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Thursday, November 20, 1997


First off, the date on the previous update was wrong.. it was suppoed to be 16,not 6 ;) I fixed it now.. Ok anyway, back to our progress.. Everything is about complete. Right now I'm working on the QuakeWorld port.. QuakeWorld is a pain in the ass, especially for ppl using a new palette, why you ask? Well, heh, QuakeWorld client doesn't do a gfx dir check, so therefore it'll start up YPOD with Quake's palette, causing everything to be in a neat neo-pink. .hehe. To get around this, I think the Malice guys (well, Oskilla in general) is gonna convert a little program of his that u run before you play Quakeworld YPOD, that copies in the YPOD gfx junk to the dir that it's needed to make QWC read it and use thatpalette, and it's gfx. It will then delete it when u exit.. If they don't get thatdone soon, I may just go and do it myself.. Anyway, the other problems with QC will be the speed... I think that i got the ppl running the correct speed, but it's hard to be sure.. Also, there are no particles in QuakeWorld. YPOD has to use particles for blood effects, because the hardcoded MSG particles are in the wrong palette, and can't be changed, so they come out as a tan... So i kinda opted to just take the blood out. It does take away a little, but the basic gameplay works. Basically all that's left on that is getting the chainsaw working correctly (it has some weird bug) but I should have that done tonight. Then that should be ready for final testing! The models are basically done.. Divide is just fixing up the last few weapons (chainsaw, rocketlauncher) then all models are done! Divide has basically made all the weapons perfect.. They all have hands, etc. There's a new chaingun (that looks awesome) and tons of other neat stuff.. YPOD gfx are done now too, YPOD maps are done, and the YPOD cutscenes are just a few days away.. what does this mean?? Well.. It's coming :) As Divide says on his page "during Thanksgiving break." That can mean, during, or before.

On a sadder note, my truck decided to blow up tonight.. so I'm stuck here till tomorrow.. hehehe.. (My radiator decided to explode.. odd it would happen in 30 degree weather ;)

Did ya notice our counter lost about 10,000 hits? Yup, it did.. Oh well, it as the result of some server upgrades by Planetquake.. I hope the server is more stable now!

Saturday, November 16, 1997 12:47 AM CST


We're sorry this is taking so long, but we ran into a few snags of things that are taking us a bit longer than we expected. There's hardly anything left, basically all the code is there and functionin,g all the models are there, all the maps are there, there's just a couple things left.. They too will be finished soon, resulting in the release of YPOD (bet u never think it's coming ;) Well it is dammit! Here's a little something to tide you over: http://www.public.iastate.edu/~akira/ypod/ypod.html <-- that's got some nice monster screenshots, take a look.

Friday, November 7, 1997 1:44 PM CST


YPOD's still not quite done, at least not as done as we want the release version to be. Basically every element of the game is there (levels, monsters, items) but there's some little things that we want to do before release... I'm doing some coding to kinda seperate it a little more from quake.. The main thing I'm working on right now is with some colors.... What do I mean? Well, your in deathmatch, ur getting rippeda new asshole by a plasma rifle, and ur screen will be turning bright blue.... U get wacked by a rocket? Well, ur screen will turn an intense red... The colors of these are based on the damage... The harder u get hit, the more intense it will be, and the longer it'll last.ANother example.. Ur fighting a Hell Baron and his green fireball hits you.. Ur screen turns a faded green (or intense based on it's strength).. U pick up a soulsphere, ur screen turns a light blue.. None of this interferes with gameplay.. it's not something that is distracting, but it is pretty neat ;) In doom when u were getting ripped up, u could hardly see there was so much red... In Quake u just flash red.. In YPOD... it's like DooM ;) Divide is going back through the weapon models and fixing them up... He's getting hands on things, etc. We're still sorry that we are missing al the dates, but there's just so many little things we want to put in. .we want to have the most jaw-dropping TC u've ever seen.. we aren't that far off release at all, but it will take a little more time.. Bear with us please... For now just head over to Divide's Worklog and get o nthe release mailing list!

Tuesday, November 4, 1997 11:37 PM CST

Release Mailing List:

Divide has a YPOD release mailing list you can subscribe to. It will send you mail the minute YPOD is released. Head over to Divide's Worklog for more info (linked above as Divide's news, click worklog link) heh, I'm lazy.


We've been working endless hours lately. It's almost done (Arg i'm tired, going to sleep)

Sunday, November 2, 1997 5:50 PM CST


No, it's still not done (arrgggg) .. Divide and I have been working very long days trying to get this done, and it just isn't ready for a Monday release yet. We said from the start, we will not let time pressure us into releasing crappy stuff, and we won't. There isn't that much left, so it shouldn't be long! (If we don't make this week, we are gonna kill ourselves, seriously ;) I can give you tons of specs on it though, since most of my coding is complete :)

1) Chainsaw
2) Fist
3) Pistol
4) Shotgun
5) Double Barrel Shotgun
6) Chaingun
7) Rocket Launcher
8) Flare Gun
9) Plasma Rifle
10) BFG
*Note: We did take out the Sniper Rifle and PlasmaRang, we just decided they were un-needed in YPOD. Look for them in a future MOD

1) Former Human
2) Former Sargeant
3) Imp
4) Chaingunner
5) Pink Demon
6) Spectre
7) Cacodemon
8) Mancubus
9) HellKnight
10) Baron of Hell
11) Arachnotron
12) Spider Mastermind
13) Revenant

14) Archvile
15) Cyberdemon
*Note: There might be 1 or 2 i forgot in this, these are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

1) Clip
2) Box of Bullets
3) 4 Shell Clip
4) Box of Shells
5) Box of Rockets
6) Single Rocket
7) Cell Pack
8) Energy Charge
9) Large Cell (+40 cells)
10) Health Vile (+1 health)
11) Stimpack
12) Medikit
13) Armor (+100 and +200 versions)
14) Spiritual Amor (+1 Armor)
*Note: Some monsters do drop these (soldier drops a clip, sargeant drops his shotgun, chaingunner drops his chaingun)

1) Soul Sphere
2) Megasphere
3) Invisibility
*Note: I could have very easily left some of these out.

Deathmatch Junk
1) Deathmatch: 1, 2, 3 (if I have time to code 2 and 3 , I'm sure planning on it)
2) QuakeWorld Version (I'm trying to get this done by time of release, if not, soon after)
3) Backpack (on/off) server toggle (Allows the server to set whether or not they want backpacks to be dropped by the player)
4) ServerInfo Impulse (allows u to view: the deathmatch mode of the server, and whether backpacks are on and off((andwhatever else i decide to put in it))

1) Start (original)
2) Your House (original)
3) Cloning Station
4) Map01 (doom2)
5) E1M1 (doom1)
6) Necromancer's Castle (original)
7) Map07 (doom2)
8) Zoom6 (original)
9) Map03 (doom2)
10) Radioactvity (original)
11) Barrels 'O' Fun (doom2)
12) Map16 (doom2)
13) Final Map (original ? ((still undecided what it will be, prolly something kinda "arena-ish" ((small)) and has some big baddies in it))
*Note: There might be 1 or two more? These are also off the top of my head..

