to fix it, but I didn't think it was so crucial as to hold off the release! We also had 1 problem with demo1.dem (the very first demo) so your seeing an old one. A new one should be fixed by tomorrow.I suggest saving before exiting a level.. it'd be a VERY good idea! People are trying to help me figure this out, and al we can come up with is a memory leak.. i'm working on it and will fix it as soon as possible! (the crashing on changelevels at certain times)

2) GL QUAKE USERS you need to delete your id1/glquake directory, then run quake -game ypod, or else you'll have all kindsa palette, model problems!

3) There may be some problems in QuakeWorld YPOD. When I get to playtest the QW port a little more, I can fix any problems you encounter. There are no real deathmatch modes in it yet, so just leave it at default.

Map List

1) Start.bsp
2) house.bsp
3) clone.bsp
4) map01.bsp
5) e1m1.bsp
6) castle.bsp
7) map07.bsp
8) zoom6.bsp)
9) map03.bsp)
10) radioact.bsp
11) bof.bsp
12) map16.bsp
13) Final.bsp
14) Zoo.bsp

I don't think I missed any, I might have tho? Again, sorry about this problem.

YPOD AVI 1 ~8 megs Here's a small look at YPOD stuff to come. It's a rather large file for what little we show (40 seconds or so) but at least it's something! Don't say anything if you see problems, we know they're there, and will be fixed before release. In this you see parts of the start map, e1m1(unfinished), map07 (unfinished, not even -extra lit), and an original map.


Deathmatch Mode's
Deathmatch Mode 4.0 v2 QuakeWorld Here is the updated version of DM4 adding disruptors latest rules. I also fixed some minor bugs from dmm4v1.
Deathmatch Mode 4.0 QuakeWorld This is the deathmatch mode 4 rules that were mentioned by disruptor. I copied the rules in his plan and got to work on the mod :)
Deathmatch Mode 4.0 & 3.0 Regular Quake This has deathmatch mode 4.0 and 3.0 for regular Quake.
Deathmatch Mode 3.0 Regular Quake Here's deathmatch mode 3.0 for Quake.

These are miscellaneous deathmatch mode's that I (CurMo) have coded. They are server-side only. Have fun!

Mapping Files 7/14/97
YPOD Texture Wad The YPOD texture wad.. I also include palette.lmp and colormaps.lmp so u can view them in Quake (and use an editor that requires those. .txt file -2.41 megs--VERY outdated!!! I gotta upload the newest one someday, all that's wrong wit hthis one is the submips, so they look bad at a distance... You can fix these yourself in mipdip if you want.. I'll try to post a good one soon.

Note: The only editors I've found that will allow you to view the textures correctly in our wad are Quest and qED. I prefer Quest. If you don't like Quest, I would suggest making the level in your preferred editor, and then texturing it in Quest.

There are a few guidelines to making maps for YPOD:

1) NO CONVERTERS!! They just plain SUCK. They stick out like a sore thumb.

2) You send us the .map file also, so we can make any changes to the entities, or map in general if we find problems (maybe after say, we change some source and an entity name gets changed)

3) You meet our deadlines! We have LOTS of them. We need things done, and done on time. YPOD needs to get finished!

The entity text file listing all the entity names will be posted soon. For now just make the basic level. BTW, don't waste your time making a level for YPOD until you have talked to me. Who knows, maybe it's already being made!

For the rest of the map making details go here. --Must read or your map may not be excepted after all the work you put into it!!! (these no longer apply unlessyou want your map in some kind of YPOD map pack that might show up for YPOD.. You still might want to read these, they are helpful)

Webmaster: CurMo Question/comments email him..

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