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Wednesday, January 28, 1998 9:21 PM CST

Broken YPOD Download Link:

Sorry if you had a problem with the YPOD.zip download.. I didn't have the YPOD capitalized. It is fixed now.

Tuesday, January 27, 1998

An Update?

Well, I finally got around to it. Divide and I have decided to stop production on YPOD. This is how we planned it anyway... Make a finished thing, and release it. If some huge bugs show up, I might fix them.. Or if some people make maps for YPOD, and there's enough of them, I might put em in a pak or put em on the page for DL. What are our plans now you ask? A q2 doomtc? (nope) We are kinda unsure right now.. I'm playing with all kindsa things, DirectX junk, and real coding in general. We really don't know what's next! BTW mappers, your entity list finally arrived.. Sorry about that ..There might be some missing stuff.. I didn't really check over it.

Tuesday, December 9, 1997 4:01 PM CST

My Email:

My outgoing email server has been dead the last week or so. If you have written me, and haven't gotten a reply yet, that is why. All messages have been dumped, so if you wrote me something needing a reply (within the last week) and didn't get one, your gonna have to write me again. The email server is still dead. I don't know what's going on.

Map Stuff:

I'm still trying to get together an entity list for you map makers. I'll get that posted soon I promise (along w/ the texture wad)

Thursday, December 4, 1997 10:11 PM CST

YPOD Bugs/Fixes:

I've been getting lots of email from people about certain problems their having.. Here's how to fix the most common:

Possible Virus in cybdeath.wav?

I've heard reports of this, but I've never seen the problem on my computer. I have the most updated McAfee Virus Scan and it says everything is fine. If anything, I think that it is just a result of some corruptions that happened during upload. If your really worried about it, delete it and copy in ding.wav (or something) and rename it to cybdeath.wav (or whatever it's called ;) I'll try to get this fixed in the future, or at least post a new cybdeath.wav.

Making Maps for YPOD

Many people are wanting to make maps for YPOD. This is great! I just ask you to hold off until tomorrow (Friday) I will be posting a new texture.wad, and all the other development info you will need!

Argh, this ypod.zip seems kinda buggy

It is proving to be. There was a slight (heh) problem during upload, that seems to have corrupted some things (especially sounds) The problem was that I got cut off at 10 megs into it.. BigImp then downloaded that, and we resumed over dcc (the only way to resume an upload we could think of) I'm pretty sure this caused a few corruptions. I will be re-releasing YPOD with lots of bug fixes, etc, before too long. This one may actually be split up into smaller zips too!


Yup, that's right. We are planning to make a deatmatch pak for YPOD. (even though q2's coming out) It is open to contain maps from any of your favorite DooM's! (GothicDM expressed to us that they DO NOT want any of their maps in it, so don't waste ur time guys!) So this is basically an "all call" Want to map for YPOD's map pak? You can!! We want as many deathmatch maps as possible, and as an added bonus, some single player maps if you guys want to make em! I'll be posting all the development info late tomorrow night, so stay tuned!

Sunday, November 30, 1997 11:45 AM CST

New Quakeworld:

YPOD QuakeWorld version 2 fixes these bugs:

1) health box model is correct now

2) chaingun spins correctly

3) Supershotgun has reload frames called corect

There are a few other misc. things that Idid also. I still have yet to do a version with special deathmatch modes.

Also, get base.zip off the DL page. Put it in your quake\qw\skins directory (called base.pcx) you can then see the correct player skin (the doomguy) Make sure to back up your old one for the QuakeGuy!

Problems with YPOD:

I'm sure by now that some YPOD bugs are showing up. Here are the ones that I'm aware of and will get fixed:

1) It crashes quake... fairly often ;) This is caused from a memory leak. I'm going to do something to remove all entities on exit of a level, to hopefully fix this. Sometimes it's Hunc_alloc type errors, sometimes its "player.mdl no precached" Well, i'm working on that hard.

2) Some Demo's/sounds are kinda screwed.. The sound problem i think was from last night, the upload broke. I had someone get it to resume, it mighta messed some things up. They should all work in Quake though.

3) Some QuakeWorld stuff.. Main gameplay works, but I wanna get some DM modes in it. Also, the Player.mdl skin isn't showing up in Quakeworld (dammit) and the qwprogs.dat forgot to use health.mdl for the health boxes. I'm fixing all of this as we speak. I can prolly ahve something fixed by tonight.

Expect a QC only update before too long. Thne a little after that, a demo update replacing the 1st and last demo's :)

GlQuake + YPOD User!

Make sure to delete id1/glquake directory before you run YPOD! otherwise the palette, etc. won't map over to GL.

Sunday, November 30, 1997 5:30 AM CST

Released (well in a few minutes)

Well, this night has sucked.. first have zip problems, then getit fixed, start upping to PQ.. PQ ftp dies on mearound 10 megs (of the 13.3) BigImp saves the day, and grabs it w/ his T1, and i resume a dcc to him, and now hopefully it won't be corrupted and it'll mirror! If this works i'm going to sleep, been a long day. If you run a YPOD mirror, or servre email me, and i'll make a list when/if i actually wake up. Please go to the files page, there are some last minute bugs that didn't make it into the zip you need to read. Some may geta bit annoying, but nothing that is terrible. You can get around em by restarting Quake with the level the blew up ;) (read hte files page for more info)

Saturday, November 29, 1997 12:57 PM CST

Release Party!

YPOD's FINALLY ready for the public! We'll be having a release party at 12 midnight (CST) on 3dnet #ypod. Everyone stop on by! You'll be the first to know when YPOD hits the ftp's! The actual upload may take me several hours.. I will start around 11 pm, and it should be done by 1 :) So start resting now, it's gonna be a long night!

Old News Moved:

I thought this page was getting a bit to big so I moved all the old news over to here. I will periodically do this so i can keep this page smaller.

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