Special Brushes
Func_glass = clear, doesn't bleed when shot
Func_Explowall = ... it works anyway ;) If it was actual used anywhere in YPOD , i mighta made it do something neat, like spawn some chunks of broken wall ...
Note: there's lotsa misc. brushes and triggers, that make some things happen in YPOD, but nothing anyone would prolly want in a level (just stuff for our storyline)

Well, I think that's most of the stuff, hope that holds ya for a few more days :)

Thursday, October 30, 1997 6:59 PM CST

Release date:

Well, as most of you have probably we heard, we were planning on a release of Halloween for YPOD.... *were* being the keyword there. Almost everything will be done by Friday, but we have decided to hold off the release for a *short* time.. It might just end up being this weekend, and we release Monday (this is what we are REALLY shooting for).. I might be sometime next week, but it will be soon... Basically the main reason we're holding off right now is to finish up some miscellaneous things, and do some final testing. I'm going up to see Divide Saturday, and hopefully we'll get everything tested, and done, and ready for release.. The things left are things such as various menu GFX, and completing a demo.... I never thought a month and a half ago, when we decided on a Halloween release, that we'd even come close... Considering we're basically only two days behind schedule, I'm really happy about that.... I will keep you all updated a little better now, and I'm gonna try my hardest to get it finished up by Monday. So again, YPOD is really finished, this little delay is just for some final testing, and various fixing. We are working *REALLY* hard to get this done as soon as possible, but we won't be pressured by time and put out a junky product. So hope for monday....

Tuesday, October 21, 1997 11:05 PM CST


YPOD's coming together nicely.. This is crunch time for Divide and I here, and it's really taking its toll, on me anyway.. I can really see how easy it is to get burnt out on a TC, but that won't happen here.. Divide is whipping out the last of the models, I'm polishing up some code, and most of the maps are done (a few stragglers are still getting finished up).. Right now I'm sending Divide the newest beta of YPOD, the zip is around 12 megs, and unzipped it's around 35. I'm expecting it to grow a little by release though. Also, unless you have 16 or more megs of RAM, don' t expect to run YPOD very well.. I know that one of our maps is so large, that unless u have run quake with a -winmem 16 (or higher) it will crash Quake with a HuncAlloc() error. Not all of our maps our this large though, that one is basically an exception.. Most of ours are kinda true to the doom format... Key oriented and not TOO large. Some of our originals are kinda slow, and some are a bit larger.. Our largest maps for the most part would probably be considered medium sized, Large being maps from Zerstorer (some of em) and small being Map01 from doom2. The BFG9000 will only shoot straight now.. why?? Because it's on some gyroscopic stalk that pulls it center when it shoots (or something;) Actually, it's because when i made it, my head was so into the BFG Faq, that I forgot about Mlook, and how that would affect the tracers.. Rather than recoding the 400 lines that consists of it's fire and think function, I decided to make it only shoot level.. This fixed all kinds of new "bfg tricks" people were figuring out (shooting the floor at ur feet, and the tracers still killed ppl straight out from you, ARG!) Most people have liked this, so it will stay in. I'm really rambling on here I see, well, I have lots to say!Tons of stuff is going on with YPOD right now.. Now to release.... We are still planning, and shooting for Halloween, but Divide and I were discussing it and this is how we figure it'll turn out.. we'll get everything for YPOD completed Halloween Eve, and then find small bugs.. We will then proceed in testing it all weekend, get everything worked out, make a really good manual (or a generic text ;) and release Monday.. this isn't official, so you can still plan on Halloween, but don't be too pissed when/if it doesn't come.. I'll keep you all posted on that (I bet you believe me as little as I've been updating) <-- An excuse for that is thta I have been working from the time that I get home, till the time I finally deicde to go to sleep on YPOD, I truly have hardly taken any breaks away lately. I'm hoping to get a QuakeWorld version out within a week after the release of YPOD.. I haven't done much coding for QuakeWorld, other than one mod (dm4) so I dunno how smoothly it'll go... I have tons of code i'll have to paste over. The monsters in YPOD are a bit smarter than Doom's.. (not always the case tho ;) It is kinda neat to see an arachnotron moving around a pole to get a better position on his shot at you :) Again I'm sorry about how unorganized this update has been, but it should help in answering lots of your questions.

Sunday, October 12, 1997 12:09 AM

Two Updates??

Well, I'm bored.. :) I just got back from IAstate... sadly I didn't get to try YPOD on an 8 meg machine, so I have no idea how well it'll run on one, or if it will even run at all!! I was talking with Divide and some others up there, and we somehow realized there was no FOV in GLQuake.. This is a bad thing!! The Sniper Rifle's scope is based on the FOV junk... So, uhm, I dunno what to do.. Another problem we discovered was that GLquake draws all sprites upside down (or so it appears) I wrote some people about this a while ago, and no one has answered me (greaaattt).. There aren't that many sprites in YPOD that matter if they are upside down (the main sprites used are just for things like projectiles, to help keep the speed up) but a few things like decorations (firesticks, candle thingy's, etc) will appear upside down.. Oh well, I guess if that bugs you than you need to bug the GL people about it yourself, and get em to put FOV back in!! (I may be totally wrong about this btw, GL might have FOV, I have no idea.. I don't have a GL card, but Divide does, and he's the one that told me..) Anyway, Akira is making a cool YPOD intro, it was pretty neet.. And he's also doing the rest of the YPOD cutscene's and stuff (if he ever gets his ass in gear ;) Ok, that's about all I have to say right now.. I need to get back to coding. I'm being overworked trying to get this done by Halloween, I might crack and go on some killing rampage and like blow things up and uhm drink blood.. or uhm.. uhh..... Maybe I should just sleep....

Saturday, October 11, 1997 10:51 AM


YPOD is coming along great.. So far there have been no major setbacks and we should be really close to that Halloween release date <hopefully>. Sorry for not updating in a really long time, I just haven't had the time! Trying to get this finished up is a bitch! And coding monsters that have 200 frames of animation takes a LONG time! (the hellknight and baron of hell have 200 frames of ani, animated from 20-33 fps) If your wondering if that'll slow your computer down? Maybe.. I've tried it on a p120 w/ 32 megs of ram and it hardly touches it.. The only time I have noticed slow down was in a really large room with 20 imps (imps have 95 frames of animation, animated at 20fps) So I wouldn't worry too much about speed.. People have asked some questions about the computer requirements... I'm guessing this is gonna take 16 megs of RAM, but I'm not sure. I'm going up to Iowa State University today to visit Divide.. I'll prolly take YPOD down to the comp lab and test it on those comps <p90, win3.1, 8 megs RAM... so I'll be testing it in dos ;) > I'm hoping it'll work, and I'll let you all know when I get back. Other that the main stuff left with YPOD is a ton of busy work.. Getting something to look fininshed is the hardest part.. Up to now there's just junk thrown everywhere.. No maps were linked together, or if they were they were in the wrong order, etc.. There's gonna be some neat things in YPOD.. there'll be a couple cutscenes, and some sounds that help keep the plot going (you hear a phone ringing, answer it and u hear all that crap in the story line :) well it's back to work for me, I only have 19 days left to do a ton of code!

Tuesday, Spetember 23, 1997


Here's the AVI finally. It is VERY large considering it's only around 40 seconds, but at least it's a look at YPOD. We would have made it an MPEG, but doing that made the quality terrible. This demo shows YPOD in an unfinished state, so you'll probably see problems. Don't email me about them, I'm sure I already know! In the demo you'll see: the first room of hte Start Map, e1m1 (unfinished), map07 (unfinished, not even lit -extra), and an original map. Hopefully we'll get some AVI tools or some better MPEG tools so we can make these smaller in size, and longer. Check out the files page to download it!

Thursday, September 18, 1997 3:53 PM CST

HellKnight/ Baron of Hell:

Check this ani gif Divide just sent me of it in action! (this is from 3dsmax, it is of course unskinned)


That'll be coming very soon (the mpeg or avi).. Divide was just trying to finish up the above before redoing it..


Everything is still going great.. We could still maybe use a little help with models or skins if you want to donate some time (bio modelling and skinning)

Monday, September 15, 1997 5:23 PM CST

YPOD Demo:

Well, instead of the hastle of releasing a .dem file and a ton of YPOD junk so you can watch it in quake, we decided upon MPEG's. So here's the first one! Head on over the the download page and grab it! <--- Sorry about this, but we're still kinda playing with what format we wanna use.. the MPEG was much smaller than the AVI, but the mpeg made it lose a LOT of quality.. the AVI was a lot larger, but looked more like YPOD actually is... We should have something worked out by tomorrow... If you were lucky enuf to grab it in the 5 minutes it was up.. good for you :) As you see there was some quality problems, and from the feedback i got from some friends, they'd rather have high quality, then low size.. So I'm talking it over w/ divide, and I think we'll go for the high quality! Stay tuned! (and if u DO get ahold of a copy of this just know that there will be a better of the same thing and maybe even more tomorrow.. so you might as well wait!


YPOD's going great! Divide is finding lots more time than in the past to model.. (his hellbaron looks cool) .. lots of maps are coming in.. i FINALLY got through rewriting like half of my code (I had a few problems ;) so now I won't be so discouraged when I think about coding and remember that i have to rewrite tons of stuff :) It's on to new things!!

MoXilL Declares Release Date on YPOD ?

Well, we hope so ;) We are shooting for Halloween right now.. We aren't going to promise to much with that, but we are going to REALLY try to have it done by then!!

Sunday, September 7, 1997 11:23 AM CST


Work is going good.. Sorry for the lack of updates, once again :) Divide is getting some models done and animated, I've been receiving a few levels, and most of my QC has been fixed... There's not much more to tell actually. there's just lots of busy work to do on YPOD.

Sunday, August 31, 1997 1:57 PM CST


YPOD's still going.. I just got an original map called "Necromancer's Castle" It's very good.. It really represents the DooM feel in a new map. I'll post some screenshots of it soon. YPOD is still in need of some monster modelers. If you want to see YPOD get finished, we need some help with those models! I've been doing some various bug-fixing in the QC... It's been a pain in the ass. Anyway, that's about it for now... Oh, and that dmCon demo i was gonna post... well, I changed the map it was recorded in a little, and now none of the doors,lifts, switches, etc. show up :( I'll probably have to make another demo instead of using that one (though I might include it because there was so much gibbage :) The release of that is still waiting on a few weapons skins to get finished..

Saturday, August 23, 1997 3:37 AM CST

YPOD Screen Shots:

I uploaded around 25-30 screeshots of levels (around that many) The shots are of the Start Map, Map01, Map07, and two versions of E1M1. I will soon post some shots of original maps being made for YPOD.


AHH! School starts Monday! Suck!! (sorry, had to say that :)

Tuesday, August 19, 1997 5:41 PM CST

YPOD Non-Playable Demo:

People have been expressing some concern about those demo's I took at DMCon and said I would release.. Yes, I still plan on releasing them.. If you are wondering what is holding the release of them up.. here it is:

From the beginning we have said that we will not release anything but professional quality stuff.... Well, to make these demo's look more professional we need to fix a few things up.. I have been working on this hard the last few days... But the main thing that's holding it up is skins. Basically the single barrel shotgun and double barrel shotgun skins are all that's left... Then I'll release those demos.. At DMCon YPOD was a big hit because it was so damn fun.. people over-looked the little things that hadn't been finished yet (there were still some skins in quake's old palette ((so they were bright pink)) etc, etc... I'm not saying that it was crappy in anyway, I'm just saying it wasn't perfect...Anything I release will be perfect (or as close as I can get) .. So as soon as I finish these last few skins, I'll get em to ya! So don't worry, they'll be here soon!!

Monday, August 18, 1997 12:24 AM CST

New Storyline Posted:

Head on over the the About page to read our new storyline by Divide. BTW, all the things that he is talking about, like the phone call, and stuff will be in actual levels that you play.


YPOD is still going! Many maps are close to completion. We are still in need of a modeler to help Divide. I also need a skinner. I'd really rather not have to skin everything.. I'd rather be doing cool things w/ QC or in a level. Email me if you can help!

Tuesday, August 12, 1997 5:04 AM CST

New Story Additions/Changes.

I'll start off by saying, no, this isn't the new storyline.. It is being written by Divide right now...But this is the way YPOD levels will progress.. It is the basic story, just not written in story-format (make sense?? it is a bit late ;) Ok.. map..

  1. Start Map - Choose skill level
  2. Your House- You'll be in your house like the original story says. U get a phone call from UAC.. they need your help. (the dude on the phone dies, and monsters start coming after you.. You head up to your attic where they droppedoff a ship.. u get in and take off to the alien planet.. There will be a cut-scene of the ship flying from planet to planet here (that's how it's planned anyway)..
  3. Cloning Facility- You land here.. get outta the ship.. U walk around and see all kinds of half built BIG baddies (i.e. cyberdemon, only built up to the waste :) There are some weak guys in there.... this time around :) You get to the end of it and you see something that looks kinda like a concentration camp.....you go in....
  4. The Hangar (doom2, map01) - Normal. (if your wondering how u got here from an alien planet.. lets just say there's something fucked up in the space/time continuem.. (more on that in the actual storyline ))
  5. You progress through various doom1/2 maps, original maps, and mixed maps...Once you beat em all (i think prolly 8 or 9 in this section??)
  6. You end up back in the cloning facility... it's different this time.. The baddie's cloning chambers are broken.. they are roaming around the cloning station... major bad guys attacking.....
  7. You beat them all.. and progress.. one step further.. the final level
  8. You find yourself in a large arena... A very large arena, lots of weapons etc. You walk forward and flip a switch .. something starts rising in the floor! What the hell is it? It appears.. It is VERY familiar.. You talk to it .. <cut scene> doomguy: "Who are You" mysterious bad guy "..edited for suspense when YPOD comes out :)... Prepare to die!" </cut scen end> You start battling.. this dude is tough! He has many weapons! Weapons that are also very familiar! Hmmm.. <eg> .. You finally beat him (after one hell of a tough battle)..
  9. Final cut-scene (demo) comes in.. u won.. U return home and finally get that rest you've wanted!

Well, what'ya think? That final baddie is gonna be a big shocker:) And it should be damn cool! It's gonna require a TON of QC from me.. It's gonna be tough ...( I'll finally have a challenge! YEA!!!) Anyway, no not all thos emaps are done.. the ones i stated in detail are almost done though :) (the first and last ones) Those 8 or 9 in the middle are also almost complete.. Many are originals. .Some are such levels as Barrels 'o fun.. Although some barrels have been removed :) <can we say stack overflow :) > .. Well, that's a good update for ya! Sorry for not updating for a while.. I was just getting all this stuff sorted out! Well, look out for the actual story line sometime tomorrow (hopefully) ..BTW, u know those demos from DMCon .. they are still coming :) My next day off i'llget em ready and post em..

Monday, August 11, 1997 3:08 PM CST


YPOD is going very good. There are lots of maps in progress, much of the QC is done, and a fair number of models are complete. We are still looking for 1-2 professional quality modeler's/skinners. Again, I'll need to see past work that you have done. The modelers must be able to replicate DooM monsters (bio-modeling), and the skinner must be able to skin a Quake's quality or better)Email me if you think you can handle it! Anyway, Divide just informed me he finished up the flaming skull model.. We do need a good skinner to make it look as good as it's modeled.. The maps will follow the storyline.. The first few are VERY cool. They will follow the story perfectly, and get you into the whole theme of YPOD. I'll have a bit more information about that later today.. (I have to leave!)

Saturday, August 9, 1997 8:24 PM CST

YPOD Needs Help (again)

YPOD needs professional quality modelers and skinners to work on YPOD. I need to see some past work you've done. Many models are complete but I need monster modelers very bad.

Tuesday, July 29, 1997 8:24 PM CST

Deathmatch Mode 4.0 v2:

I (CurMo) updated the QuakeWorld version of dmm4 to include Disruptors latest rules for dm4. I also fixed a few bugs (nothing major)

Tuesday, July 29, 1997 2:55 AM CST

Deathmatch Mode 4.0:

I (CurMo) just got done with coding deathmatch mode 4.0 rules for QuakeWorld and normal Quake. The mod is available on the files page. I realize that Disruptor is planning on releasing these rules in the next QuakeWorld release, but I didn't want to wait that long for it! The regular Quake version contains deathmatch modes 3 and 4. If you have a server that plans on running any of these MOD's, PLEASE email me. I'd like to know how many servers have it:)


YPOD is going good. Maps are being worked on, models are being worked on, QC is being worked on. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 1997 12:27 AM CST


Well, I'll bet you guys won't believe this... DIVIDE'S COMPUTER CAME BACK!!!!!!! Finally. That was gone a loonnnggg time.. Anyway, I've just basically been doing little things on YPOD.. bug fixes, etc. A bunch of mappers have written me, and that's great! Keep that apps coming! A lot of doom2 maps are filling up though.. I'd love to see some mixed map apps coming in (u are in say, an original map, you see a broken hole in the ceiling, go up through it, and ur in The Pit .. or something :) Just stuff like that. Well, that's about it, I'm basically just playing with linux right now.. I finally got the PPP stuff to work in it.. Well, I'll leave it at that. --CurMo

Wednesday, July 16, 1997 12:05 AM CST


I was just informed that the textures.zip was corrupted. I'm sorry if you downloaded this and it didn't work. I have re-upped one that will unzip perfectly here, so you shouldn't have a problem. Sorry about the trouble.


Monday, July 14, 1997 4:00 AM CST


Check out the Files Section. I put two there. 1 is the deathmatch mode 3 mod I made for DMCon '97. The other is the stuff you need to make maps for YPOD. (more on that in a sec)

Map Help:

YPOD needs some mapping help (if you didn't notice the animated gif to the left) If you think you've got what it takes, click that button!


I (CurMo) have been doing a lot of QC lately. Today, I was basically doing some YPOD server stuff. Here's what I added:

I have also been doing lots of bug fixes, and little things. I'm gonna go back to the big stuff as soon as I get all this stuff worked out.

TC Name:

Remember the TC name that I forgot in the below news?? I remembered as soon as I got sleep.(I fixed it down there too)Paradox Effect. It looks really darn cool. I can't wait until that thing comes out. Great storyline, cool weapon ideas and levels.

Sunday, July 13, 1997 12:50 AM CST

Back From DMCon! Good Things!

First of all, hello to all you DMCon'ers that are still there fragging away. Hopefully by now you have net access. Ok.. now.. The DMCon update. Things went AWESOME at DMCon, and not-so-awesome before... Before DMCon (the night) we had decided to have a nice little LAN test before going and showing off at DMCon. That proved to be fatal. We brought a friends computer over to my house, and all hell broke loose.... inside it :) Well, let's just say the LAN test never happened, Divide and I used our YPOD -fixing-finishing time to fix the computer, and that computer still doesn't work right. Anyway, Divide and I (CurMo) took off to DMCon a bit nervous about what would happen with YPOD on the LAN (considering we had only DM tested it once, a few months ago) and when we did it had tons of bugs. We got there, unpacked the computer's and started it up..... It worked GREAT. The plasma rifle (of course) would slow down slower comps in big rooms (and lag modem players ((if there wouldhave been any)) but I know of no way to fix it..ANYWAY.. after a while we decided to take a full-scale DM test. I sent it over to SSEHT (kick-ass player.. especially DooM 2) and we started. People started coming and asking about it, and saying how awesome it looked, and I then looked at the nicks and say an "emb pete" ((or something, don't recall specifically)) well, it was Embrionic Pete.. Playing YPOD. and the reaction?? He loved it (if i'm mis-quoting you, please email me and tell me ;) So we kept playing YPOD.. most of the night actually. And for all you curious fellows, yup, we recorded demo's.. We did loose one REALLY KICK-ASS 1 on 1 between sseht and akira, but we saved the 4 player between: Akira, sseht, embrionic pete, and me(curmo)/divide. I'll get it fixed up and uploaded as soon as I get a little time. We also got lots of good suggestions. Thanks (tim I think ur name was) for suggesting the backpack toggle... In case your wondering what that is, it's just a way to specify whether or not you want to use backpacks in it... I now have that coded. Also thanks for sseht for all the awesome play-testing with his vast doom knowledge, and Sickman for just being cool to talk to.. and thanks to everyone else that hung around and made comments and such..

I also saw some cool TC's in the making while I was there.. The two main were : Zerstorer (i prolly killed that spelling, plz tell me Manzer) .. It had some really kick-ass stuff.. It's one to look for when its out. I also saw Paradox Effect. It has a neat storyline, good graphics, cool weapons/items, and basically a buncha real nice stuff in general. It's another I wanna see done (btw, if the developers are reading this, I think i have a solution to ur GL meshing prob.. email me). Anyway, check back for demo's and some snapshots we took of DMCon '97... OH I just remembered..... We didn't have i-net access for the first day and they said it'd be up by the 2nd (though I wasn't there long enough to find out) so no-one was able to get stuff.. The most commonly needed thing was a Deathmatch 3 mode. So I coded it up for it. I will post that server-side progs.dat soon too.. (I know there is other dm3 patches out there, I'm just gonna put it up in case u can't find it or something) --CurMo

New Things:

DMCon brought lots of cool ideas from lots of cool people to YPOD. The main ones I'm working on now are:

1) Implementing a backpack on/off mode. So for those of you that don't want the backpack in doom can turn it off, and visa versa.

2) Deathmatch 3: This deathmatch mode will be added to YPOD (items respawn, weapons stay.. u can get them once a life.. ((such as dm2))

3) Jacking the monster animation from 10 FPS to 20 FPS using QuakeC. This is a tough little problem but I think I can do it.. Rather simply. I'm gonna test it out tomorrow or the next day. My theory though, is that'll be very hard on slow computers ;)

4) I'm SURE there were more.. I have them written down somewhere.. I'll post them when I think of them!! --CurMo

Largest Update to the News Page Ever!

It sure was.. --CurMo

Tuesday, July 8, 1997 12:38 AM CST


I will be attending dmCON on Friday (11th). Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to be there the other two days. I should be there Friday all day. From early morning until around midnight or 12:30. So if you want to catch a glimps of YPOD that is the time to come looking for me! Divide and I should be showing it off down there and even having a little YPOD LAN fun :) --CurMo

Monday, July 7, 1997 1:50 PM CST


I've been VERY busy lately working on YPOD. I have been trying to get something ready to show at dmCON (the one in Ames, Iowa) so hopefully if I get it ready all of you coming to it will be in for a treat :) The plan for it is to have two levels completely ready with everything that each have finished (ie. Map01-- Have all the monsters modelled/coded, items modelled/coded, level finished, etc.) Right now basically everything is ready except for a monster model or two. I did all kindsa item modelling for Map01 to get it ready and it's looking great. Divide is getting the monsters ready as we speak. The other map will be the start map. I'm hoping we can have a little LAN action with YPOD up there, so it'll be a good test! And yes, we'll probably record a few demos too. I'm figuring that I'll just have the start map and map01 loop. It should be very fun!! But anyway, I GOTTA GET BACK TO WORK!! I only have 5 days left! --CurMo

Friday, July 4, 1997 2:46 PM CST


Well last night I decided that we should have the chainsaw, so I coded it.. So far it works nicely. I just have to implement the idle sound and then it's done. I also fixed a bug in the BFG9000. I didn't even realize it was there until I was playing with it last night, and it wasn't killing enemies like the DooM BFG9000. It was a problem in how the tracers were shot out. It works great now :) I also fixed some things in map01.. It is now completely "built" It looks exactly like doom (except for the lightsourcing ;) and all the switches/doors/lifts work the same. I'm going to finsh the chainsaw today, go to work, watch some fireworks, then come home and do entity placement on the map.


I was thinking last night and I realized that we WEREN'T using wqbsp. I have decided that we WILL use it on every map, so you GL ppl will have transparent water.

Tuesday, July 1, 1997 2:08 AM CST

Button Contest:

I've been receiving a few good entries for the button contest, but I want to see more. Therefore, I have decided to extend the deadline of the contest to July 14. This gives u two more weeks! If you need info on the contest, scroll down in the news 2 sections.


Divide's bio model is starting to look very good. We are going to see some good things from him when he gets his ppro back if he can do this well on a 486!! Anyway things have been sucking lately in general. Things that have been taking a lot of my time, and keeping me from updating here often. What kinda things? Well, I think Divide and I are cursed!! Here's a list of things that have been hapenning to us:

1) Divide's PPRO200 got toasted..

2) He got shafted by his comp's repair service, and he doesn't have his comp back, YET!

3) I toasted a keyboard and I think it may have gotten to part of my video card (seeing weird things since then)

4) The radiator in Divide's Camaro blew up!!

5) While I was with Divide in DesMoines today, (fyi, capitol of Iowa), getting comp stuff (I was getting a programming book, he was getting some ethernet cards) my truck took a shit and the rear differential burnt up (there goes my cd-r money :( I really wanted that too :(

6) MORE TO COME!!! ;)

Well, don't fret.. Work on YPOD will continue!!! .. BTW check Divide's News.. He updates it A LOT with the modeling he has gotten done..(it's on his computer also.. so you'll only be able to get to it when he's online)

Thursday, June 26, 1997 10:20 PM CST

My News:

If you didn't notice, I linked CurMo's News at the top. That links to a page on my computer, therefore its only there when I'm online. It's kinda like a .plan page I guess.. I am online most of the time though, so you will usually be able to see it. If you get an error, I'm not online :) I will update that page more often because, well, it's easier to change. I don't have to hastle with FTP uploads. I just change the stuff, save it, and there it is. The news on it will also be less significant of news. This page will now be reserved for the "bigger" things that happen in YPOD.

Monday, June 23, 1997 10:11 PM CST


I'm gonna start by saying there are no prizes for this contest (I'm broke :) except that of having your work displayed on this page. If you haven't noticed, we got a new button on our page. This was sent to me by DnV. After receiving this I thought I might as well have a little YPOD button contest. There are two types of buttons you can make:

1) A "Get YPOD Now" type button

2) A basic advertisement type button such as the one on the page

Try to keep these under 100k. No one likes dl'ing the huge buttons on pages. Also zip up your work, title the email either "Get YPOD Now" or "Advertisement" and send it to : CurMo@geocities.com.

If anything is sent to my normal email address, it WILL be discarded. I don't have time to dl a ton of buttons when I'm just trying to check my normal mail. All non-button mail can be sent to my normal address though.

The deadline for these is June 30. All entries will be displayed on some page for a short time.


Divide's hard at work, on his 486 (hehehe), on some YPOD monster models. His ppro200 REALLY SHOULD be coming back soon. I'm doing some final touches to a couple maps (texture alignment, entity placement) then I'm gonna give em a DM test. Maybe a couple demos will be recorded, but not for a while for sure. Other than that there's not much going on. We're just steadily working!

Wednesday, June 18, 1997 10:07 PM CST


Sorry I haven't updated in a long time. Everything is still going along nicely. I don't have many specifics to report on though, I've just done lotsa various bug fixes and things like that. I'm expecting a chainsaw model soon, we'll see if it's good enough to be in YPOD or not. (btw gary ((modeler of it)) I have been trying to email you but it keeps getting sent back, please send me ur email address, u have something setup wrong :) Anyway I have lotsa ideas for things such as level add-ons and some various demos.. Kinda a YPOD trailer or something..

Thursday, June 12, 1997 1:26 AM CST

Yet Another Screenshot!

I (CurMo) just posted a screenshot of the Player, or as some would call it the "DoomGuy." I think it looks really really good! It was sent to me by Kenneth Scott and I did the converting of it to YPOD's palette. I wish this guy would do more skins for us, only do them in YPOD's palette :) It's no easy job re-drawing a whole skin using a new palette you know! Anyway, go to the screenshots/miscellaneous section to see the pic of it! (Yes miscellaneous is a new section )


Things are going good here. I (CurMo) just got done coding a few monsters. As soon as Divide gets his computer back (when the HELL is that thing coming, its making us mad) he'll get start pumping out the models. He did come over here the other day and we worked on YPOD on my two computers. I did QC on one, and he modelled on the other. He got the Chaingun Dude started. I got lots of code done. I think we are going to do that more often until he gets his computer done.

Monday, June 09, 1997 12:43 AM CST


It looks like I have forgotten about my promised monster screenshots (thanks Hades for reminding me.... the million times you did :) Anyway, go take a look at the screenshots page. I posted only two shots of the Cacodemon tonight. One is taken in GLQuake, one is taken in normal Quake. Others will come sometime in the future when I get around to posting them :)


Well I have been coding a lot lately and have gotten a bunch of monsters finished. It is slowly starting to fall together. As soon as Divide gets his computer back in order the models for those should start coming. Right now I have his Flash 3d so I may take a few openGL screenshots. Also, if you haven't noticed this page is now a .html instead of a .shtm (just in case you wanted to know :)

Friday, June 06 3:24 PM CST


Well, the dude came and took a look at Divide's comp, and well, its fragged.. The damage list? Well here it goes: The NEW motherboard, hard drive, sound card, video card, and processor are shot. How did this happen you ask? Well, the hell if we know! Our best guess IS lightning. The guy took his comp down to his shop and he'll fix it all... How long will that take? The hell if I know. It shouldn't be too long now that he actually took the comp.

Tuesday, June 03 2:24 PM CST

Schools Out!!

School is FINALLY over for this year so that means I'll have 9 more hours a day + more at night to work on YPOD. Progress should go MUCH more quickly now!


I haven't done much today, but I plan to do plenty tonight. For all of you that have emailed me, I'm sorry if you haven't gotten a response. My email client isn't letting me friggin SEND mail but I can receive just fine, so keep em coming. Also, I'm sorry for not updating for so long. Yesterdays update didn't make it UP because of some technical difficulties. It is just below this though so you can take a look. My connection sucked so bad yesterday it was uploading at 5 BYTES/sec. The PQ ftp would time me out it was so slow, but its there now! Time to go work all night on YPOD :)

Monday, June 02 7:02 PM CST


Well, Divide got his motherboard.........and no the damn thing still wont work!! We think the processor got toasted too now. (the motherboard did have damage also btw) Someone is coming to take a look tomorrow. YPOD is still going even though i haven't been updating lately. The start map is starting to look really cool! The doom pallete/textures really make this TC. I haven't had much time lately because of finals. Tomorrow is my last day of school so after that I will start devoting A LOT more time to this. I hope to get it out sometime this summer. It should be accomplished w/out much trouble. For now though, I must depart. I do have a LOT of finals for tomorrow!!

Thursday, May 22 9:21 PM CST


Divide's motherboard is still dead. Hopefully the new one will come soon. I get out of school in one week and as soon as i do things should really speed up. I did get a couple enemies finished up (cacodemon and the soldier). I may post sshots one of these days ;) That demo i talked about like 2 months ago, well, it'll be dev'd after Divide get his Motherboard and he catches a few things up. So yes, we are still planning it! I also have map01 and the start map almost completely finished (just some cosmetic things left.) Hopefully this summer a few more of my friends will do some levels (a guy named Kip, AKA Akira,is doing some right now (map07). It looks really good so far. Kading is also doing some maps. That's about it for now, sorry abotu the lack of updates! But yes, we are still alive!! Oh, btw, check out my interview with FloodAnxi of TCmagazine at: http://www.frag.com/tcmag/interviews/ypodint.htm

Thursday, May 08, 1997 7:53 PM CST


Well, Moxill Interactive had a slight problem the night before last. We had a little thunder storm here in Iowa and, well, Divide found out the hard way that his surge supressor couldn't hold a burst. Yes, that's right, Divide's pentium pro 200 got trashed by the lightning god(heh, it basically Divided ((no joke, don't laugh). Right now it is being fixed (hopefully) but we aren't sure yet whether or not his hdd full of models for the TC got fucked over or not. All that we've found out so far that when u turn it on it goes "KUCHUNK" and stops there.. It also smells a hell of a lot like burnt silicon :) I think that we're going to pop his HDD in my comp and see what we can salvage. But don't worry YPOD: DoomTC followers, work will go on!!!!! Sure he lost a buncha shit but we'll get through it. I had most of the .mdl's that had been made so its not like we'll have to start over. There'll just be a slight delay while his computer is being fixed up. Actually, there was only one model left b4 the demo release, and well, that may be lost :) It was very close to being done. No biggy though, it can be remodelled at my house if we can't get it off of his hdd. I'm hoping we can still get this out soon, but of course, we can't have a DM demo if his comp isn't working to DM. So actually, if i decide to finish the models while his comp is dead, we could have it made as soon as his computer is reincarnated. While I am waiting for that, I will work a lot on that little DM mod/PC I was talking about. It is actually pretty neat. I found a way to be able to build up walls and stuff in Quake, except there'll have to be a limit of somekind unless u want the levels to run at 1/2 fps. I have lots of gameplay ideas, and since it is MAINLY QC it shouldn't take as long as this TC is. I wrote up a little outline of it and it should be pretty cool. Hopefully one day it'll rank up there with CTF. Well, back to work, everyone pray for Divide!

Tuesday, May 06, 1997 7:42 PM CST

I'm BACK!!!

Well, I'm back from Chicago and ready to work! I got a butt-load of mail while I was gone, so I'm sorry if I didn't reply.

New Thoughts:

I've been having some really cool ideas for Deathmatch MOD's and PC's lately, and I think in my spare time I'm gonna start working on one that I think will be really cool. Basically the main idea is to have a couple bases with kings inside them. It'll be two teams against each other trying to kill the kings. What will be cool about this will be that you will be able to *build-up* a base around the king, or the door to the king's chambers, etc. You could pickup sandbags or something and start building a wall around it. You would also be able to have stationary guns that you could place in your base (like in corners or something) that people could man anytime they wanted. Right now my idea is sketchy and I'm kinda testing my limits with the quake engine (well, with what we can edit) to see if this is all possible (so far it looks promising) Don't worry though, the TC will come first. If I get anytime I'll probably link a page for it or something in the menu bar on the left. Don't expect anything anytime soon though. It should end up with cool things in it that would be lotsa fun though!


We are still going. Divide worked while I was gone. The plasma ring model is getting cool he said. Uhm we have been thinking and decided that after we get the non-playable DM demo out to you, we will quit updating on this news page as much with the little things. It will be reserved for BIG updates (maybe weekly if not less) and we will make our little updates in the sections about (the CurMo / Divide .html's) This won't happen for a while though.

Monday, April 28, 1997 10:12 PM CST

New Screenshots:

I put up some screenshots of the Sniper Rifle. Though dark, they are cool.

Sunday, April 27, 1997 5:57 PM CST

Still Alive:

Sorry for not updating in a week, but I've been very very busy. Work is sucking up lots of my time, but damnit, I'll still put in the time needed on the TC, don't worry. I am almost finished with map01. It has been very close for a long time, but I was tired of mapping until recently. The only real problem you'll find in the map is that sometimes when your outside, the textures that are a LONG ways away will go crappy (even with a level 4 vis) This is a problem that CAN'T be avoided (that I know of) because Quake just doesn't like big rooms. It's nothing terrible though. Basically all I have left is putting some switches here and there, and aligning some textures. It looks like Divide is real close to finishing ALL the models (very very close). This all means that we'll have a demo soon (hehehehe, i said that what, a month ago??) I'll try not to let you down again (btw, a NON-playable demo :) I still have some left on the start map too... The QC is going very well. I am very close to getting out the last bug that the weapons have. Then I just have little things to do (and some monsters :) but for the demo, just little things.

Sunday, April 20, 1997 7:07 PM CST Part 2

Screenshots Up!

I threw up a *FEW* more screenshots (and changed the screenshots page a little) I will post a lot more later, I just don't have time today. Notice all the greens and blues in the levels from the new palette! Yes, there are still problems with some skins, etc, but we ARE fixing them.. Many of those problems came about at the palette change, but will be fixed easily when we get around to it.

Sunday, April 20, 1997 12:37 PM CST


YES I'm still alive. My trip was pretty fun, but now it's back to work! I *think* i have eliminated every bug but 1 (will fix it soon, it will be easy) from my code. That means I will be able to focus on other things. We should be able to get that demo out to ya as soon as a couple more levels get finished. Divide and I have been busy re-skinning various things after the palette swap. We're almost done with that too. So check back often in case we get it up for you!! Oh, and I *will* post screenshots soon. I keep finding things I want to fix first :) I'll get something up. (yes i know i've said it before, but it's true this time, really!)

Tuesday, April 15, 1997 9:40 PM CST

The Page:

I'm going to be gone for 2 days (until Friday) so don't expect any updates until then. That's about all I have to say for today, I'm in a hurry to get packed up. Divide *may* update his news during those days, so you can check that.

Sunday, April 12, 1997 3:41 PM CST


ARGGG!!! Now I see why id always says "It'll be done when it's done." This thing is taking SO much time.. Arrgggggg.. I was really really hoping to get you guys that non-playable demo this weekend, but it just didn't happen!! Last night, I was HOPING to be doing some final DM testing of this thing, when I found all kinds of bugs. I went and looked at some code I was having problems with and it was AWEFUL! I must have been on crack or something <figure of speech, drugs are bad, don't touch them>. Well, I got *almost* all the bugs worked out of the code (I still have this one annoying bugar that I just can't quite pin-point. I should get it fixed by the end of the night though. Divide and I did manage to work in a good 45 minutes of DM on the Start Map (still not completed, but was fun :) I noticed that id had coded the monsters/player so that they were hit, and couldn't take damage for x number of seconds (well, like 0.6 ) That would make the Plasma Rifle only do about 1/2 to 1/3 the damage it should be (3 would hit, but it'd only count 1) That would happen for all the rapid fire weapons, but it was an easy modification to make, very easy. I had just never realized that it was like that until I got playing it. So now all the monsters will take all the damage you hit em with :) The new palette integration is going quite nicely. It took a while initially but now it is proving to be well worth the extra effort, though it may have set us back a few days. It's no big deal though, I'm putting in tons of over-time anyway. The game is looking really really nice with the new palette. Divide just re-skinned all the pickup items so they look good again. If you noticed on his news, we have decided on a 1 episode theme. You'll still have a start level where you select skill level (and yes nightmare will be hidden). Kading (he's also mapping) and I discussed what maps we want and we came up with a pretty good idea of which for sure. We are planning on around 14 maps for now. If we have time near the end we'll add more. That 14 includes the start map, and the end map. We are figuring on around 4 or 5 original DooM maps, 3 or 4 new DooM-Like maps, and 3 or 4 mixed and blown to bits maps (those fit the theme of the TC, we'll have mixed up rooms that show lots of destruction, it'll be neat) I'm not going to really specify what maps for sure from DooM1/2 that we'll use. We have a good idea of which though :) But remember, we MAY (probably will) add more maps by release!. Also, I have been documenting everything editors of the TC will need, so when release time comes close, I'll release it so you can get a head-start on maps, or what-not (has entity names, etc, needed for map making and stuff.). Whoa, that was a really long update today, have fun reading!! WHOA!! I just realized its our 1 month anniversary on PlanetQuake!! YAAA!!!!!!!!!! .. Ok, enough of that :)

Friday, April 11, 1997 4:18 PM CST Part 2

Instant Questions answered:

Whoa, RIGHT after I posted that I got some ppl that wrote me that were concerned about editing for this TC. Well, here's what I'll do when it comes time that we release the TC. I will put the Graphics .wad (for use with maps) on the page, also the palette file. So you can use your Quake Utilities and make stuff for the TC in the Doom Palette. So don't worry guys, I'll give ya everything you need to add-on to the TC!

Friday, April 11, 1997 4:05 PM CST

BIG leaps in Progress!!!!!!

First of all I'll tell you the LITTLE things I did. I added ejecting shells to the shotguns. This isn't anything big, but it's kinda neat to play with. I also got a few doom .faq's and made all the damage values (player, weapons, monsters) and health values be the same as they were in Doom!! Yes, you can once again blow the crap outta people with the double barrel shotgun!! Ok, now to the BIGGY!! I was playing around with textures and stuff last night when I said, " DAMNIT! I'm sick of the Quake Palette!!!" So, I decided to take action on something I had wanted to do from the beginning. I changed the Quake Palette to the Doom palette!! Now, the levels look GREAT, considering they are in the same colors :) It set us back a bit in the skin dept. I am busy re-skinning all the things that got messed up in the palette switch, but it is worth it in the long run. I'll post some screenshots of what the Start Map (well, 1 room of it) and Map01 from Doom2 look like with the new palette. I was playing in Map01 and I actually forgot I was in Quake!! NO joke!! It's great!!!!!! ALSO, all the original Doom water, lava, and slime textures act like Quake water, lava, and slime. That means you CAN swim in them!! One problem of this will be the color you can choose in DM. Some of them look rather funny because of the section of the palette they call on in Quake. Although, there are also colors that call on the original DoomGuy's color's. So it's pretty neat. Another problem will be that you won't be able to play anything from original Quake using this TC. You shouldn't need to (it is a TC) But if you decide you want to play map e1m1 from Quake using the weapons in the TC, you'll be greated with levels that are some really funky colors .. It makes for a very odd light-show :) Oh, I'm still hoping to get the Demo out to you guys soon!! I REALLY am working hard on this!!

Thursday, April 10, 1997 3:01 PM CST


We're still working on that demo :) We have a few things we have to do before we can get it to you. Last night I finished up the Cacodemon code. It's pretty cool. I also added ejecting shells to the shotguns. They have a few bugs, but I'll get those fixed. This week and next is VERY busy for Divide and I. I will be gone next Wednesday and Thursday. Divide is gone today. We have TONS of homework too.. It sucks. We'll keep hacking away at the demo though, don't worry!

Level Screenshots:

Kading just sent me some screenshots of The Gauntlet (Map03 from Doom2) It looks very good! I'll post those pretty soon.

Monday, April 07, 1997 10:07 PM CST


As you can probably see, I added two new links at the top of this page. They are to Divide's (our modeler) and my personal news updates. Mine (CurMo's) will be more like a .plan of what I have gotten done, etc. Divide's will have that, and anything that he feels like adding to the news that I may not put up. You should check both just as frequently as you check this. They will be updated often. BTW, Mine will be linked soon, I just haven't had time to make a page for my own, I kind of have my own news page right here.


Well, I just sent Divide our latest build of the TC. It's getting really big. It surprised me. We have a TON of stuff done now. Our doors in our levels now sound like the DooM doors. Other little things like that have been added. It is REALLY starting to feel like DooM! Lots of graphic work has been done also. In case you don't know, there are TONS of friggin .lmps in Quake!! It's gonna take a while to convert em all!! Oh, sorry about the demo again. We are working to get a few things worked out before we give you one. Don't worry, it WILL be fairly soon.

Sunday, April 06, 1997 2:32 PM CST


Sorry again about not updating for SO long. We have been REALLY WORKING HARD lately. Tons of stuff has gotten done. All of the weapons models (including pick-up's) are done. All the weapons QC is done. Lots of other miscelaneous QC is done too. Kading is finishing up "The Gauntlet" from Doom2. I am finishing up the Start level (which is pretty cool) We are really really hoping to get u some new stuff to play with soon. It's just taking longer than we had expected.

Tuesday, April 01, 1997 3:54 PM CST


I'd like to welcome Blue of Bluesnews to PlanetQuake. He's already done a really cool overhaul of PlanetQuake's web page, and he even got around to puttin me on the PlanetQuake pages list. Cool :)


YES we are still alive. I'm very sorry for not updating, I won't let that happen again. Anyway, Divide has been pumping out the models to catch me and my QuakeC. I have been working on the start map and a couple deathmatch maps. Kading has also been working on "The Guantlet" from Doom2. We will soon (hopefully) get something on the file's page for you. I'll tell you right now that NO it won't be a beta. But you WILL get to see the TC in action (hint hint). Well, I'll tell you right now what we plan I guess. Divide and I are going to take the TC up to a friends' at Iowa State College, and we are going to play a little 8 player LAN game and record it :) We'll post those demos here. If by some chance we don't make it up to Ames to play on the LAN, Divide and I will just deathmatch it, and record a two player deathmatch. This demo will display one or two levels (though, they won't be completely finished, just playable) and our weapons. You should be able to see all our weapons in action, along with all the models, and all of the pickup models. We will hopefully have some new screenshots up real soon, but I am very very busy lately. This weekend for sure :) (Though, you may be able to get the demo this weekend, NO PROMISES!)

Saturday, March 22, 1997 2:19 AM CST (Part 2)

New Screenshot!!

Divide just sent me a new Plasma Rifle model. It's great!! 3rd times a charm! Check it out in the screenshots page.

Saturday, March 22, 1997 1:20 AM CST

New Screenshots:

I posted some screenshots of the rocket launcher. They are very beta-ish. The rocket launcher skin has only been done a few minutes, and I'd hardly call it done. I have lots more work to do on it, but I'm running kind of short on time for today. I will fix it up later on. Don't worry.


We are steadily working at this TC. After a few months it really get tedious. If only we could make a few bucks off this. Too bad we are doing a copyrighted idea :) hehehe. Anyway, we are basically done with the weapons. The weapons QC is debugged and fine now. We have some model/skin things to fix up, though, they shouldn't take too long. I'm working on monster AI pretty hard lately. I don't really like it, but it has to be done. You either love writing it, or you hate it.. and well, I'm closer to the hate. I may start liking it better when all the tags and stuff start coming to me easier. My mind is full of weapons stuff right now. Oh well, I'll get it done!

Thursday, March 20, 1997 12:10 PM CST


I received a very good Super Shotgun model from Milton Stille. Thanks a lot for your contribution! Check out the screenshots page for a look at it!

A Bit More About YPOD's Development:

YPOD will not be using ANY kind of .wad -> .map converter. We have many reasons for this. We are going to make all levels FROM SCRATCH. We are also NOT going to make only original Doom1/2 levels out of the game. We are mixing some levels, making new "Doom-like" levels, and we are remaking some of our favorite old ones. So please don't email me telling me about some .wad -> .map converter. Thanks.


Well, the weapons QC is basically finished. I've worked most of the bugs out. I'm going to start making some levels while I'm waiting for Divide to finish up some models. I may decide some day to add EVEN MORE weapons, but for right now, I want to get some more monsters done. I will post pretty soon a list of what weapons we are actually putting in the game.

Monday, March 17, 1997 5:13 PM CST

Page Updates:

I updated the screenshots page. I took out the Sniper Rifle shots. They didn't show anything anyway. Just the view of you looking through the scope. I'll post lots more screenshots later on. We do have LOTS more than that done, don't worry :)


Many of our models are being changed a little. Most are being made smaller. I got a great BFG model from Divide (look on sshots page) He is also finishing up on some others. I am working on some of the last QC of the weapons (for now). A little later I am planning on going back and adding maybe some more weapons, or changing the ones we have. We now have a count of 12 weapons in it. The weapons beta isn't going to happen I'm afraid. People keep suggesting to us not to release one, so sorry for all of you that wanted one! We could have had it out real soon. Oh well, maybe someday (soon) we'll do it anyone. It'll just come out of nowhere. I DM tested it today with Divide. We didn't get any packet overflows from the Plasma Rifle like I expected. There probably will be if there are a few people in a room shooting at the same time. I increased the speed of it, which helps eliminate some of the plasma charges on the screen. It did create a little lag though, but what can I do? Quake doesn't like rapid fire weapons, especially ones shooting out big things :) Everything worked perfectly. It was a BLAST! It took us right back to the old DOOM days with all the sounds, and plasma flying around, and bfg burst everywhere. It ruled. I'm gettin very anxious to get this thing done, though it will take a LOT more time.

Sunday, March 16, 1997 6:26 PM CST

Weapons Beta Update:

I've been talking it over with a few people and many have suggested that we DON'T release a weapons beta. At least not this early. They say it will make the impact of the full release lessen. Is this how all of you feel? If so I will do away with the public weapons beta and keep it as a closed weapons beta. Email me and tell me what you think.


I just got done coding another weapon. That makes 11 coded!! w00h00! It's pretty darn neat, but I can't tell you about it, just yet. I also started working on one more weapon for it. Which is also confidential. Divide just sent me a really darn cool BFG model. I'll get some screen shots up soon!!

Friday, March 12, 1997 3:40 PM CST


Well today was the day before spring break, and I started thinking about the TC when I was watching movies in every class all day. I made a chart with everything we had done and what we had planned to do. In one way it showed how much is done. In another it showed the overwhelming amount of work there was left to do! I did figure though, that probably by next Friday, we could have a weapons beta out. Including around 12 or 13 weapons (In case you didn't know, we have the original Doom1/2 weapons and we also added some we thought would add to the gameplay). Don't quote me on that Friday release of weapons though! I'm just saying we COULD. We may decide to hold it off until, say, a week from Friday just so we could fix some bugs that may show up and improve on things. I do have lots of time on my hands though, and trust me, 70% of it will be devoted to the TC (+ 4% sleeping, 6% staring, 10% in the bathroom, and 10% with my friends((Probably talking about stuff for the TC thought :) )) Whoa lots of ('s.

CurMo to Planetquake:

Hey guys, have you missed my emails telling you that this page is up? Oh well, I'm sure you have lots of stuff to do right now. Oh, and don't worry, I won't send you anymore nag mail :)

This Site:

I recently had someone say "your site sucks" and "your graphics suck." Do you guys think so? Well, here's the way I look at it.
1) It's not that bad of a site guys! It takes lots of time to get a site up, and that time I don't really have.
2) Would you rather have me A. Spending the time on the Site OR B. Spending the time on the TC.
3) Hey, the graphics aren't bad for having photoshop crash in the middle of making them and doing them in 2 hours or less!

Oh, and to answer your questions. I decided to devote the time to the TC over the site. I don't feel this site sucks at all. The load time is rather high (I will fix that in my spare time ;) Other than that, I like it.

Files in email:

QUIT IT! Don't send me files unless I ask you please! Write me an email about them first. I just had a guy send me a 2 meg email with 2 zips in it. He said "Hey, I modeled a couple monsters for you" When I read this I thought "COOL" Then I opened the zip's. They were full of .BMP's!! He just extracted the damn bmp's from the doom.wad and sent em to me. This ISN'T MODELING! Unless you guys know how to do something, please don't waste our time. It just slows down the TC process. On the other hand, if you KNOW how to do something, and do it WELL, PLEASE PLEASE tell me!!! But not emails saying "I used to make .wad's in Doom, I think I can make maps for Quake!" Sorry about this, I just got kinda irritated.

Wednesday, March 12, 1997 8:04 PM CST


Today's the day (well kinda) that we open this page!! There isn't much news about the TC yet, other then we're working on it, HARD. We have lots done! Check back here to get daily (hopefully) updates on the progress. We are doing a lot more a lot faster.

Help Needed:

That's right. WE NEED HELP! Mainly levels, and maybe some monster models. If you can help contact me. We will give you recognition for anything you do if we put it in the TC. You won't officially become part of the team, but if your stuff is really eleet, we may ask you too :) Otherwise, we'd use it, and in the documentation say who's it is, and give you a BIG thanks and recognition (what else would you get anyway? Its not like this is a commercial TC).

Webmaster: CurMo Question/comments email him..

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